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Chapter 37 – This was the Friendship of Old People

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Just like they had agreed with He Huan, Bai Chen and the Sword Saint’s disciple took advantage of when Qing Xuzi was preoccupied with suppressing the Demon Lord and stole away Bu QingYun’s body, but the trauma caused by the soul splitting was difficult to heal.

Even though the two of them had settled him down in the Soul Recalling Spring on the top of the Snowy Mountains.

Bu QingYun was still in a coma for seven days.

Because of He Huan’s deliberate prevention, Bai Chen had never met He Ku during his stay in the Palace of Bliss.

Naturally, he never thought that the most powerful Demon Lord of the generation would sacrifice everything for the other soul in his body.

Now that he saw the expression on the young man’s face after awakening, he realized that something was wrong.

He felt it was absurd and with mixed emotions, lamented, “He Huan really is crazy, how could he—”

As if he completely didn’t hear what the person beside him said, he let him continue to be shocked.

The young man had his eyes lowered as his fingers gently traced the ups and downs of the cloud patterns on the CaiYun sword.

It was a long time before his eyelashes which had been covered in snowflakes trembled, his voice coldly asking, “How’s He Huan”

Qing XuZi lived his whole life nobly, letting Bu QingYun escape was the only time he acted on his own selfishness.

Because of this, He Ku knew with even more clarity that there was no way he would easily let off the person who framed his disciple.

He originally thought that He Huan was most likely already dead at this point, but he hadn’t expected that Bai Chen would just reveal a hesitant expression and answer him.

“I heard Qing XuZi had him suppressed at the Fallen Immortal Lake, I don’t know why he hasn’t dispersed his soul yet.”

It was just one sentence, but it was like the young man had suddenly become alive again.

At that moment, it was like a spring breeze had instantly thawed the layers of ice and snow, and like a clear spring had been poured into his eyes again.

When he raised his eyes again, they were filled with life and hope.

“You’re saying he’s still alive”

Bai Chen has seen He Huan standing alone surrounded by the winds and snow, he’s also seen him at his most seductive and bewitching, but he never thought that this face could reveal such an expression, like in this moment all of his adoration and focus was placed on a single person.

Such adoration was something Bai Chen had spent his entire life pursuing but could not obtain, yet it was the cold and indifferent He Huan who got it first.

Even though he knew that the person in front of him was but a part of He Huan’s soul which had been split off so it was only natural that it longed for He Huan, his heart was still somewhat frustrated.

Seeing the young man immediately tie his CaiYun sword to his waist and get up upon learning of He Huan’s current state, he couldn’t help but say, “Don’t tell me you want to go save him now.”

What he got in return was He Ku’s determined gaze.

Bai Chen couldn’t understand how there could be such people in the world.

He obviously knew everything now, but his first reaction was to go save the person who used him.

In his memory, He Huan wasn’t this type of white lotus, how come the soul that he split off have such a different personality

Seeing He Ku’s expression, he couldn’t help returning to his previous thoughts and said, “You’re both crazy.

Right from the beginning, He Huan intended for you to die for him, after all of that trouble, you’ve finally returned to being Bu QingYun, but if you establish a connection with him again, there would be no way for you to come back to the righteous faction after being deemed a demonic cultivator.

Even if that is the case, you still want to save him”

“Bu QingYun’s life would no doubt be glorious and unlimited, but I can say with complete certainty that for me, that kind of life could not compare to the happiness I experience when I’m beside He Huan.”

He Ku’s answer was as firm as ever, of course, he knew that despite He Huan’s righteous intentions, his identity was firmly believed to be that of a demonic cultivator’s, if he wanted to stay with He Huan there would be no place in the righteous Jianghu for him to stay.

In that dreamscape of memories, he finally understood He Huan’s thoughts.

He became the only one in the world who could understand him.

A person can deceive the heavens, deceive the people of the world, but they would never be able to deceive themselves.

It was precisely because he understood that he knew if it was He Huan who was standing in his place, he would also choose to rescue his other-self.

From the moment they arrived in this world, they knew that they were the type to never consider themselves.

Something like someone’s inherent nature, no one could alter it.

It’s just, He Huan protected the world for a hundred years, it was time he felt what it was like to be protected.

Otherwise, wouldn’t this world be too unfair

He Ku thought that after he knew about everything he would hesitate, but who knew that everything would become clear to him.

