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Chapter 5 – The Air-Headed Youth, Yun Ce

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“He Huan” understood that if he continued to keep silent and do nothing, sooner or later, he’d be exposed.

It was perfect that this azure-clothed youth took the initiative to open his mouth first.

Even though his expression still wasn’t adjusted enough to his liking, he still hardened his skin and carried on.

Luckily, although his tone of taking advantage of innocence had disgusted the heck out of himself, it was enough to have successfully kept these two in the dark.

Taking advantage of turning his head to look at them, “He Huan” attentively appraised the two people, only to see a lady clad in a spotless white robe, silken hair simply tied up with a snow coloured ribbon.

Her face was clear and without makeup which made her seem even more beautiful, just from the feel she exuded she didn’t seem like one to sell her body. 

Moving on, the azure-clothed youth had bushy eyebrows and large eyes.

Although his messy hair was tied together at the back, there were still some unruly strands sticking out and brushing over his forehead, bringing out a lively aura.

His upper-arms were covered by his silk uniform, but one could faintly see the muscles that were still in development.

Such spirit and eagerness was so clearly definitive of a young cultivator who has just emerged that he didn’t know what underhanded means He Huan employed in order to con him and successfully bring him back.

However, no matter how he looked at it, the girl on the side clearly had a higher IQ than this air-headed child, moreover, knowing that women tended to be more attentive to details, it would be problematic if his acting were to fall short and end up exposing something to her.

Considering this, “He Huan” reluctantly let her leave.

Seeing her lower her head and glare at the youth beside her in bitterness, “He Huan’s” heart clenched in pain once again.

In truth, as a young man who held the Little Dragon Maiden1 as the ideal lover in his dreams, he actually really liked this ancient white-clad lady.

If he had met such a girl at school, then even if he were to be hung up by his toes and beaten by the teacher, he would still go and ask for her number.

But now that he had the luck of having exactly such a white-clad beauty standing right in front of him, he was instead forced to abandon the beauty and choose the gay.

“He Huan” felt that his straight guy heart had been dealt an incurable blow.

Internally biting at the corners of his sleeves, “He Huan” watched the girl leave, finally accepting the fact that he had to find a way to spend the night with this low IQ youth.

Collecting himself, he looked over only to find that this guy had already gotten up from the ground, and was in fact sitting on the edge of his bed staring directly at him in high spirits.

Seeing him look back, the youth immediately asked in anticipation, “Palace Master, shall we cultivate”

Scram! I ain’t cultivating!

Even though he was screaming internally, on the outside “He Huan” remained the image of calm and poise in an attempt to maintain his Demon Lord disguise.

“Remind me again, what method do you cultivate”

However, he soon regretted choosing this idiot as the one who stayed.

This piece of work didn’t even listen to what he said.

Minding his own business as he already took off his shoes and made his way onto the bed.

Then, with a single pull, lifted “He Huan” up, eagerly and impatiently saying, “You needn’t worry over this trivial matter.

You, quickly dual-cultivate with me and bestow me the status of Male Pet.

This kid didn’t seem to possess a herculean physique, so where the hell had all this strength come from!

With this one pull, it was as if something snapped, although “He Huan” had done his best to maintain his calm, he was but a young man about to go to university.

In fact, if they were to base this off of mental age at this time, he may even be younger than this child, so where would he have society’s shrewdness To have his current level of performance was only thanks to the various dramas and TV series.

Now that he couldn’t even continue with his clumsy acting, he angrily tugged his sleeve free, scolding, “What’s your problem, hah! Who the ** lines up to rush to become a Male Pet Don’t you understand how to act shy2 Don’t you understand how to play hard to get Where’s your professionalism!”

Seeing him so displeased, Yun Ce at least ceased his wanton behaviour, only sitting on the bed, confidently declaring, “I haven’t read many books, so what you just said, I understood none of it!”

“I see it now, facing people with no culture really is a hazard.” He rolled his eyes uncharacteristically.

“He Huan” determined that he really wasn’t suited to be an actor, before finally deciding to just screw it, frankly laid down and said, “Say, you seem like a fine young man, even if you don’t dedicate your time to reading and studying, why must you insist on going down the unorthodox path of becoming a male pet”

His evaluation of this person’s IQ was spot on, even after his display of OOC-ness, the youth still hadn’t started suspecting his identity, instead doubting the legitimacy of his ‘amnesia’, “Master, did you really lose your memories It was you who said my family had fallen victim to a curse which destined all its members to be cut sleeves.

Since that is the case, we might as well just find the one with the best technique and is willing to hold us, and just quickly get our sleeves cut off.

Moreover, the Palace of Bliss provides food and housing, we don’t even need to go out to fight! It’s naturally the best place to take care of our elders.”

Hearing his explanation, “He Huan’s” mouth twitched.

Using a worried gaze to look at this fool, “You seriously believe there’s this kind of curse”

“Why wouldn’t I believe it Even my clan’s Grandpa Ancestor couldn’t defeat you, so naturally if you say I’m a cut sleeve, then of course I’m a cut sleeve.”

With an air of obviousness, he continued to say things that caused “He Huan” to feel increasingly ashamed.

Then he pressed, “Master please be quick ah, I’m in a hurry.”

Once again taking in this person, “He Huan” was 80% sure that this airhead had been tricked by He Huan, but still, this wasn’t any reason to pounce and start pulling on his clothes! “He Huan” immediately grabbed his own robes in self-defence and shouted, “I understand that you youngsters are always in a hurry, but no one is this anxious!”

