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Chapter 6 – The Real He Huan

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“He Huan” was awoken by the sounds of rain pattering, it was only after sitting up that he realized he’d inadvertently fallen asleep.

The curtains were made to softly flutter from the light breeze as the beginnings of the day peeked out from the clouds to splay across them.

The faint hints of night receded as the first lights of dawn drew closer, by now it was already early morning.

This…yesterday, all he did was lie on his bed for a while, so how come it was already the next day

For him to be able to sleep so deeply in this kind of situation, was he the legendary pig head

With a dark face, he seriously pondered this problem before coming to a conclusion.

As a diligent youth who’d just fallen out of the habit of waking up early and sleeping late to self-study, it was impossible for him to fall asleep so fast.

Therefore, it must be He Huan’s body, which had been lavished with luxurious fabrics and rich foods for many years and thus was able to live life without worry like a pig, who was able to fall asleep the moment his head made contact with a pillow.

Yep! That’s definitely what happened.

He turned back to look at himself in the bronze mirror.

The reflection really did seem like the real He Huan, it made him feel a bit guilty all of a sudden.

Fine, he’d take that back, it wouldn’t have been easy for a pig to look this handsome.

And yet, the moment his line of sight moved down, he was no longer able to remain calm.

If he remembered correctly, he’d been wearing a deep-red robe before he went to sleep last night, right Then how come it’d been replaced by a pure black sleeping robe Although this material was very nice and made one’s figure appear as smooth as silk—the average woman would lose control after seeing him in it—he was sure he hadn’t mastered the high-level skill of being able to change in his sleep ah.

Had someone broken in Who!

Alarm bells started to ring in his mind, his first reaction was to look to Yun Ce next to him.

Yet this foolish child was fast asleep and clinging to a pillow, it really didn’t seem like he’d awoken at all any time during the night.

However, although he didn’t know how the levels of this world were divided, judging from this child’s tone, Golden Core should be considered a fairly high level of cultivation.

Though the fact that he could sleep like the dead for an entire night just by hitting himself still didn’t seem very reliable.

Unless, there were some other factors at play

Then who came It probably wasn’t He Huan’s enemy, otherwise he would already be dead.

Maybe Qian Ren Or the other enforcers It couldn’t have been a thief, right

His heart skipped a beat when he thought this.

Hurriedly, he ran to his cabinet and opened it.

The bundle that he prepared yesterday had disappeared without a trace.

This…there shouldn’t be anyone within the Palace of Bliss who’d dare riffle through He Huan’s stuff.

Which means he really had been robbed

Remembering a certain godly thief that had been frequently written about in those letters, “He Huan’s” heart pounded.

He squatted on the floor as he looked for clues and made countless theories, but he hadn’t been able to come to a conclusion before he heard a drawn out sigh come from behind him.

“Although this master’s figure is pleasing no matter what it does, isn’t your posture a little too undignified”

It was a very nice male voice, but it was different from the voice dubs he’d heard in various dramas.

The actors always used a voice that had to conform to the plot, so when placed in daily life, it’d sound exceedingly awkward.

But this one was different, your first reaction when hearing it wouldn’t be that it was magnetic so as to tease you, nor was it the type to make your ears feel as if they’d been impregnated, it was just plainly comfortable.

Without even the slightest bit of editing or autotune, and without any deliberate modifications, the tone was like walking down the street and finding some kind of novelty before pointing it out to your friend as you poked fun at each other.

And yet, this voice was just too damned nice to hear.

This… don’t tell him that this was the legendary natural male god voice

Sure enough, this Palace of Bliss was really scary, even just a godly thief lying in ambush was an expert in the art of flirtation.

He sighed in his heart, but on the surface, “He Huan” didn’t reveal anything.

He hurriedly stood up and shouted, “Who’s there! Reveal yourself!”

This line was said extremely lamely.

He knew that since this person had been able to drug him, it was likely that his ‘problem’ was already revealed.

“He Huan” couldn’t help but feel unconfident, so where would he be able to summon the courage necessary for an imposing tone He scanned the room apprehensively, but was unable to find even a trace of the other person.

