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Chapter 38 – What A Nice Wave of God-given Top Assistance

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Although Bai Chen said Yun Ce was miserably crying, He Ku thought that with his air-headed personality it couldn’t be as bad as he had described.

But the scene he saw with his own eyes made him realize that actually, Bai Chen wasn’t exaggerating.

The peaks of the Snowy Mountains were permanently covered with snow, without a golden core level of cultivation one couldn’t even walk around.

Yun Ce was, in any case, the heir Bai Chen chose, now that he had returned to his own territory he was changed into luxurious clothing.

As he was, wearing a black cloak and standing in the middle of a field of snow, he looked quite imposing.

Yet, it was precisely this person who you could tell was important at a single glance that was clinging to a memorial tablet and crying so hard in front of a steep cliff they couldn’t catch their breath.

Even if spirit cultivators were in their human forms, as long as they became emotional, their first response would be to return to their natural instincts and Yun Ce was no different.

Like any wild animal grieving over their companion’s death, he just kept pulling on his vocal cords to scream.

Every wave was more mournful than the last, the echo was actually quite frightening in this windy and sky-high place.

Luckily he didn’t return to his original form, while his words were muffled and slurred they were at least intelligible.

At this moment, even though he heard footsteps sound behind him he still couldn’t help himself and cried, “Little Palace Master, you died so miserably ahhhh!”

Seeing this scene, He Ku’s heart warmed.

Even without Bai Chen’s deal, just because of Yun Ce’s genuine grief-filled cry, he would still use his all to help the Snowy Mountains in the future if they faced trouble.

However, he couldn’t let him continue crying now.

He had taken a glance and the snow cover trembled under his cries, if this went on, there would inevitably be an avalanche.

He peeked at the snow cover that seemed ready to collapse at any time and decisively pulled the little fox up.

“What are you crying for I’m not dead yet.”

Bai Chen already explained He Huan’s plan to Yun Ce, now he just took these words to mean that He Huan woke up and the sadness on his face didn’t lessen at all.

He just continued to cry.

“Heartless Palace Master, of course, you aren’t dead, but the Little Palace Master…”

As he cried he felt wronged on the Little Palace Master’s behalf, the Little Palace Master already died for the Palace Master, yet this person was still able to smile.

Not only that, but his smile also had to resemble the Little Palace Master’s…wait a second, this expression, it really seemed to be…

The descendants of the Fox Immortal are naturally acute towards the soul, at this moment, Yun Ce stared at the person in front of him and became ecstatic.

“Little Palace Master You’re still alive!”

He finally recognized him, He Ku let out a sigh of relief, but just as he was preparing to receive a touching reunion, this stupid fox’s face suddenly regained an expression of grief.

He flashed his claws and scratched out the top-most ‘Little’ on the memorial tablet then, cradling the procrastinated ‘Palace Master’ memorial tablet, continued another round of crying.

“I was crying wrong just now.

Palace Master, you died so miserably ahhhh!”

Were your feelings towards the Palace Master this half-hearted Where was all that talk about wanting to only ‘do this and that’ with the Palace Master!

He Ku speechlessly watched as he repurposed the memorial tablet and discovered that, sure enough, it was impossible to stir up anything emotional when the two of them were put together.

He stopped thinking about it and instead made a snowball and threw it over.

“What are you blindly crying for The Palace Master also isn’t dead! Hurry up and pack your things, you’re going to help me steal the Palace Master back!”

Hearing this, Yun Ce’s high-spiritedness instantly returned.

He wiped his tears away as he brought the memorial tablet and moved to face He Ku.

“Sure, where are we going to steal”

He Ku gave him a light smile and said the place no one had dared to challenge in the past hundred years, “Xuanmen Righteous Sect.”

“So exciting!”

Yun Ce obviously knew how powerful the Xuanmen Righteous Sect was and his eyes widened into saucers.

Immediately following that, as if having thought of something, he sighed in regret and said, “If the Second Enforcer was here, he would be so happy at this news he’d die.”

In the past, during his time at the Palace of Bliss, You Jiang would shout about attacking the Three Great Sects every day beside them.

Now that they really were going to look for trouble with Xuanmen, that person has become a stranger, just thinking about it made one feel a sense of pity.

In the days that He Ku had spent in the Palace of Bliss, although he felt that You Jiang was extremely chuuni, the other really cared for him.

He never would have thought that one day they would be standing on opposite sides.

At that time, he thought that he and those four enforcers with such unique personalities would be together until the end.

