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Chu Feng no longer hesitated.

All his power of will gathered crazily.

When the preparations were complete, it enveloped the small sun in the sky like a huge net.

There was no resistance.

Because even the Netherworld Emperor would not have thought that someone would “steal” from his portrait!

And it was his companions own idea!

He was not on guard at all.

As a result, Chu Feng had easily succeeded.

The next moment, Chu Fengs willpower was completely withdrawn from the Great Emperors portrait.

In the middle of it was that trace of almost imperceptible Blood Essence of the Great Emperor!

Even so, the moment this wisp of Great Emperors Blood Essence appeared, the surrounding space could not help but tremble.

A deep pit suddenly caved in.

Space ripples brushed past, as if it could not withstand it!

Chu Feng was overjoyed.

“The Blood Essence of the Great Emperor is indeed worthy of its reputation!”

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Chu Feng raised his head to look at the Great Emperors portrait again and almost choked to death.

“Uh… This, this painting is indeed indescribable…”

On the wall, the mysterious and handsome man had disappeared.

In his place were a few scrawls like graffiti.

At most, he could tell that this was a person…

It could barely be called a self-portrait…

Chu Feng had actually been skeptical of what the Second Commander and the others had said.

In Chu Fengs opinion, the man was a dignified Great Emperor, a peerless genius that was one in a billion!

No matter how untalented he was in painting, he should not be inferior to ordinary people, right

But now, Chu Feng wanted to say… Alright, Im ignorant.

It turned out that when God opened a door for a person, he would really close the window beside him!

After cursing inwardly, Chu Feng cupped his fists respectfully at the portrait.

He couldnt burn the bridge after crossing it and scold the chef after dinner, right

This was immoral.

After all, he had taken advantage of the man.

Chu Feng still had a bottom line.

Only then did he draw the Great Emperors Blood Essence floating in midair in front of him.

He used the simplest absorption method.

He swallowed it in one gulp!

In reality, the moment the Great Emperors Blood Essence came into contact with Chu Fengs body, it instantly disappeared without a trace, as if it had directly fused into Chu Fengs body.

Chu Feng waited for a while but did not feel anything different.

He pursed his lips.

“Is this all”

However, before Chu Feng could criticize him, the next moment, suddenly, an extremely intense burning sensation surged into his heart.

His internal organs seemed to be on fire.

Almost instantly, Chu Feng seemed to have turned into a burning person.

The intense pain pierced Chu Fengs nerves.

Enduring the pain, Chu Feng gritted his teeth and spat out a few words.

“Damn… Damn! No one… No one told me that it would hurt so much!!”

Chu Feng lay on the ground and writhed.

Veins popped out on his forehead.

He couldnt help but worry.

“It cant be… It cant be fatal, right!”

However, just as Chu Feng was feeling worried, the next moment, the pain in his body instantly disappeared without a trace.

It was as if it had never happened.

The pain came and went quickly.

Chu Feng lay weakly on the ground, as if he had been reborn.

He stared at the ceiling speechlessly.

Damn, wasnt this torturing him!

Was there a need to do this!

Test I think its more like a jest!

Of course, Chu Feng also knew that this might be a reaction caused by the Great Emperors Blood Essence being too powerful.

His body could not withstand it for a moment.

Fortunately, the Great Emperors Blood Essence this time was very weak.

Otherwise, Chu Feng did not know if he could withstand it!

Even with his powerful physical qualities, he was instantly tortured to such a state.

If it were anyone else, Chu Feng really felt that they wouldve been killed in an instant!

A few breaths later, Chu Feng finally managed to get up and hurriedly began to recover his strength.

Only then did he have the time to check the changes in his body.

He was truly shocked when he saw this!

In just that short moment, the development of the cells in Chu Fengs body instantly soared to 29%!

One had to know that back then, even after experiencing the two seventh-grade Spiritual Abode lightning tribulations that belonged to Xuan Chengzi and Liu Xianer, the development of his cells had only increased by two to three percentage!

Now, he was very close to undergoing the third qualitative change!

Chu Feng was dumbfounded by this effect!

Most importantly, he felt that the Great Emperors Blood Essence in his body was still slowly taking effect.

The most obvious thing was…

Most of the Great Emperors Blood Essence had actually found a good place in the end!

Chu Fengs Chaos Dantian!

It was the “field” that had been divided into nine parts!

One of the “fields” was already filled with little golden beans.

It was dense and dazzling.

However, these condensed little golden beans still maintained their original appearance.

Even after so long, there were no changes.

Originally, Chu Feng did not care.

After all, his goal was to plant all nine “fields” with little golden beans!

But the moment the Great Emperors Blood Essence fused, the entire Chaos Dantian seemed to tremble.

The next moment, the Great Emperors Blood Essence actually seeped into the “field” bit by bit.

There seemed to be a strange color in the heavy ground.

Immediately after.

In a field, some little golden beans actually began to slowly take root and germinate!

Tiny buds emerged from the little golden beans and took root under the ground.

This scene truly shocked Chu Feng.

Was his little golden beans… starting to grow

The Great Emperors Blood Essence just now had accelerated the growth of the little golden beans like fertilizer!

He watched as more and more little golden beans began to take root and germinate.

Chu Feng became even more puzzled.

Did he have to use the blood of experts to promote their growth

How were these little golden beans different from the original ones

The confusion in Chu Fengs mind increased.

But now, time was tight, and there was no time for Chu Feng to study carefully.

Chu Feng could only be sure that the change in his dantian was not a bad thing.

At this moment, he had obtained the Great Emperors Blood Essence.

The Great Emperors charm had also been mostly copied when he broke into the self-portrait.

The last step was to disguise himself as the Great Emperor and deceive the ignorant but extremely arrogant Great Emperors will!

Chu Feng took a deep breath.

His aura instantly surged.

The Great Emperors Blood Essence had already fused into all the cells in Chu Fengs body.

As a result, Chu Fengs originally ordinary aura suddenly had an extremely supreme and magnificent Great Emperors part!

He was like a God King looking down on all living beings from the sky.

Tall, mysterious, and unpredictable!

In an instant, Chu Feng transformed into a true Great Emperor.

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

“This thing is not bad for taking advantage of others!”

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