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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 11

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Theres Always A Price To Be Paid When You Are Injured

“Then, I shall bother Miss Shi…”

Wen Le pretended to be caught in a difficult situation, but “his body was very honest” as he quickly passed the medical kit.

Shi Qinglan threw the two a glance and smirked. “In that case, why dont Mr. Wen continue with it”

Her words sent a chill down Wen Le.

He looked at Bo Yucheng, seeking his help. The man widened his eyes at him, revealing the warning and displeasure. They made him feel a second chill down his back…

“Hmm… Miss Shi, I suddenly remember that I have something to do! Ill have to bother you with Master Bos injuries!”

Wen Le quickly escaped after saying that.

Shi Qinglan leisurely opened the medical kit and took out the necessary medicines and tools. She also put on the medical gloves.

She held a saline bottle in her left hand and used tweezers to hold a cotton ball in her right. Her smile was getting wicked as she said, “Cheng, itd be slightly painful when I clean your wounds. You got to brace yourself…”

“Okay,” Bo Yucheng replied softly.

The girl caressed his back, the soft and gentle sensation melting his body and heart.

Wifey finally knew how to care for him…

Wifey was even going to clean his wounds for him!


Bo Yucheng was still anticipating it when the wounds on his back began to hurt because of the saline.

He had to furrow his brows even though his pain tolerance was high.

“Its normal to be painful when cleaning the wounds with saline. After all, the wound is rather serious, so there is a price to pay, right~”

Shi Qinglan curled her red lips into a crafty but brilliant smile as she started to clean the wound with the cotton ball.

She wanted to punish Bo Yucheng for lying to her as her evil little hand danced around on the mans wound. However, she felt heartache for him, so she was still rather gentle. Nonetheless, the pain couldnt be avoided when it came to wound cleaning.

“Cheng, I tried to be as gentle as I could. Is it still very painful” the girl said with a coy voice.

A smile flashed through Bo Yuchengs eyes.

Although it did hurt and his wifes medical skills at wound cleaning were just so-so, she was still doing it for him. He had to tolerate it no matter how badly it hurt.

“Its fine.” Bo Yuchengs furrowed brows began to loosen, and he reached out to squeeze the girls hand. “Lanlans medical skills are exceptional. Its me who couldnt bear with it well, so you dont have to feel guilty, alright”

Bo Yucheng looked at her with a pair of soulful black eyes that were filled with indulgence. His glance instantly softened Shi Qinglans heart.

He said it was nothing when she was already that rough with him…

“Does it really not hurt” Shi Qinglan bit down on her lips and retrieved her gaze with remorse. “As long as it doesnt hurt…”

She suddenly felt guilty seeing the man like this.

After all, it was Bo Yucheng who had rescued her from the fire. So what if he was lying to her with a self-inflicted wound

Wasnt it all because… he wanted her to stay with him

“Ill be more gentle. Hang on for a little longer; it will be done soon.” Shi Qinglans voice became much gentler.

She lightened her moves, and her beautiful eyes were full of focus and care as she cleaned his wounds. The man momentarily lost his soul while watching her earnest side profile…

“Its done.”

Shi Qinglan applied the burn salve and covered the wound with gauze.

As soon as she finished, Bo Yucheng grabbed hold of her waist and placed her on his lap. “Lanlan, youre forcing me to this…

“Do I have to hurt myself to make you stay with me and be nice to me” he asked with a deep voice.

Shi Qinglan pursed her lips and shook her head gently.

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Of course not. She had already decided to be nice to him and stay with him forever.



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