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Fang Heng frowned.

With such a strong bloody smell, he was almost certain that the vampires were holding a special ritual to wake up the Prince of vampires!


Tan Shuo also felt strange.

This place was an important place for storing weapons.

There were so many federal guards outside the building, but not a single guard could be seen inside.

There was obviously a problem.

Li Shaoqiang was more convinced about Fang Hengs judgment.

He nodded and said, “Boss Fang, this place doesnt look like an arsenal.”

“Yes,” Fang Heng nodded his head and answered.

Following the smell of blood, the three of them walked past a few corners and followed the stairs to the basement.

In the corridor ahead, two federal guards were blocking a door on the right.

Seeing Fang Heng walking over, a hint of surprise flashed through the eyes of the two guards.

They were wondering why a stranger would come here.


The guard stared at Fang Heng and the other two and said in a deep voice, “This is the Federations arsenal.

How did you guys get in”

“No, were here to check…”

Li Shaoqiang was about to open his mouth to answer him, but Fang Heng reached out his hand and stopped him.

Fang Heng slowly walked toward the two guards.

The two federal soldiers raised their guns at the same time and pointed the muzzles at Fang Heng, “Did you hear that I told you to stop! Stop right there!”

Fang Heng stopped and flicked his wrist.

He raised the holy weapon of the vampires, the spirit cane, high up and showed it to the two guards.

The two federal guards were shocked when they saw the holy weapon of the vampires in Fang Hengs hand and looked at his face.

Almost at the same time, Fang Hengs eyes were covered with a layer of red glow unique to the vampires.

The two guards hearts thumped rapidly.

They could feel the blood in their bodies suddenly boiling!

Bloodline suppression!

Their expressions suddenly changed.

They immediately recognized the identity of the person in front of them and knelt down on one knee.

“Lord Marquis!”

What was this situation!

Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo were both dumbfounded.

They looked at the two federal soldiers kneeling in front of Fang Heng in confusion.

Something was not right!

They were not soldiers of the Federation!

They were actually vampires!

The entire Federations emergency gathering point had been completely infiltrated by the vampires!

Almost instantly, Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo regained their senses and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

What Fang Heng said was right.

This was actually a stronghold of the vampires!

Fang Heng remained calm and waved his hand, “Get up.

Ill go in and have a look.”

“Yes, Lord Marquis.”

The two vampires didnt dare to stop him.

They stood up respectfully and stepped aside.

Fang Heng stepped into the passage at the back, but Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo were stopped by two vampires.

Fang Heng stopped and turned around to look at the two vampire guards.

“Lord Marquis,” The two vampires looked at Fang Heng carefully and nodded, “The Prince has ordered that no human is allowed to enter the ritual area.”


Would the Prince of vampires personally lead the invasion this time

Fang Hengs heart skipped a beat.

The difficulty of the game has greatly increased again…

He hoped that the Federation would be able to hold on.


On the surface, Fang Heng didnt move.

He hummed softly and exchanged a look with Li Shaoqiang behind him.

He said, “Ill go in and take a look.

You two stay outside and wait for the news.”

“Alright,” he said.

Fang Heng continued to walk forward and entered the door guarded by two vampires.

There were no lights behind the door, and it was pitch black.

Fang Heng relied on the night vision ability of the vampires to look around.

He walked to the stairs beside the aisle in front of him and continued to go down in the direction of the smell of blood.

After making sure that no one was around, Fang Heng stopped.

The area where the Vampire King was sealed should be right below.

He should not rush in but plan first.

Li Shaoqiang and the others would probably inform the Federation.

The Federations reinforcements would probably arrive soon, so there was no need to fight the vampires yet.

He could disguise himself as a vampire first and figure out their specific plan so that he could get some benefits.


A higher-tier vampire might recognize him, and his identity might be exposed.

Therefore, he decided to take some time to go back to the game and check on the situation at the Vampire Apocalypse.

He would also take the opportunity to wear a skin mask.

Fang Heng closed his eyes as he thought.

A dark red magic array appeared under Fang Hengs feet.

The red blood rose up along the magic array until it wrapped Fang Hengs entire body.

On the other side, two vampires were blocking the entrance to the first floor.

Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo had helpless expressions on their faces as they turned around and left.

They turned back and came to a corner of a wall.

The two of them leaned against the wall and took two minutes to digest what they had just seen and heard.

They couldnt help but look at each other.

Things had gotten out of hand!

Based on the current situation, what Fang Heng said was right! This was the nest of those problematic vampires.

The entire temporary military base of the Federation was already under the control of the vampires!

Who wouldve thought that the vampires would extend their power so far

Besides, to be able to make such an arrangement, the commanding officer of the base, Pan Xiangdong, was definitely involved in it.

“Contact the Captain and ask him to send reinforcements.”


The two of them tested the cell phone signal and immediately asked the captain for help.

At a summer camp not far from the Federations temporary military base.

At this moment, the camp had been urgently requisitioned by the Federation.

All news related to the vampires in the Eastern region of the Federation was sent to Su Shoujiang as soon as possible.

In just a few hours, the Federations Inspection Bureau had already determined the location of thirty-nine internal members of the Federation who were related to the twelve corporations, as well as more than two hundred dangerous anti-federation forces who had used this game invasion to cause trouble.

The previously planned mission was still in progress.

Combined with the 24-hour continuous investigation of several dangerous figures in the Federation and the investigation simulation of the movement of the vampires in the entire Eastern region, Su Shoujiang became aware of Pan Xiangdong, the target of the F-22s emergency gathering point.

After confirming that Pan Xiangdong was extremely suspicious, Su Shoujiang personally led the team over.

However, he did not have much available manpower.

If the Prince of vampires were to lead a large number of vampires to attack the city, this would cause some trouble for the Eastern region of the Federation.

The inspection teams elites were sent there to support.

“Director, there are traces of the vampires at the Federations F-22 emergency gathering point, but we havent received any reports of the vampires at the F-22 gathering point.

The Internal Affairs Department is still investigating and has not found any problems.”

“Based on recent investigations, there are five suspicious people in the F-22 emergency gathering point, and three of them have been to the temporary military base.”

“Reporting!” A federal soldier looked excited and reported, “Director, weve just received a situation report from Team 7 of necromancers.

Two federal sergeants in their team entered point F-22 half an hour ago and accidentally discovered the movement of vampires inside the point.

They suspect that theres a huge problem at the gathering point and are seeking reinforcements.”

“Heh, big fish,” A look of contempt flashed across Su Shoujiangs face and he gave the command, “Everyone, move!”

“Yes, Sir!”

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