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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 16

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Shen Fengzhen, Dont Test My Limits

Shen Fengzhens face lost all color.

The onlookers were a bunch of fence-sitters. When they heard her words, they realized that things did not seem that easy…

“Madam Shen, do you want to take a look”

Shi Qinglan smiled as she inched closer to Shen Fengzhen. She turned her phone to face her and swiped gently with her finger…

“Shi Qinglan, youre so vicious to malign my daughter in front of so many people!”

Shen Fengzhen gritted her teeth. All she was thinking of was not to let Shi Qinglan show the evidence from the surveillance cameras. Otherwise, the last hope to save her daughter would be dashed.

Hence, she pounced over like a mad dog!

“Sister Qing!” Jiang Zhis pupils constricted.

He went over between the two women without hesitation and pulled Shi Qinglan behind him. “You madwoman! Dont go overboard!”

“All of you be the judge! This little b*tch was not loved by her parents and was abandoned ever since she was young!” Shen Fengzhen pointed at Shi Qinglan as she continued, “If I didnt fetch her out from the orphanage, she would probably have gone insane from being tortured at that kind of place! I was kind enough to adopt her, but now, Im the one whos gone overboard”

When she heard that, Shi Qinglans eyes squinted.

The mention of being abandoned and the orphanage made the air around the girl turn cold. Her eyes were also bloodshot.

“Shen Fengzhen, dont test my limits.” Her tone was like from the deepest abyss.

Jiang Zhi had no idea that Shi Qinglan had such a back story. He looked at her with concern…

Shen Fengzhen shrieked, “Limits Youre just an unwanted child, yet you have the cheek to talk about limits with your foster mother

“I am going to test your limits, so what! If youre not going to hand the evidence over today, I am going to the police station to sue you for maligning my daughter!”

The next instant, she pushed Jiang Zhi away with all her might and used her bag to hit Shi Qinglan.

“Auntie Shen!” Shao Mingzhe frowned slightly.

Although he also wanted Shi Qinglan to go to the police station to settle the matter, he did not think that Shen Fengzhen would be so scary when she went hysterical.

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Just as he wanted to go up to stop her, he saw Shi Qinglan grab Shen Fengzhens wrist, and with a twist, the latter let out a shrill, “Ah–”

Shen Fengzhens head was filled with perspiration. “You little b*tch…”

Shi Qinglans fingers were thin and fair, to begin with, so when she exerted strength, her joints turned white.

“You know very well whether Shen Ruxue did it or not.

“You know better than anyone how the Shen Family treated me all these years.”

Shi Qinglan squinted as she coldly gazed at Shen Fengzhen. “From today onwards, I, Shi Qinglan, do not need to live under the Shen Family! I suggest you stop trying to test my limits. Otherwise…

“I wouldnt mind letting others know how the Shen Family crawled out of the slumps to live in a manor and how you cheat people of their money under the name of charity but abuse your foster child behind the scenes!”

After she finished her words, she flung Shen Fengzhen away.

The latter stumbled backward. If Shao Mingzhe wasnt there to grab her, she would have fallen onto the ground.

“You… you…” Shen Fengzhen was furious. “Alright, Ill take it that the Shen Family had raised an ingrate! I want to see what you will become without our family!”

She turned to walk away angrily.

Shao Mingzhe wanted to give chase, but he was in a dilemma. In the end, he decided to stay to try to talk some sense into Shi Qinglan.

He grabbed Shi Qinglans arm. “Xiaolan, why must you pit yourself against Auntie Shen She did raise you up after all… Ah!”

Shao Mingzhe was trying his best to persuade her when he suddenly felt a ripping force from his arm. He was suddenly pulled backward and was greeted with a punch in his face!

“Cheng…” Shi Qinglan called out.



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