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Chapter 41 – Miss, This Is A Narcissistic Cut Sleeve

It was said that “all cultivators of the world come from Xuanmen”, this was because the Xuanmen Righteous Sect received the inheritance directly passed down from the immortal who scattered all of the cultivation techniques to the world.

Among the four halls, the Shaoyang Hall contained all of those techniques and the Kanshui Palace that was under its command was responsible for adapting each of the techniques to make them more suitable for ordinary cultivators to cultivate with.

When the adapted techniques were completed, they would be handed over to the Lihuo Palace for review, and finally passed on to the world by the Xunfeng Palace which was responsible for accepting outer court disciples.

In the past centuries, Xuanmen has upheld the legacy of its ancestor, it rigorously and orderly spread cultivation to the world, and created countless talented people, but it has never once asked the world to do anything in return.

The cultivators of the Jianghu respect their noble character and unquestionable integrity, and are willing to recognize Xuanmen as the leader of the righteous faction.

When teaching cultivation, Xuanmen doesn’t care for one’s status or family background, the only requirement was that the student had to have an upright character with no bad behaviour.

The student would then be kept in the outer court to receive a suitable cultivation technique.

Therefore, young cultivators can be seen queuing up to study every day above the sky in Yuncheng, and today is no exception.

It wasn’t that long ago that Xuanmen captured the strongest demonic cultivator He Huan.

The sect has been busy with this matter for several days and it was only today that they had time to open the mountain’s gate.

This made it so that everyone who came to seek instruction had to wait for a while, the line which had begun building from before dawn has now become as long as a dragon.

Fortunately, everyone queueing in front of Xuanmen was still disciplined, and although they were extremely anxious, they remained in an organized line, and Xu Shi was one of them.

He was originally from an escort agency in the countryside.

By chance, he had learned a bit of kung fu and had gained some fame on the Jianghu after a few months.

Now, he wanted to go to the Xuanmen Righteous Sect to learn how to form a golden core, but the queue today really was long.

By his estimate, he would at least have to wait until evening, he couldn’t help but feel a little anxious.

In his state of anxiousness, he suddenly saw a white blur flash by him, clearly someone was trying to cut the queue, and he instantly became irritated.

He grabbed that person and scolded, “How can you cut the queue”

As he continued angrily, he saw that person look back.

That person clearly had a plain face, but he had a pair of moving peach blossom eyes.

With that one look, people would feel as though they were watching the spring wind brush past an endless peach forest.

After a short daze he noticed the person’s clothes embroidered full of cloud patterns, clearly a member of the Xuanmen Righteous Sect.

His anger immediately dispelled and immediately changed his tone, he respectfully greeted, “This brother, would you happen to be a Xuanmen disciple”

This person was naturally He Ku, who had rushed over through the night.

His appearance was too eye-catching, so he purposefully ordered QianRen to help disguise his face before heading up the Sky Steps towards Xuanmen.

He originally thought that his disguise was flawless, but got pulled by someone halfway through and thought that he had been seen through.

In his panic, he heard this question and knew that it was a false alarm.

Fortunately, he had already inherited Bu QingYun’s memory, so he could easily deal with the situation before him.

He put on the face of how Bu QingYun used to treat people and smiled.

“I’m a disciple of the Lihuo Palace, just now, I exchanged some interesting meditation techniques from the Jianghu and am on my way to send it over to a Kanshui Palace’s senior disciple.”

Among the Xuanmen Righteous Sect, only the disciples of the Lihuo Palace regularly traveled outside the sect to search for new cultivation methods to bring back.

His explanation was flawless and his facial expression was relaxed.

Anyone who sees this person would only feel that he was extraordinary and refined, leaving no room for doubt to bud.

Xu Shi’s expression instantly became full of admiration, “Senior brother works so hard for the world, this little one is in admiration.

Should I get accepted into the sect today, then I must invite senior brother to drink a few cups.”

This was the second time He Ku’s interacted with Jianghu people, there was a difference of heaven and earth compared to the first time at the inn.

The identity he was assuming was even just an ordinary Xuanmen disciple, yet he got such reverence, if he were the Xuanmen Righteous Sect’s succeeding disciple, he could already imagine how glorious and eye-catching he would be on the Jianghu.

As long as he thought of how the past He Huan fell from being admired by millions to being spit on by the world, his heart inevitably felt a little bitter.

Yet, he didn’t have the time to feel sentimental right now.

He kept his current attitude the same and politely said, “I see that your spirit is lively, you will definitely pass the disciple selection trial.”

“Thank you for your kind words!”

After being able to speak with a Xuanmen disciple, that man was naturally overjoyed and couldn’t believe his luck.

He no longer blocked his way and went back into the queue.

He Ku released the breath he was holding and didn’t continue to hesitate, he quickly went up the path and arrived at the Xuanmen Righteous Sect’s gate.

The path to Xuanmen’s gate consisted of eighty-one steps, the gate was faintly surrounded by clouds and mist.

