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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 2

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Shi Qinglan, “Am I beautiful”

It was already evening when Shi Qinglan woke up.

She could still smell the light fragrance, which was the usual scent on Bo Yucheng. It made her rub her face against the pillow with lingering affection.

This was great. She still had the chance to make up for everything…

Shi Qinglan got out of bed and went into the bathroom. When she saw her ugly reflection in the mirror, she pursed her lips in disdain.

“What a waste of my naturally beautiful face…”

This face was not only darkened by the soot in the fire, but shed also made herself messy and gross to hide herself.

Her experience of being abused in the orphanage when she was young had taught her that beautiful and smart children would become targets of others envy. Thus, she had been hiding and acting crazy so as not to be beaten.

Her looks should have been an asset she was proud of, but she didnt treasure it…

The girl turned on the shower, and the dust on her face was washed away by the water. Her pretty face was revealed to the world again.

In her previous life, she was blinded by that jerk and the slut!

They caused her to degenerate from a goddess-like existence to an ugly hobo. She was insulted and humiliated!

But, she was reborn now!

“Shen Ruxue, Shao Mingzhe…”

Shi Qinglan looked at her beautiful reflection in the mirror and slowly curled her lips. Her clear and seductive eyes had a chill in them as she lifted her chin slightly. “What you have owed me, I am going to make you… pay me back bit by bit!”

Shi Qinglan turned around and left the bathroom with an upright stride.

But just as she placed her hand on the handle and prepared to leave the bedroom, she heard voices engaged in a discussion outside…

“Did you hear Miss Shi was causing trouble again!”

“I thought she was a gorilla from the zoo when Master Bo brought her back last night. She was such a mess. How could she be a good match for Master Bo!”

“Dont even get me started. I thought I saw a ghost when I saw her. She scared the wits out of me…”

Shi Qinglan narrowed her eyes in obvious displeasure.


She opened the door and walked out straight away.

The chattering maids immediately shut their mouths and subconsciously looked at her. They were curious about how Miss Shi was going to mess herself up today. However, they were totally shocked…

Shi Qinglan wore a seductive red dress, the color making her fair and flawless face look even fairer. The girls eyes were as bright as stars with a bewitching feeling.

Her red lips were stretched into a slight smile as she walked to those maids with her chin tilted up. She bent and lifted the chin of a maid…

Her face then bloomed into a devastatingly seductive smile. “Am I beautiful”

The maids face turned bright red. Obviously, she was mesmerized by Shi Qinglan. “Beautiful… You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!”

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Shi Qinglans smile widened when she heard that. Feeling rather satisfied, she released the maid. Her slender finger pushed some loose strands of hair behind her ears. “In that case, who were you calling ugly earlier Who is the gorilla Hmm”

“Em… em…” The maid was at a loss for words.

Although this girl in front of her was worlds apart from the Miss Shi they knew, there was no other girl in the entire manor beside them, the maids!

“Mercy, Miss Shi!” The maids all dropped to their knees in a panic. “Its us who were blind! Its us who were ignorant! Please forgive us. Please dont let Master Bo know about this—”

“What am I not supposed to know”

Right at that moment, a deep and clear voice resounded.



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