Immediately, he felt even more panicked.

Speed-walking to Yun Ce’s side, he started to fiercely pinch the boy’s thigh as he vigilantly warned, “If you still don’t come out, I will scream.”

Originally he thought that at the very least, this kid was better at fighting than him, so once he woke up, he could still be considered a hired brute, but who expected him to sleep so deeply Didn’t this mean that while he, himself, was facing an unknown enemy, he’d also have to protect him This…didn’t seem too good…

“Stop pinching, he’s been doused by ‘Miracle Hand’, god-thief Kong Kong’s sleeping gas, he’d be lucky to wake up tomorrow.”

It was that voice again, damn it, it was clearly coming from behind him, but when he turned around, there was nothing.

It couldn’t be a ghost, could it

In a place where there were even cultivators, a ghost wouldn’t be anything rare.

For some reason, he felt the area behind him become cold.

With a tremble in his voice, “He Huan” asked, “Who exactly are you”

Hearing this question, the voice seemed to contain a bit of helplessness.

Sighing, it said, “Geez, just look behind you.”

Following that long sigh, “He Huan” rigidly turned his head.

Again, he still didn’t see anything other than his reflection in the bronze mirror…wait, he was clearly sitting, how come the person in the mirror was lying down

His eyes instantly snapped wide open as he looked at the handsome man only wearing black inner clothes reclined on the couch.

Those bright eyes conveying pity as if looking at a retard.

He suddenly understood, unexpectedly, it was his reflection talking to him!

No, that provocative lying posture, that ghost of a smile which seems to be trying to seduce you…Fuck, this was clearly the real He Huan! He practically stuck to the mirror to make sure it wasn’t capable of hiding a person before exclaiming in amazement, “He Huan!”

“It’s me.”

Paying no mind to the other’s embarrassing posture, the He Huan in the mirror chuckled as he confessed.

With a gentle smile on his face, he smoothly extended his hand to boop “He Huan’s” nose.

His tone became soft, “Long time no see.”

This person’s voice was already very attractive when casually speaking, now that he’d purposely softened his approach, even if they were a guy, they’d still need to take in an extra breath.

Hearing this voice, his mind imagined him and this Palace Master, those kinds of scenes.

Immediately, “He Huan’s” face flushed red and, as if zapped by something, he took a step back.

First, he couldn’t help but be amazed by this person’s lack of morals, to be able to tease his own body, then he started to worry about his sexual orientation which had briefly wavered.

Moreover, the complex way He Huan was staring at him felt a bit strange, so he instinctively sat on the edge of the bed, staying as far away as possible from the dangerous person.

Glancing at Yun Ce, who was currently drooling, his heart became at peace as he unbent himself.

He still didn’t dare to look at the mirror, instead staring at the roof beam, “You were the one who changed my clothes”

“God Thief Kong Kong has already laid in wait here for a long time.

Yesterday, when you carelessly fell to his tactics you forced this master to cancel his seclusion earlier than planned in order to chase him away.

This Master only proceeded to sleep after I threw away your tacky bundle, took a bath, changed into a new set of clothes, read for a while, and ate a piece of date cake.”

Hearing this, “He Huan” was surprised.

Unconsciously, he asked, “You also did so many things”

“Otherwise, why else do you think none of the disciples have come to fetch Yun Ce for a bath at this hour yet”

Although he did his best to not move his gaze toward the mirror, he could still feel a certain someone’s eyes on him.

It was only after He Huan mentioned this that he remembered people in ancient times took a bath every time they got back home from work.

If he’d continued according to his original plan and just blundered his way through crafting some kind of lie, he reckoned he would already have been exposed by now.

Fortunately, the real He Huan came out last night, it’s the only reason he was still free from others’ suspicions.

However, did He Huan have full control over this body If so, then towards him, this foreign extraneous soul, wouldn’t…

As a person who carries the title of Demon Lord, it was unreasonable to think that He Huan would be generous enough to allow some stranger to cohabitate in his body.

