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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 18

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You Have No Right To Call Her Name

Bo Yucheng squinted his dark eyes as he stared at the man in front of him who was courting death. He spat each and every word out. “You have no right to call her name.”

Lanlan, the name, was branded in his heart.

He couldnt bear to let her go through any grievances. He treated her with so much love and care, but Shao Mingzhe actually came to cause trouble for her!

Even if Shao Mingzhe had only made her a little unhappy, he would make his life worse than death, much less to say slandering her!

“You cannot touch me! There are so many people watching! Assault is a crime! You have to go to jail for that!”

Shao Mingzhe was flustered.

To him, pride was the most important, yet he was so useless. He was lifted by the collar, but he had no strength to fight back.

The recollection of his dislocated arm and the two punches just now made Shao Mingzhes shirt drench in perspiration.

“Ahh…” Bo Yuchengs thin lips curled into a spine-chilling smile.

There was no one he could not touch in this world!

A shrill cry resounded throughout the entire street. The crowd instantly dispersed, and the other passersby would rather avoid seeing such a bloody scene.

“Ouch—Ah! Stop it! Save… save me!”

Shao Mingzhe was dazed from the beating. His refined face was laden with bruises, and his clean shirt was filled with spots of blood. He rolled on the ground in pain, unable to get up.

Bo Yucheng released his grip on Shao Mingzhes collar. He stood up and took out a handkerchief to wipe the blood off his hand.

Bo Yucheng then looked down at his suit stained with some blood and tugged his tie off. He threw it away with annoyance.

After that, he took off his suit jacket that smelled of blood as though he wanted to wash himself clean right this moment.

“Lanlan,” he called out gently.

Jiang Zhi was dumbfounded. He had just witnessed how a man could change from a gentleman to scum, and all of a sudden, he was glad to be on Shi Qinglans side.

Shi Qinglan turned back and watched the tall and handsome man as she smiled and asked, “Are you done”

“Mm,” Bo Yucheng replied with a smile.

One could not detect any anger in him anymore. It was as though he had always been that dignified master who was overflowing with charm.

“The two of you…”

Shao Mingzhe lay on the ground, his body covered in blood. He wanted to curse, but he had no strength to do so. The truth was, he did not dare to say anything anymore.

Meanwhile, Shi Qinglan smiled and heartlessly walked past him to Bo Yuchengs side and put her arms around his. “Then, we should go home.”

We. Home.

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These two keywords made Bo Yuchengs heart feel full. He put his hand over the girls hand and said, “Sure.”

Jiang Zhi was completely ignored.

He watched as Shi Qinglan followed the man to a Maybach. The car was posh enough, but the 88888 number plate made the car look even more arrogant.

“F*ck.” Jiang Zhi could not help but curse. He mumbled to himself, “Are they immortals or devils”

Just as he was deep in thoughts, he felt his ankle being grabbed. Shao Mingzhe was still choking with blood. “Save… save me.”

Jiang Zhi clicked his tongue softly and even gave him a few more kicks with disdain. “You want me to save you Get lost.”



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