However, with his current body that has temporarily lost all its cultivation, he really couldn’t dissuade this youth.

Just when his outerwear was about to be pulled clean off, “He Huan” heard him blurt out, “How can I not be anxious If I don’t do anything right now, my family’s Little Martial Uncle3will come to take me back!”

Never had he thought that after transmigrating into Demon Lord He Huan, before he’d even had the chance to strive to control himself so as to not defile innocent maidens, he would have to face the danger to his own virginity.

This won’t do, as a Demon Lord now, how could he allow himself to be so useless!

Hit with inspiration, “He Huan” placed his hand on his jade pillow, immediately saying, “Isn’t that yourLittle Martial Uncle right there”

As expected, with Yun Ce’s IQ, he immediately whipped his head over to look.

Without even the slightest hesitation, “He Huan” picked up that jade pillow and smashed it against that huge target of a head, and then—it littered the ground with its pieces, in contrast, that head was completely undamaged.

Staring blankly at the person who just rubbed the back of his head as if scratching an itch, “He Huan” wrung his hands.

Was this the legendary blockhead

“Palace Master, I’m already at late-stage Golden Core, you need more than a pillow to knock me unconscious.”

To think this blockhead was actually wearing a face of sincerity as he taunted him.

Silently looking at that honest face, “He Huan” shamelessly asked, “Then how would I be able to knock you out”

“At the very least, you’ve got to use a bit of spiritual energy, right” Yun Ce continued to earnestly reply.

Spiritual energy Nope, he didn’t have that.

After determining that he couldn’t handle this idiot in front of him, “He Huan” expressed in all seriousness his innermost wish at the moment, “Then could I bother you to knock yourself out”

And yet, even if Yun Ce’s IQ was extremely low, it was still impossible for him to help someone make himself unconscious.

Bewildered, he asked, “Why”

“If I look at your stupid face, I won’t be able to get it up.

In that case, how would we cultivate”

“He Huan” believed that this excuse he came up with was simply perfection.

Not to mention him not having an interest in males in the first place, even if he was the real He Huan who did have an interest in males, he reckoned he still wouldn’t be able to go through with the deed.

Otherwise, why had it been an entire month and still he hadn’t been eaten It really was the aura of unreliability this air-headed youth exuded, it was almost impossible to get into the mood ah.

Sure enough, this excuse succeeded in convincing the ditzy youth.

Yun Ce nodded his head, “That makes sense, when I went to the brothel, that was what they said as well.

Then, Master, you must make sure to seriously cultivate, okay”

“Relax, bringing you here, if not for cultivating, then why else” Looking at him earnestly, “He Huan” promised that if he could return, he’d definitely choose to learn acting.

“True enough.”

Typically, those with lower IQs had stronger initiative, after a session of ‘heart to heart’, Yun Ce didn’t think too much.

Hand circulating qi, he slammed it to his head before fainting—going into his dream to cultivate.

Seeing the body that pressured him fall down, “He Huan” finally heaved a sigh of relief and straightened out his ruffled robes.

Just thinking about the scene immediately before had his heart freezing.

Fortunately, the one who came today was Yun Ce, this silly boy, if it was someone else, he was afraid that he couldn’t even ensure tonight’s rest.

This group of people were usually suppressed by He Huan.

In the case where there were a few people who wanted to raise their place, if they learned that He Huan lost all his power, then wouldn’t he be…

Just imagining all those different kinds of unsavoury plot devices, but with the female lead switched with himself instead, “He Huan” felt his calf tremble.

Immediately, he rolled off the bed and started to search through the room, mumbling, “The people here are all crazy, no, I must leave.”

QingYun Hall was where He Huan usually went for seclusion.

Needless to say, there was more than enough clothing and similar items, however, even after spending close to half an hour, “He Huan” hadn’t been able to find anything resembling silver or taels.

As for the clothes he did manage to uncover, they were all either extremely long or way too eye-catching, completely unconducive to walking outside.

Fortunately, he persevered in his search and finally found a relatively plain white robe at the bottom of the cabinet.

There was also a sword and a pure white jade pendant pressed underneath.

The sword could be used to defend himself and the jade pendant was probably the precious mutton fat jade, which could probably be sold for quite a sum.

Nodding his head in satisfaction, he pulled out a piece of tablecloth and bundled the clothes and jade into it before shoving it back into the cabinet.

After finishing his arrangements, he quietly returned to the bed and looked at the Yun Ce that had fallen asleep and was even snoring slightly.

“He Huan” helped him take off his outer robes, gritting his teeth before also pulling his inner robes open.

He tugged the covers over to blanket the both of them, believing that it wouldn’t be difficult with this guy’s IQ to make him believe that the deed has been done and that they have slept with each other…

What he had to do now was to think of a way out, find a place he’d be able to change clothes, and then find somewhere secluded to hide in.

After seven days and He Huan’s body recovering its cultivation, he wouldn’t have to fear anything anymore.

Alas, seven days, oh seven days, so far it had only been one day and it already felt so long.

How was he supposed to survive seven days

Lying on the bed, this short period of peace finally let him ease out of his previous hyper-focused state.

Accompanying him as his body relaxed, a faint fragrance began to drift in, his eyelids also gradually grew heavier, unconsciously falling asleep.

In his daze, it seemed there was a red shadow that slowly lifted from inside his body, and before completely losing consciousness, he heard a deep sigh come from beside him.


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