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Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 1

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Lanlan... You Are Mine Now

Pain. Wretched pain.

Shi Qinglans eyelids trembled as she gradually regained her consciousness. The familiar chandelier on the ceiling appeared in her blurred vision.

“Lanlan… you are mine now!”

Bo Yucheng opened his thin lips, his black as ink irises glowing with longing and love. “You are finally mine.”

Shi Qinglans hazy mind took its time in coming to her senses.

Recognizing the layout of the bedroom and smelling the familiar scent, she finally regained her consciousness. It really was that intricate face!

“Shi Qinglan, Ill never let you get away from me, even if you killed me!”

Bo Yucheng tightly hugged her in his arms. He placed his chin above her head and rubbed her head with lingering fears. “Lets get married today. Will you marry me, please…”

Marry Werent they already married

Shi Qinglan slightly furrowed her eyebrows and looked at the calendar on the wall. She suddenly realized that she had awakened five years in the past.

That day, Shen Ruxue had used her admiration for Shao Mingzhe as an excuse to lure her to the old school building. In actuality, she was trying to force her to donate her bone marrow to cure her disease!

However, they accidentally caused a huge fire, and she was hit in the head by a falling beam. Fortunately, Bo Yucheng had never given up on her.

Yet not only did she not appreciate him, but she also continued to behave crazily. She even trusted Shen Ruxue and Shao Mingzhe and ended up dying because her bone marrow was all extracted.

Nonetheless, with some freak stroke of luck, she was reborn!

She escaped at the last minute after her rebirth, and Bo Yucheng also arrived in the nick of time to save her. As a result, her intellect was normal and she hadnt lost her mind…

“Shi Qinglan.” Bo Yucheng noticed that the girl in his arms was out of sorts. He narrowed his eyes, grasped her chin, and lifted her face. “I am warning you, dont think of another man again.”

The girl parted her red lips. “Cheng, I…”

She didnt even have to explain anymore, as that word “Cheng” had already softened his heart into mush. The darkness in his eyes slowly dissipated, replaced by a deep love and compromise.

“Lanlan, would you please marry me”

He tenderly traced the girls features with his finger. Every inch of her skin seemed to have been burned into his heart and every rejection of hers felt like a venom that made him crazy.

“Cheng”—Shi Qinglan suddenly embraced his neck—”I swear I will never leave you again.”

Bo Yucheng was dumbfounded.

“Lanlan…” His eyes darkened as he saw the honesty and conviction in the girls eyes.

Although that breathtakingly beautiful face was in a mess and covered by soot from the fire, that pair of bewitching eyes were still as bright as stars.

At this moment, even if she was lying to him, he was willing to be deceived.

Bo Yucheng curled his scarlet lips and began to chuckle. His deep voice was filled with indulgence and satisfaction.


He slowly raised his hand, and his fair fingers went through the girls hair. “Lanlan, you have stolen my heart.”

There was laughter in his voice, but the warning within was clear. “If you dont reciprocate my feelings, you are never getting out of my clutches ever again.

“I have many methods to punish you! Do you understand, hmm”

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“Mm-hm. Ill never run again.” The girls luscious lips curved.

That smile. That smile stole the mans soul.




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