He didn’t let slip those things He HUan didn’t want others to know, he only smiled in response.

“Since he used me, naturally I need to go beat him up.

However, that is our private matter, outsiders don’t have the right to meddle in it.”

His smile made people feel a sense of warmth even though they were situated at the peak of a mountain that had been ice-bound for ten thousand years.

What’s more, it appeared on He Huan’s face, someone who others knew to be heartless, yet didn’t carry even a sliver of contradiction.

Looking at He Ku like this, Bai Chen suddenly realized that perhaps a long time ago, Bu QingYun was originally like this as well.

Right then, he unexpectedly understood what He Huan had been feeling.

To use the life he didn’t have much attachment with to get this kind of affection could also be worth it.

Bai Chen’s expression was a bit forlorn, He Ku looked at his flawless and seductive face, but all he thought of was the amount of trust He Huan had in this white fox.

He suddenly had a bout of insight and immediately said, “What the Snowy Mountain wants is a powerful enough cultivator.

AS for whether this cultivator’s name is Bu QingYun or not, that is not important to you.”

As the Snowy Mountain’s heir, Bai Chen naturally not stupid, he vaguely heard what He Ku was implying but he was still a bit uncertain.

He narrowed his eyes and asked, “What do you mean”

He Ku knew his venture was promising from the other’s expression of interest and immediately said clearly his intentions, “The lightning tribulation refines the body, the heart tribulation tests the dao heart.

My body is already at the Calamity Crossing stage, before ascension I don’t need to undergo any more lightning tribulations.

And now that my dao heart has been established, all I need is enough heavenly treasures and elixirs.

There’s no question as to whether or not I can break through to the next level.”

As someone who made a deal with He Huan, Bai Chen couldn’t be clearer on this point.

It was exactly because he knew that with a Calamity Crossing cultivator’s body He Huan would be able to obtain double the accomplishments with half the work when cultivating the divine sword intent that he was willing to bet on Bu QingYun’s rebirth.

It’s just, He Huan has lived for a hundred years, his shrewdness went deep and Bai Chen didn’t have to worry whether he could survive until ascension.

However, today was his first time meeting He Ku and he didn’t dare to hastily agree.

Instead, he asked, “The spirit cores left by my deceased ancestors are the best heavenly tonics and treasures for human cultivators, but on what basis should I help you”

“Based on the fact that one day I will definitely break through this dimension.”

What answered him was the young man’s unwavering tone of self-confidence and half the sky which had been illuminated by the bright moonlight in his hand.

WIth Bu QingYun’s memories, He Ku became even more proficient in wielding the divine sword intent.

Now, although he had the cultivation level of a golden core cultivator, the imposing sword energy in his hand was enough to scare everyone.

To form intent into shape, him and his sword became one, this was a realm even the past Bu QingYun hadn’t obtained.

Who would have expected that while there was some accident with the personality, this person’s talent became even better than before At this moment, Bai Chen really was pleasantly surprised.

He had always been daring, so he decisively threw his bets down.


I want you to take a blood vow, in the future when my Snowy Mountains need help, you must unconditionally do something for us.”

At present, as long as he could rescue He Huan, He Ku was willing to agree to any condition and used his soul to seal the vow on the spot.

“It’s settled then.”

Vows between cultivators are witnessed by the heavenly laws, what’s more, he cultivated the divine sword intent which disallowed one to go against their word.

Bai Chen also didn’t think too much, he glanced towards the other end of the mountain and remembered the cub that gave him the silent treatment since coming back to the mountain.

He internally sighed before saying, “I’ll naturally find you a spirit core that’s suitable for you.

That silly kid Yun Ce’s about to die from dehydration at the rate he’s crying, why don’t you go check on him”

Hearing information about Yun Ce, He Ku’s mood immediately relaxed a bit, he cupped his hands to Bai Chen before leaving to search in that direction.

Seeing them like this, even Bai Chen couldn’t determine what their relationship was in a short period of time.

If he said they were friends, when a fox spirit from the Snowy Mountains and He Huan’s body were lumped together and nothing happened, then they would let down both party’s reputations on the Jianghu.

If he said they had that interest, when the two were put together and simultaneously became simple-minded creatures with not a hint of ambiguity in the atmosphere, it would simply seem like two children fighting with each other.

