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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 17

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Be Good, Lanlan, It Will Dirty Your Eyes

Bo Yucheng squinted his long eyes.

At this moment, his pair of charming amorous eyes were filled with viciousness as he glared at Shao Mingzhe and lifted him up by his collar.

“Who… gave you permission to touch her!”

The mans voice was slightly husky and a little cold. Even the air around him felt dense.

Bo Yuchengs joints had gone white, and the veins at the back of his hand were popping out. “Havent I told you not to pester her”

Shao Mingzhe was a little dazed from the punch.

He blacked out for a while before he regained his senses. He could no longer carry on with his pretense of being a gentleman. “Who the f*ck beat…”

Shao Mingzhe was about to curse when he met Bo Yuchengs vicious and cold gaze. He suddenly lost his voice, and his face became pale. “Its you…”

Even if the Shao Family was only considered third-rate amongst the wealthy families of Mingcheng, there was still a large gap between them and ordinary people. He had only suffered under two people—Bo Yucheng and Shi Qinglan!

He did not know who this man was, but he had been threatened by Wen Le before, and that was already a nightmare!

“You better know your place.”

Shao Mingzhes face was ashen. The punch had given him a nasty bruise. “Before you question me, shouldnt you ask Shi Qinglan what she has done”

Shi Qinglan resisted the urge to give him another punch.

She ran over to the man and tugged gently at the corner of his shirt. “Cheng, he was the one who came looking for trouble.”

Her eyes were clear yet enchanting, filled with grievance yet innocent.

When Bo Yucheng heard that Shao Mingzhe had come to cause trouble…

He lifted Shao Mingzhe even higher. “My Lanlan said that you were the one who started it.”

Although he had become temperamental when he saw his woman with Shao Mingzhe, he had promised her and therefore would believe her unconditionally.

What he was angry about was that Shao Mingzhe actually touched her!

Even if he was just grabbing her arm!

“I was the one who started it” Shao Mingzhe scoffed. “Shi Qinglan, I was kind enough to ask you to turn yourself in. Dont… Ouch!”

Bo Yucheng gave him another punch before he could finish his words, making Shao Mingzhes nose bleed.

“It was Shi Qinglan who slandered Xue-er, causing her to end up in the police station. She even said some nasty things to Auntie Shen just now. I was just trying to talk some sense into her. Dont go overboard!”

Shao Mingzhe had always been refined. Even if it was all an act, he was rarely so sorry-looking in front of others.

“Heh…” The corner of Bo Yuchengs lips lifted. His low laughter sounded sarcastic, and his eyes were filled with iciness. “Slander”

“Cheng…” Shi Qinglan frowned a little.

Although she felt thrilled that Shao Mingzhe was being beaten up, she did not want Bo Yucheng to be the one assaulting someone in public. Besides, he still had his back injury, and such a big movement would easily cause his wound to open up.

The viciousness in Bo Yuchengs eyes decreased.

He turned to look at her, the coldness in his gaze replaced with pampering love. “Lanlan, be good. You shouldnt be looking at something like this. It will dirty your eyes. Turn around, hm”

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The mans deep voice was half-coaxing her and half-enchanting her.

Shi Qinglan pressed her lips together gently. She thought, if she didnt let Bo Yucheng give him a good beating, he probably wouldnt be able to dispel the anger he had inside.

She lifted her hand and caressed the mans back. “Then be careful of your wound.”

After she said that, she turned around obediently.

Shao Mingzhe thought that she would try to talk the man out of it. In the end, she actually connived such violent behaviors. “Xiaolan! You…”

“Shut up!” Bo Yucheng howled.



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