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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 12

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I Will Alway Believe You

Shi Qinglan got up from his lap and helped him put on his white shirt as Bo Yucheng hugged her. “Where did you go today”

He placed his chin on top of the girls head and breathed in the sweet light scent on her. He felt so sated holding her that he had forgotten all about the pain.

“I went to school.” Shi Qinglan embraced his neck.

Bo Yuchengs eyes darkened, and his arms tightened around the waist of the girl. “You went to see Shao Mingzhe”

There was a coldness in the mans obscure eyes, and his tone sounded eerie…

He wanted to hear the truth, yet he couldnt rein in his feelings.

“Cheng, Shen Ruxue and Shao Mingzhe are just using me.” Shi Qinglan got out of Bo Yuchengs embrace and said, “They are after my bone marrow.”

The darkness in Bo Yuchengs eyes instantly vanished.

The girl tilted her pretty face up with a cold gleam in her mesmerizing eyes. “They covet something that they shouldnt have and almost caused me to die in the fire. I want them to pay for their actions.”

She spat out every word like ice, with conviction in her eyes.

Bo Yucheng intently watched her, trying to see a loophole or if she was lying. But that pair of eyes was so mesmerizingly bright that he would rather believe everything she said.

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He would rather believe his girl had finally woken up and understood everything.

“Lanlan, if you want me to teach them a lesson, I will make their lives into a living hell right now.”

Bo Yucheng caressed the girls cheek with his cold fingers, even his words sounding chilly when he spoke, “But, you better not lie to me…”

“Believe me, Cheng.”

Shi Qinglan placed her hand on the mans and interlinked their fingers. “I will no longer pretend to be crazy and allow others to trample on me. And I will never leave you again.”

Bo Yuchengs eyes got increasingly obscure.

He began to look at the girl with heat and intense love. He suddenly gathered her into his arms and lowered his head.


Shi Qinglans red lips were moistened and her eyes were wet with the love she felt. They made her look even more enchanting.

Bo Yucheng began to reminisce about the temperature on his lips as he slowly curled them. “I will always believe you.”

“Then, can I go back to school” The girl blinked her big eyes.

Bo Yucheng was already mesmerized by her. He gave her a gentle and indulgent smile. “Its your call.”

Ming City High School.

The news of Shen Ruxue being arrested spread like wildfire in the school. Everyone was discussing the incident.

“I heard Shi Qinglan became a ghost.”

“How could she be a ghost She must have returned to seek retribution after she escaped. The school belle must have a guilty conscience, and thats why she got scared into revealing what shed intended to hide!”

Jiang Zhi leaned back on his seat and crossed his legs leisurely as he listened to the gossip. He opened a bottle of coke with his teeth with a look of disdain.

“I think so too. After all, the school belle was brought away by the police, so she must have something to do with the fire.”

“However, I saw her yesterday. Shi Qinglan was so beautiful that she looked like a movie star!”


Jiang Zhi spat out a mouthful of coke.

The students all turned their gazes to him. “Brother Jiang, we know Shi Qinglan is under your protection, but you dont have to over react like this, right”

Jiang Zhi waved his hands and used his sleeves to wipe his mouth.

He finally calmed himself down and said, “What the heck are you talking about This is the fakest fake news that I have ever heard in my life. I have seen Little Qingqing before. How could she be beautiful…”

“What opinion do you have about my face”

Right then, a coy voice came from afar, and Shi Qinglan walked into the classroom.



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