The gate was made of snowy white spirit stones and eight doors were opened towards the outside.

Suspended atop the center most door, was a wooden plaque made from a ten thousand year old tree.

Written on the plaque was the two words “Xuanmen”, although they were a little rough, they were filled with spirit and power.

It was written by the first generation Sect Leader, a fisherman.

He Ku thought that even if he infiltrated into Xuanmen, he wouldn’t feel any emotions.

That was until he stood beneath that mountain gate, he realized that regardless of whether he wanted to be Bu QingYun or not, as long as he stood beneath the two words “Xuanmen” he would not be calm.

This was a faith that has been etched into his soul since he was young, no matter how many times he’d split his soul, no matter if he was He Huan or He Ku, he would inevitably feel a sense of pride for having once been a Xuanmen disciple.

He looked at the mountain gate, unable to say anything.

The disciple guarding the gate felt that something was strange and quickly stepped forward to inquire, “This senior brother looks unfamiliar to me.”

At this time He Ku returned to his senses slightly, and stopped reminiscing about the past that belonged to Bu QingYun.

He seriously replied, “I have been away for several years in search of cultivation techniques, so it’s reasonable that I look unfamiliar to you.”

His clothes belonged to Bu QingYun in the first place, moreover, the clean spiritual energy around him was derived from cultivating the most orthodox/righteous cultivation technique, so there was absolutely no flaw to his disguise.

That guarding disciple looked at him a few more times and was no longer suspicious, he just took it as a senior disciple returning to the sect for the first time in years and just had a moment of sentimentality.

He smiled kindly and welcomed him in.

“So it’s a senior from the Lihuo Palace, welcome back to the sect, please.”

This one “welcome back”, He Huan has waited more than eighty years to hear, who knew that he would hear it today.

His heart went through a wave of emotion, He Ku slowly entered the sect that he had been apart from for so long.

Everything inside was exactly the same as it was in Bu QingYun’s memory, it’s just that he would never be the Bu QingYun of the past.

He only inherited his memories yet he already felt so emotional, he couldn’t imagine what He Huan felt as he was captured and brought back to this place since he personally experienced everything that had happened.

He hated that he couldn’t just fly to the Fallen Immortal Lake, yet his reason told him that the opportunity still hasn’t arrived.

He could only suppress his anxiety, stand beneath the mountain gate, and patiently wait.

Luckily he didn’t have to wait long, soon, the sky suddenly scattered uncountable rays of golden light and a plainly dressed monk slowly descended from the sky.

He was completely wrapped in a buddhist glow, every step he took a lotus bloomed, every lotus flower was as big as a cart’s wheel, the lotus thrones were rainbow colored, brilliant, and moving.

When the monk arrived at the mountain gate, the entire Sky Steps was covered in a lotus scent, everyone who was present felt serene, all of their extraneous thoughts dispersing.

It was as if staying there would void them of all human suffering.

This… was the highest realm of the original Technique of Bliss, Infinite Paradise.

The person who arrived was naturally the Head Monk of the Grand Western Leiyin Temple, Kasyapa Bodhi.

Buddhism and Daoism have historically been competitors; now that he was at the representative of the Daoist sects, he couldn’t come off as lesser.

The monk put his palms together and slowly bowed to the guard disciple.

“Amitabha, this poor monk is Kasyapa Bodhi, I am here to see Sect Leader Qing XuZi.”

It was no wonder that Bai Chen said Xuanmen was the most battle-honed of the righteous sects.

One could tell just from the monk’s voice that his cultivation was exceedingly high, yet that guard disciple who had a cultivation that didn’t even reach the golden core stage was not even the slightest bit intimidated.

He continued to go according to the rules and politely asked, “Which sect does this great master come from and for what purpose do you have to find our Sect Leader”

Buddhist disciples have never used their power to coerce people, seeing this disciple’s performance, Kasyapa Bodhi had a flash of admiration for the young man.

Yet, the way monks display their admiration is to debate philosophy with them.

He immediately smiled, “This monk comes from the Grand Western Leiyin Temple, as for the reason I am here… It could be as small as my own selfish intentions or as large as all the lives in the world.

Small Large Everyone has their own understanding and it is all within the whims of the moment.”

He Ku watched that guarding disciple from afar and his instantly confused expression, and very much understood what was going on in his mind.

Although he knew that if it wasn’t because these monks admired him that they were willing to talk to him, these origami words and the way they display their admiration really something they, simpleminded Daoist disciples, could handle.

If he really had to debate with a monk for an entire day, he would rather look though He Huan’s precious r-18 collection.

“Great master, wait here.

This disciple will go and get the Sect Leader!”

Sure enough, that guarding disciple wasn’t able to defend against the Grand Monk.

He immediately fled within the inner gates to report.

To be able to scare off a Xuanmen disciple who are famed for not fearing death, the Grand Western Leiyin Temple’s Grand Monk truly lived up to his reputation, incredible, absolutely incredible.

