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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 14

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I Am Coming To Fetch You Home, Okay

Shen Fengzhen was crying her heart out as she collapsed to the ground. Her accusations attracted many peoples attention.

“Shi Qinglan, Mommy is begging you now. Go to the police station with me and explain everything to them. Tell them that you wrongly accused Xueer and let her leave that horrible place.

“Ill not get up if you dont go! Boohoo, my daughter…”

Shi Qinglan furrowed her brows slightly, and a hint of displeasure flashed through her eyes.

She had always known that the Shen mother-and-daughter were shameless, but she didnt expect they would be shameless to such an extent.

“Little Qingqing, she is…”

Jiang Zhi always had an explosive temper. He wanted to beat this lady up initially, but he realized she had an unusual relationship with Shi Qinglan from their conversation.

Shi Qinglan gave him a side glance. “Call me Sister Qing in the future.”

She nonchalantly spoke with Jiang Zhi. Next, she placed her hands into her pockets, as if she wasnt going to respond to Shen Fengzhen.

Jiang Zhi sized up the girl and discovered her unintentional presence. She had a queen-like elegance and bearing, instantly making him willing to be her minion.

“Sister Qing, what shall we do about this woman”

“Just step over her.”

Jiang Zhi stared at Shi Qinglan in astonishment.

He only saw the girl lower her eyes and give Shen Fengzhen on the ground a cold glance before stepping over her with nary a care.

The surrounding crowd and students broke into a commotion as soon as they saw that.

“This maiden is so beautiful, but why is her heart so evil! I have never seen such an ingrate before in my life!”

“She actually stepped over her foster mother. I really saw something new today! How could such a person deserve to be alive”

“Please get up, Auntie. You cant reason with such a person. You better go talk to the police…”

Shen Fengzhen felt gratified to hear the people scolding Shi Qinglan, but hatred and grievance flashed through her eyes when she heard the last sentence.

The police already had ample evidence to suspect that it was Shen Ruxue who caused the fire. If she could depend on the police, why would she be looking for Shi Qinglan now

“Shi Qinglan, you cannot leave!

“You cannot harm your sister like this! Boohoohoo. What wrong did our Shen Family do…”

Of course, Shen Fengzhen wasnt willing to let her go. Even when Shi Qinglan had warned her in a humiliating manner, she still pretended to crawl to the girls feet in disgrace.

“Let go.” Shi Qinglans eyes began to turn cold.

She didnt touch Shen Fengzhen straight away because it was the Shen Family who got her out of the orphanage.

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“Auntie Shen!” Shao Mingzhe suddenly appeared, pushing through the crowd.

He immediately helped Shen Fengzhen up and stared at Shi Qinglan in disbelief. “Xiaolan, how… could you treat Auntie Shen like this”

Shao Mingzhe disliked Shen Ruxue when she was brought away by the police, but he suddenly found out from Shen Fengzhen that his Xueer was smeared by Shi Qinglan all along!

Filled with anger, he rushed to Ming City High School straight away. However, he didnt expect to witness such an ungrateful scene!

“Mingzhe, Auntie Shen is fine…” Shen Fengzhen dabbed her tears. “I only pity Xueer, who is maligned by this bastard and is still held up in the station.”

Shi Qinglan pursed her lips as she watched this “good show.”

Her cell phone suddenly rang. It was a message from Bo Yucheng: “Wait for me at the school gate. I am coming to fetch you home, okay”



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