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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 19

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Cheng, Of Course, My Heart Aches For You

There was a light fragrance in the Maybach.

Bo Yuchengs hands were on the steering wheel, and he gently grazed it with his thumb. He looked askance at the girl on the passengers seat and asked, “Your hearts aching”

His face was slightly pale.

It might be because he had torn his wound while beating Shao Mingzhe just now. The pain from his back made him look less intimidating.


Even though it was an answer he expected, Bo Yuchengs grip on the steering wheel still tightened. He could not control the jealousy burning inside.

He should have expected it. After all, Shi Qinglan did not allow him to touch Shao Mingzhe at all in the past, much less beating him up.

Shi Qinglan propped her chin up, turned to look at the stiff-faced man, and smiled. “Of course, my heart aches for you.”

The words made Bo Yucheng pause for a second.

He looked at the girl. Her smile was still very charming, but it soon faded away.

“Is your wound okay”

Bo Yucheng felt a soft and warm touch. The girl had put her hand over his. “Your hand is so cold. Did your wound open up”

She was slightly frowning and her eyes were filled with concern and worries.

At that instant, Bo Yuchengs heart was filled with agitation and thrill! Even the pain from his back ceased to exist and was replaced by the girls concern.

He held the girls hand and slid his fingers in between hers.No.”

Hed rather lie than let his wife worry about him.

His red lips curled up slightly as he held onto the steering wheel with one hand. “If he looks for you again, I will beat him up every time I see him.”

Sure.” Shi Qinglans smile was even more enchanting.

Qinglan Water Pavilion.

The solitary manor stood on a vast carpet of green. Bo Yucheng put his arm around the girls shoulder as they walked towards the manor. Their shadows were elongated by the yellow street lights.

“If you need help with Shen Ruxues matter, just tell me.”

When she heard that, Shi Qinglan smiled even more. A hint of slyness flashed past her eyes.

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“You dont need a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I can handle it.” She confidently raised her chin up.

Bo Yucheng deeply gazed at her and paused in his tracks. He was once smitten by her talents and beauty. It was back when they knew each other as childhood sweethearts.

But this girl had hidden herself too well.

He had not seen those pair of beautiful gleaming eyes and the glow that she exuded in a long time.


Bo Yucheng cupped the girls face in his hands. His gaze turned into a fiery passion, and he dragged his words with lingering feelings.

Shi Qinglan looked up at him. Their shadows gradually overlapped to form a beautiful picture in front of the manor.


The girl closed her eyes and could not help but put her hand on his back. However, she suddenly felt something warm and sticky, so she quickly pushed him away.

“Bo Yucheng!” Shi Qinglan was infuriated.

She frowned and went behind the man to take a look. Indeed, his white shirt was already stained red by blood.

“Why didnt you tell me that your wound has opened up!” the girls brows were tightly knitted as she said begrudgingly.

Bo Yucheng did not even frown.

He was smitten just now, so he forgot about it. He didnt expect Shi Qinglan to find out…



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