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Xiaolan, Admit That You Have Committed Libel

Shi Qinglan lowered her gaze to glance at the phone. She curled her red lips and replied to the message, “Waiting for you. Muacks~”

Bo Yucheng was driving to Ming City High School right now.

When he read the girls reply, his lips curled slightly. His dark eyes were filled with indulgence and anticipation. It seemed like his precious had not lied to him…

As Shi Qinglan expectantly waited for her man, Shao Mingzhe was still making a din and seriously affecting her mood.

“Xiaolan, even if you dont want to donate your bone marrow to Xueer, theres no need to use such an underhanded method to take revenge on her

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“You better go and clarify things up. If you are willing to surrender yourself, I will get the police to lighten your libel case!”

Shi Qinglans fingers that were holding the phone trembled when she heard that.

She was so angered by Shao Mingzhe that she almost laughed out. She began to “savor” the words slowly. “You were saying… libel case”

“Xiaolan, it is not difficult to admit that you slandered others.” Shao Mingzhe lightly furrowed his brows as he tried to educate her. “For my sake, make a trip to the police station.”

“Damn, fu*k him! Make a trip to the police station! Jerk, I will beat you up until you gotta go to the hospital!”

Jiang Zhi had never seen such a shameless person in his life. He wanted to smash his school bag right onto Shao Mingzhes head.

“Jiang Zhi,” Shi Qinglan coldly warned.

She threw him a side glance, but there was a natural authority in that gaze.

Jiang Zhi quickly put down his school bag. “Sister Qing…”

Shi Qinglan had never been afraid to create trouble, and she wasnt merciful either. She simply didnt want Jiang Zhi to be arrested by the police for beating someone up in public.

The girl narrowed her eyes as she stared at Shao Mingzhe. “What did you just say Can you repeat your words”

“I was saying, for my sake, make a trip to the police station and admit that you made a false accusation. After all, given the relationship between us…”

“Shao Mingzhe.” Shi Qinglan interrupted the man with a chilly tone. There was a cold warning in her eyes. “Have you already forgotten how I warned you that day”

Shao Mingzhe was abruptly reminded of the knife inserted into the asphalt road, and cold sweat started to break out on his back.


Shao Mingzhe couldnt help but touch his arm, which was just put together after being dislocated by Shi Qinglan yesterday. It suddenly began to hurt even more.

“Dont ever disgust me with such words again.

“I will not go to the police station. As for whether I have made false accusations… why dont you ask Shen Ruxue yourself

“Oh, I forgot! The Shao Family is only considered third-rate among the high society. You most probably couldnt get yourself into the police station to see her. Why dont you make do with watching the surveillance videos on my phone”

Shi Qinglan smiled brightly.

Her red lips had a bewitching smile as her slender fingers flipped her phone around in her hand. “The evidence I have is exactly the same as the police…”

“Shi Qinglan! You slut!” Shen Fengzhens expression changed, and she attempted to snatch her cell phone like a crazy woman. “You shall delete all of it right now!”

“Delete it” Shi Qinglan immediately placed her hands behind her back.

She looked confused as she parted her red lips. “But, you guys wanted me to go to the police station to say that Shen Ruxue was innocent.

“How am I supposed to prove I am slandering her if I deleted all the evidence” The girl tilted her head to one side.

Despite the brilliant smile, the amusement didnt reach her eyes. Instead, a threatening frigidness lingered in them.



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