You Jiang’s defection was within He Huan’s expectations, compared to Xiu Niang’s last stab, his secret-but-not-secret defection couldn’t be counted as too surprising.

Thus, towards You Jiang’s leaving, He Ku probably felt more depressed than He Huan.

Not even enough time for him to feel depressed, Yun Ce pulled out a bamboo tube and passed it over.

“Oh right, I found this on the big bear yesterday.

It has the Second Enforcer’s scent, I don’t know when he put it in.”

This bamboo tube was no longer than an inch, it was often used on the Jianghu to pass information.

He Ku opened it and only saw a single slip of paper.

It only contained a short sentence: Miracle Hand Kong Kong is in the dungeons.

When he was thinking of challenging Xuanmen this time, he definitely wasn’t thinking about facing them head-on.

If they could quietly rescue He Huan, that would be for the best.

Remembering Miracle Hand Kong Kong’s reputation as a godly thief, He Ku knew that this person would definitely be useful to him.

It’s just, why did You Jiang remind him of this thing Perhaps, even though they severed their connection decisively, that person didn’t want to see either He Huan or He Ku die silently.

He Ku never would have expected that it would be You Jiang who would help him at this time and his expression turned rueful.

Seeing him like this, Yun Ce became nervous and asked hurriedly, “Little Palace Master, did the Second Enforcer scold you again Don’t feel sad, that’s just how he is.”

Bu QingYun’s Jianghu only consisted of righteousness and He Huan’s Jianghu was a path of cold-heartedness.

Compared to them, the Jianghu He Ku set foot in was much warmer.

He fully understood that the reason he could have such a nice Jianghu was precisely because despite all the grievances and loneliness these two people had to experience, they never gave up on this world.

After somberly sighing, He Ku smiled.

He put the slip of paper into his clothes and didn’t say much, only asking, “I’m fine, what about QianRen”

“I don’t know, when we left, the Head Enforcer stayed behind to cover our retreat.

There hasn’t been any news about him since we got here.”

Yun Ce was usually carefree and rambunctious, now, seeing him return to his usual self, He Ku also didn’t continue to ask, he just thought of the missing QianRen and vexed.

“My little shishu said that the Head Enforcer thought the Palace Master was captured and would definitely rush to attack Xuanmen, he definitely would not be able to beat that old cultivator.

I was still hesitating whether I should make a memorial tablet for him while I was at it.”

He Ku didn’t think that Yun Ce would be so obsessed with memorial tablets and suddenly wanted to take back how touched he was before.

How could this airhead’s grieving and sorrow still feel so unreliable However, when his face was still darkened, Yun Ce continued to ramble on and on until suddenly he said, “Little Palace Master, are you not going back to Xuanmen”

It was only now that He Ku remembered that his identity right now was Bu QingYun, if he wanted to return to Xuanmen it wasn’t impossible, but if he returned it would be back to being beside Qing XuZi.

At that time, if he saved He Huan wouldn’t it be another round of “Xuanmen’s successor defected” He wasn’t interested in becoming a traitor and thought that He Huan also wouldn’t want to damage Xuanmen’s reputation more, so he erased that thought and said, “Admittedly, Xuanmen is a good place, however I rather like to eat melon seeds in our Mingmen Righteous Sect.”

It would be difficult for Yun Ce to understand what he truly meant as he happily agreed, “Exactly! I also like to eat seeds.

When we go back this time, Little Palace Master must clear out an entire yard for us to plant melons.”

“Still thinking of eating melon seeds Come over here and start carving this spirit core.”

Their glorious vision for the future where melon seeds flew everywhere coldly blew away with Bai Chen’s voice.

When He Ku looked back, he saw the white fox and a gathering of subordinates approach.

They held several plates of spirit cores.

He moved forward and took them over, the brimming energy within the spirit core instantly flowed into his dantian through his fingertips.

He couldn’t help but sigh, “The efficiency of spirit cultivators really is high.”

Ever since coming back, Bai Yun Ce had been crying inconsolably.

While Bai Chen told others not to bother with him and that he’ll be better once he’s had enough of crying, how could he not actually care Now that the little fox cub was back to jumping and running around, his heart which had been hung on a string was finally released.

Even his attitude towards He Ku became much better and even rarely reminded him, “He Huan spent his life pursuing his dao, when he found out that there was no hope for him to ascend, he started to hold thoughts of death.

I predict that even if he was reborn as Bu QingYun, he would have still searched for an opportunity to give his life for Xuanmen.