Bai Chen knew that he most likely wouldn’t be able to hold on for the next hundred years, so towards this next chosen successor, Bai Chen was of course very careful and meticulous.

Today, when he agreed to He Ku’s request, a lot of it had to do with Yun Ce.

However, it seems that the “Little Palace Master” Yun Ce always has in his mouth has special feelings for He Huan.

It was for the best that Yun Ce doesn’t have feelings for him so as to not have to deal with heartbreak later on.

Thinking to this point he couldn’t help glancing towards the black-clothed man who stood guard from afar.

That person still wore an expression as if nothing phased him.

Even after sensing his gaze, all the man did was walk over and ask, “Is this fine Without his identity as Xuanmen’s successor, a single calamity crossing cultivator may not be of much help to the Snowy Mountains.”

In front of him, Bai Chen never pretended to be mysterious or aloof, he massaged his temples at the sting of a faint headache and sighed.

“Even if I don’t agree, Yun Ce that silly child would more than likely try to secretly give him one anyway.

It’s better that I deal with it, at least then we won’t be making a loss.”

The young man had actually not thought of this and a rare flash of surprise shone through his eyes.

“You’re really dedicated to your role as his martial uncle.”

In the human’s legends and rumors, spirit cultivators had never been considered a proper way.

The number of cultivators who only saw spirit cultivators as ingredients were nearly uncountable.

So the man’s surprise was not unexpected to Bai Chen, he coldly remarked, “As the proverb goes, a tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs.

Us spirit cultivators are not like you humans, the cubs in our den, we’d naturally use our lives to protect them.”

The young man was already used to his tone, at this time he also didn’t mind, he smiled as he lamented, “I’ve really learned a lot from this expedition.

I only knew after seeing it with my own eyes, but it turns out that spirits and monsters are much more sentimental than humans.

Even the demonic cultivators are vastly different from what I’d have heard.”

“In that case, you go to Cloud City and broaden your horizons more.”

Shooting him a side-eye, Bai Chen couldn’t do anything about this seemingly temper-less guy.

Instead, he began ordering proper business.

“Within three days, I want to know where He Huan is being kept.

Also, get your people to watch all the large righteous sects.

They’ve finally captured a Calamity Crossing stage demonic cultivator, I can imagine that there would be some people who can’t sit still.”

When all was said and done, He Ku had never truly set foot into the Jianghu, on setting up the board and planning, how could he compare to those old fogeys.

It’s just, the young man had never seen Bai Chen care so much about someone else, he felt something was strange in his heart and asked, “Are you sure you aren’t in love with He Huan How come you’re so focused on him”

Bai Chen was usually the type of person who waited for people to come to beg him for help and if there was nothing to gain he wouldn’t bat an eye at whether they lived or died.

Today, it was already unexpected for him to help He Ku, but to help him in secret to this extent… it could be considered unheard of.

Yet, facing the young man’s doubt, he just calmly gazed at the faraway winds and snow and asked a completely unrelated question.

“If one day I’m about to die, would you feel sad”

Hearing this, the young man fell into a brief silence.

When he replied, however, it didn’t directly answer the question.

“You have nine lives.”

Nine-tailed foxes are masters of the Soul Splitting Technique from the moment they are born, even a lightning tribulation would not be able to kill him, naturally, there would be no need to worry about lifespan.

A trace of ridicule flashed through his eyes, Bai Chen didn’t say anything else on the matter, instead he just quietly said, “Yes, my life is better than He Huan’s…”

Why was he willing to go save He Huan

It was probably because, just then, Bai Chen suddenly remembered that during his stay at the Palace of Bliss, he thought that no one would notice the anomaly with his body, but that undignified demonic Palace Master raised a cup towards him and said something he never could have expected.

He said, “I reckon, with your relations with other people, when you die there wouldn’t be anyone who would even grieve for you.

This cup of tea I’m drinking today, count it as my sending you off ahead of time.”

This completely inappropriate talk and that person’s expression also didn’t have much sorrow or distress, but Bai Chen knew that at that moment, this demonic cultivator really did feel sad for him.

His life was better than He Huan’s, but He Huan had better luck than him.

Just for that single cup of tea’s pity, he was willing to have He Huan as a friend.

Bai Chen frolicked around his entire life and got countless lovers in exchange, however, regarding friends, he only had this one.


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