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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 10

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This Son Of A B*tch Tricked Her

“You f*cking…” Shi Qinglan could not help but curse.

She rolled her eyes. Shi Qinglan had no intention to resist, but her weapon, which she hid in her pocket, was confiscated by Wen Mo.

Other than the powder, there were also other small weapons.

A small whip, a small handcuff, a few daggers, and some unknown pills that were probably nothing good…

Wen Mo showed all the things he had confiscated to Shi Qinglan and said, “Miss Shi, Master Bo only sent me to fetch you after hearing that youve escaped. Youd better be obedient.”

Shi Qinglan: “…”


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She really had no intention to run away. Could anyone just trust her for a moment

Wen Mo and the others sent Shi Qinglan back to Qinglan Water Pavilion, a private property in Mingcheng under Bo Yuchengs name.

Shi Qinglan stomped into the garden. She could see the group of people following behind her from her peripheral vision. She had merely gone back to school to teach those scumbags a lesson. Was there a need to activate all these people!

Meanwhile, in the living room of the manor…

Wen Le was holding two brand irons. His hands trembled as he looked at the burn marks on Bo Yuchengs back. He could not bring himself to do it anymore.

“Go on,” said the man coldly.

“Master Bo, the burnt area is already very big. Its enough to make Miss Shis heart break for you. You dont have to…”

“I said, go on.” Bo Yucheng gave him a cold glance.

Since he couldnt find a way to make his wife stay, he could only make use of the fact that he saved her and forge an injury…

Wen Le was in a dilemma. Just as he was about to continue, he heard noises coming from outside.

“Hide all the things.” Bo Yucheng immediately sensed that his wife was back. “Bring a first-aid kit over.”

Wen Le: “…”

The corner of his lips twitched slightly. He sighed and immediately brought the first-aid kit to apply the medicine for him.

Shi Qinglan heard a moan when she stepped into the manor.

“Mm…” Bo Yuchengs face was hideously pale. His forehead was filled with cold sweat, but he was sitting straight on the couch. It seemed as though he was seriously injured.

Shi Qinglans heart dropped a little. “Whats going on”

She walked over to Bo Yucheng and saw the severe burn marks on his back.

Bo Yucheng quickly pulled his white shirt over, pretending to use it to cover his wounds. However, Shi Qinglan snatched it away.

“Why are you putting on your shirt when youre so seriously injured”

The girl sounded a little angry. Her brows were tightly knitted together as she looked at his mangled back.

“Im alright.” The man gently pressed his lips together.

He might be a cold and overbearing man, but right now, his face was so pale that it made her heart wrench up.

Wen Le cleared his throat and started spouting nonsense in a serious tone. “Miss Shi, Master Bo was injured when he saved you. He didnt want to let you know, but you happened to come back…”

“Shut up.” Bo Yucheng gave him a death glare. “One more word, and Ill pull out your tongue and feed it to dogs.”

Wen Le: “…” He spat his tongue out at him secretly.

Had he not known better, he might really be swindled by his masters acting.

“Let me take a look.” Shi Qinglan softened her tone.

She went to Bo Yuchengs back and caressed it gently with her fingers. At first, her heart was really aching for him, but very quickly, she sensed something amiss.

This son of a b*tch… was trying to trick her.

Shi Qinglan reached her hand out towards Wen Le and said with a sly smile, “Pass me the first-aid kit.”



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