Immediately, he felt a sense of crisis, just as he was hesitating on how to bring up the topic of asking He Huan if he could be allowed to borrow his body for a while, he heard the person in the mirror say, “This master won’t use my technique anymore, you can look now, it’s safe.

Really, don’t you feel that speaking this way is tiring”

Fuck, so that seducing effect was actually because of a demonic technique!

He secretly judged this person before sneakily stealing a glance.

Although the person in the mirror was still handsome, there wasn’t that strange sense of bewitchment strong enough to directly bend people with a single look, more so now that he no longer used that complicated expression to look at him.

However, now that he thought harder on the Palace of Bliss’ setting, as the Palace Master of the place, it wasn’t that strange for him to practice something like this.

It was just that his heart still felt a little weird, “He Huan” looked over depressingly, not knowing what he could say.

Borrow your body Two strangers having this type of discussion was too excessive, right But if he just gave up this body to become a wild ghost, wouldn’t everything be over if he got captured by a passing cultivator

What he didn’t anticipate was for He Huan to initiate the conversation, “You didn’t read the letter this Palace Master left you”

Knowing that he was referring to that stack of letters, “He Huan” honestly answered, “I read them, I know that you are He Huan.”

“Anything else”

The man in the mirror frowned slightly, “He Huan” didn’t know how he was supposed to answer.

All that was contained in that pile were some things that were not suitable for children, even after taking a moment to compile his thoughts, he still wasn’t able to say it aloud, instead tactfully saying, “You…en, are very unrestrained”

“Those things are still a bit too early for you.”

Unexpectedly, after hearing what he’d said, He Huan’s expression suddenly smoothed out, he even laughed! With spirited eyes, He Huan looked at him before clarifying, “I wasn’t talking about those, did you read this Master’s words written on your Thousand Blood Silk Robes”

Fine, so he was talking about the ancient scribbles written on his clothes, indeed, if one wanted to compare covertness, it was still this that was more concealed.


Knowing that if he said this out loud, he was going to be disdained again, “He Huan” helplessly sighed before frankly admitting the truth, “This…just based on my literary level, it’s a little hard to comprehend.”

“Sigh, it seems this Master has overestimated you.”

See! He’d been disdained! Speaking of this, why was he being judged on his illiteracy when he hadn’t even started judging He Huan for his promiscuity of eating men and women indiscriminately.

This didn’t seem fair ah

Suppressing the noises in his heart, he maintained an honest expression and asked with sincerity, “Can you explain it to me clearly”

Reality has proven that the majority wasn’t lying when they said He Huan had the best temperament amongst Demon Lords.

With his question, that person thought for a moment and actually meticulously replied to him, “The lightning during the Calamity Crossing tribulation is unlike the normal ones.

It refines the body and tests the heart.

This Master was enlightened right before the tribulation, that although I had lived happily for the past century, my heart still retained regrets.

If I am unable to resolve them, then even if I pass this trial, I will never be able to ascend in the future.

But these two regrets originated from my youth and past events, it would be impossible for this Master to return to his old mental state in order to deal with them.

It was only just before my tribulation arrived that I thought, since this Master is unable to untangle those two heart demons, then I just need to create a version of myself that didn’t possess any to begin with.”

As he was saying this, he paused.

Then he used a look full of reminiscence and lament as if seeing his black history personified to appraise him before continuing, “At Foundation Building stage, cultivators are able to separate a part of their soul to help them manage the continuity of their qi-circulation.

Afterwards, when they reach the Nascent Soul stage, this separated section of the soul will be refined into a cultivator’s Yuan Ying.

This is why, as long as a cultivator is fairly advanced in their cultivation attainments, even if their mortal body dies, as long as the Yuan Ying still survives, they are able to rebuild their bodies and climb back to their peak state.

Thinking here, this Master seized the opportunity provided by the strength of the coming tribulation to completely divide my Yuan Ying.

Then, I created a consciousness according to my 18-year old self.

And that is you.”

Although he spoke these words carelessly, it came as a thunderous shock to “He Huan”.

He pointed to himself in a daze, “You’re saying, I’m your Yuan Ying soul”


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