Mixed in with the Xuanmen disciples, He Ku briefly spent a moment to recognize the monk’s prowess before looking to the outside.

He made sure that the Sword Saint’s successor was within the queue outside the main gate and that QianRen had already arranged people within Yuncheng, as long as he could bring He Huan to Yuncheng, then they could definitely escape.

Thus, he took the gap when Xuanmen was busy welcoming the Grand Monk to take a small path and quietly make his way towards the Fallen Immortal Lake.

Bu QingYun was the Qiantian Palace’s Palace Master and was intimately familiar with Xuanmen’s layout.

Now that he had returned, He Ku was also able to go past all the security measures.

He leapt over Qiantian Palace’s numerous pavilions and the Fallen Immortal Lake was right in front of him, when suddenly a Xuanmen disciple rushed out from the bamboo forest.

The Fallen Immortal Lake is the Xuanmen Sect Leader’s place of secluded cultivation, usually, no one aside from the Sect Leader’s direct disciples were allowed into this place.

He didn’t expect anyone to be here and couldn’t help being stunned.

He looked a little more closely, this was actually Bu LingYun who he had seen at Sky Veil Town.

She is Bu YaoLian’s daughter, now that Bu YaoLian was tasked with monitoring He Huan, it wasn’t that strange for his daughter to appear here.

Just as He Ku was racking his mind for how to hide his identity, he heard that girl exclaim in surprise, “You really are our sect’s disciple, but how come I’ve never seen you before”

Bu LingYun actually recognized him

QianRen’s disguise was all encompassing and when He Ku was at Sky Veil Town, he had worn a veiled hat to hide his face, so there should be nobody who knew what he looked like.

Now that he had been seen through, he couldn’t help but be doubtful.

“How did you know it was me”

Seeing him admit to it, that girl faintly smiled and answered truthfully, “I remembered your back silhouette and voice.”

“There is a strange monk outside right now, I am here to report to Senior Bu YaoLian, so I’ll be on my way.”

This Xuanmen disciple was truly extraordinary, even though she was just sixteen she had such observational powers.

Thinking of her identity, He Ku’s heart became even more complicated.

Not willing to speak anymore, after only giving a single explanation to explain his presence he tried to go into the Fallen Immortal Lake.

Yet, just when his foot made contact with the ground he heard the girl from behind him say leisurely, “Sect Leader grandpa said that the reason Bu QingYun fell onto the demonic path was because he was possessed by Feng Xie, but I remember very clearly that when my senior brother and I were captured by that fox spirit, the one who saved us was the demonic cultivator He Huan.”

Hearing this, He Ku immediately knew he’s screwed.

He looked back and, sure enough, Bu LingYun’s sword was already drawn, spiritual energy bubbling around her, battle intent shining in the eyes that looked at him.

“That day at the inn, you said you were Bu QingYun.

I didn’t believe you back then.

Until today when I heard your voice again, it’s actually the same as He Huan’s.”

Their personalities weren’t the same and it’s usually easy to tell them apart from their tones, however, since they shared the same body, there was nothing to differentiate their actual voices.

Never did he think that at this critical moment, this would be what revealed him.

He Ku lowered his eyes and before she was ready, the CaiYun Sword was unsheathed.

Bu QingYun was extremely familiar with Xuanmen’s sword technique and his cultivation level was way higher than Bu LingYun’s golden core stage.

Under the surprise attack, the girl was completely caught off guard and immediately lost her sword.

Just when she wanted to shout so as to warn the others, He Ku covered her mouth.

She could only glare at him angrily.

“As expected of Bu YaoLian’s daughter, you really are smart.

It’s just a pity that you’re still too inexperienced.”

He offhandedly mocked her while holding the CaiYun Sword to her throat.

He Ku lamented internally that his lines weren’t very ‘righteous’, then he remembered that what he was doing was what a villain would do and became resigned to the fact that he was going to play the role of a kidnapper.

“Divine Sword Intent! Sure enough, you are Bu QingYun! Then who is the one at the Fallen Immortal Lake—”

The brilliance on his sword flows, any Xuanmen disciple would be able to recognize that it was from the Divine Sword Intent, let alone Bu LingYun, who was the most familiar with the current Xuanmen successor.

She originally thought that who her grandmaster had captured was just He Huan’s stand-in, and the person in front of her was the real He Huan, but how could He Huan use the Divine Sword Intent after being in the demonic faction for so many years For a while, she didn’t know whether this young man, whom she had a good impression of when they first met, was a righteous or demonic cultivator, and couldn’t help but feel extremely confused.

How could others know the extent of the Soul Splitting Technique Moreover, He Ku also didn’t intend to explain, he looked at the Fallen Immortal Lake and said, “What’s there is my heart.”

After he finished speaking, he ignored Bu Lingyun’s more confused expression, and only held her hostage as they walked to Fallen Immortal Lake.

“Since we are so destined, I will have to trouble Miss to be my hostage once again.”


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