If you want to save him, it’s not enough to just bring him back, you need to reignite his motivation to live.”

He Ku naturally knew the root of He Huan’s problem, however he didn’t know what he could do at this time.

If the ordinary pleasures of life were able to ignite a passion to continue living, this wouldn’t even be a problem.

That person has lived a hundred years, he’s tried and experienced everything, it was like his whole person was in a state of enlightenment, having looked past the vicissitudes of this world.

In the past, there was still a Xuanmen and world peace tying him down, but now that he’s created a whole new Bu QingYun, he could even put those down.

There was nothing attaching him to this world.

Just thinking of this made He Ku’s chest feel stuffy.

He remembered then that Bai Chen was currently in a similar situation to He Huan and might be able to know his mood.

He quickly asked, “What do I need to do”

Since Bai Chen opened his mouth to guide him, he didn’t intend to half-ass it, immediately saying, “Of all the things that humans can transcend, love and hate are not one of them.

He Huan is even capable of putting down all the things that happened to Bu QingYun, it would be extremely difficult to get him to hate you.

It’s better to let him love you, get him to love you enough to continue to live for you.”

Not expecting him to say something like this, He Ku’s heart jumped.

He doesn’t know why his heart was suddenly so lively and blurted unthinkingly, “But with his ‘I-would-get-married-to-the-world-if-I-could’ personality, I feel that this is also of a hellish difficulty!”

“I don’t think he did all this and condemned himself to death because of something as simple as suddenly finding his conscience.

Your place in his heart is not low, at the very least, he values you more than his own life.”

Bai Chen didn’t think that He Ku’s first reaction was to consider the difficulty and not to resolutely refuse, he knew that there was a play to be made and continued to hammer on it.

He pulled him over and said, “But regardless of the truth, that person would be able to make up a bunch of reasons and excuses and make you believe that you just misunderstood him.

‘His heart only contains the world’, don’t believe his bull**.

Remember, you only need to keep these five words in mind when handling He Huan—shut up and kiss him!”

Although the way it unfolded wasn’t the same, the first thought that came to He Ku’s mind was when the Great Palace Master He left him a letter saying to find someone to sleep with for seven days.

Sure enough, these two people were the same kind of people, from all aspects.

He Ku stared at Bai Chen who came up with these types of ideas seriously in speechlessness.

He let out a sigh, “Before, He Huan said you and him were very similar, now, I feel you two must be related right”

“You really have no feelings for him”

Seeing this expression on He Ku’s face, Bai Chen also became a little uncertain in his assumption.

This was the best solution he could come up with using his own personality as a basis, but something as complicated as selfcest… not even he had practiced it before.

From his understanding of He Huan, if it was any ordinary youth who stayed by his side, he would have long been bedded.

However, with He Ku, he actually stayed abstinent for so long like some righteous monk.

Could it be that it really was impossible to generate those kinds of thoughts towards oneself

Of course, He Ku was not privy to what Bai Chen was currently thinking.

In truth, after hearing what he said, He Ku’s heart fell into disarray.

In the past, he never even thought in this direction, but now that he silently recalled their past interactions his originally pure affection suddenly became more and more complicated.

He thought of how He Huan had often asked him whether he liked him or not and he looked a bit distracted as he said, “I remember when He Huan and I were together, every time I said I liked him, his face would reflect a heartfelt happiness…”

Right, what he desired was to be together with He Huan forever like how they were before.

He wanted to accompany that person as they faced whatever storms the future brought their way.

It didn’t matter where they went or what identities they used, as long as they were together that was the best life.

Thinking of that person’s genuinely happy appearance, he suddenly felt that everything else was trivial.

All of the knots and complications scattered with the wind.

The young man turned back his head to give the foxes a blinding smile, it was like all of the accumulated snow had melted and the skies had become clear again.

“Of course, I like He Huan.

Although I don’t know how to categorize this feeling, I am certain that there is no other ‘like’ like mine in this world.”

Seeing this kind of smile, as if his heart had been purified, Bai Chen only felt all his pent-up frustrations dissolve.

At the same time, his mind was still set, to be loved by such a person, it would be impossible for He Huan not to be moved.

It was highly likely that He Huan was afraid of corrupting this pure youth and desperately suppressed his true self.

If He Ku took the initiative and that person still persisted in being a monk then he should get off of the ‘Most Romantic Demonic Cultivator’ seat and directly change his name to Eunuch He!


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