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Chapter 25 – This Generation Of Cut Sleeves Just Wont Do

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With the amount of commotion the Sword of the High King caused, there was no way He Ku and Yun Ce could ignore it.

In fact, the moment the white bear first arrived, Yun Ce trembled and proceeded to miserably tell He Ku that his little martial uncle had come.

Ordinarily, this airhead acted as if he were unafraid of anything, daring to even make trouble in front of He Huan.

The only exception was to this so-called ‘little martial uncle’.

He Ku felt a spark of curiosity suddenly emerge towards what kind of person could inspire such a reaction.

He Huan was promptly awoken by their presence, thus he ordered Yun Ce to continue their pursuit while he went to assess the fight.

Their body was handed over to He Huan, and the two of them just so happened to see this good show while hiding on the rooftop.

He looked at the young prince’s bright eyes and pearly teeth, then thought about the way Yun Ce typically held himself and couldn’t help but sigh.

Did these two foxes really come from the same burrow How could they be so far apart in bearing

He Ku naturally wasn’t able to hide his line of sight from He Huan.

Seeing He Ku, a person who usually had no interest in men, look at Bai Chen with such a thoughtful expression as he appraised him, even gasping in surprise and sighing at times, He Huan frowned slightly.

Bai Chen’s face really was irresistible to young and inexperienced men, and even he preferred this type.

There was no way He Ku was that far off from him.

Could it be that this detour had caused him to develop a crush

Since Bai Chen appeared, He Ku’s gaze had never left him.

The more He Huan saw this, the more suspicious he felt.

He squinted his eyes and asked nonchalantly, “Is Bai Chen your type”

He Huan, this old porn addict, was usually full of innuendos whenever he talked, and at this point, He Ku had long been used to his random interjections.

He, therefore, dismissed this as just He Huan showing interest in Bai Chen.

This caused him to scrutinize that white fox even more meticulously than before, and couldn’t help comparing him to Yun Ce’s constant badgering to dual cultivate, which always ended with him getting kicked out of the room.

The idea that one’s face determined their destiny further cemented in his heart and he became furthermore emotional.

“This is what a real fox spirit should be like.”

…Was he really so entranced that he couldn’t even bother turning his head to talk to him

Back then, Bu Qingyun had rules to restrict him, so naturally, he wouldn’t spare a single look at a beauty.

However, He Huan mused that with his current attitude towards such things, it really was hard to say how he would have been as a teenager without those rules.

He thought back to how He Ku would always accept his spontaneous skinship, demonstrating he clearly wasn’t averse to being intimate with the same sex and became increasingly sure that He Ku was in love.

He knew He Ku was different from himself.

Oftentimes, what a young man desired in his first love was to spend the rest of his life with his lover, but if he indeed chose Bai Chen… Such a brief episode in his inevitably immortal life would only cause him pain.

At the thought of how heartbroken He Ku would be in a hundred years, He Huan’s heart clenched.

He couldn’t help sighing.

“You Jiang is also pretty good in terms of appearance.

How come I don’t see you showing an interest in him”

He Ku didn’t know that this one glance of his had He Huan coming up with a whole romantic tragedy.

When he heard what He Huan said, he just shook his head.

“Don’t even mention it.

The second your second enforcer sees me, all he talks about is going out to assassinate some righteous faction’s sect leader or whatever.

I’m in a hurry to run away from him, where would I find the time to appreciate his face”

Now that he mentioned this, He Huan also agreed.

You Jiang’s personality was unsuited to the stable life, so he also wasn’t a good fit.

The only problem was, where in the world would he find a beauty for He Ku that he would also approve of

A list of names quickly flashed through his mind, but He Huan found that he really didn’t want to give away the Yuan Ying he used so much effort to raise.

Assuming that this was He Ku’s first time seeing a nine-tailed fox spirit and was merely temporarily attracted, then he should be able to get over it in a few days as long as he was exposed to something more seductive.

He quickly decided that he must strangle this singular physical attraction before it had the time to develop into something more.

He Ku felt suspicious of He Huan’s silence.

When he turned his head back to look, he saw this idiot suddenly take a robe from out of nowhere and begin to strip, clearly about to change right then and there.

His line of sight swept over that well-defined collarbone and couldn’t help but remember the feeling of He Huan’s fingers sliding over his last night.

His heart jumped and he uneasily asked, “Why are you changing in public”

From his tone of voice, and with all of He Huan’s experience in this department, he immediately knew that his pure little Yuan Ying’s heart had moved again.

He became even more firm in his decision to pluck the seedlings Bai Chen had left before He Ku could even discover them.

He tenderly caressed He Ku’s cheek as he prepared to end his first love, and spoke gently, “To prevent your suffering, and you later spending every waking moment of your life thinking about him, I can only help you by showing you something better.”

The ** Wasn’t he just thinking about Yun Ce Why in the world would he spend every waking moment thinking about an airhead

He Ku stared blankly as he watched their body make its way towards the fight.

He still hadn’t gotten what He Huan meant, but it didn’t take long before he understood.

Instantly, he felt a rush of blood flood to his head as he watched He Huan, who was now dressed in a red robe, land on the giant bear’s body and look intensely at Bai Chen.

This pervert really had been holding it in for too long.

Look! The moment he saw some pretty fox swaying about, he even went to change his clothes before going to tease it! Where did their ‘talking with each other is better than drowning in wine and women’ go Where was the ‘bros before hoes’, you trash Shameless! You have been judged!

Nobody knew that He Huan and He Ku’s thoughts had completely missed each other by an entire galaxy.

The crowd watching the commotion was so shocked that they wouldn’t have the time to consider such things even if they did know.

All they knew was that a man in red suddenly appeared from the sky and silently landed on the white bear’s back right in the middle of the Little Prince’s standoff.

The white bear offered no protest after this person lightly patted it, resigning to lay on the ground instead.

From this, it could be assumed that this individual’s cultivation was much higher than anyone present.

However, compared to admiring his cultivation, their gazes were firmly locked on his outer appearance.

Typically, people wearing the colour red would exude a sultry or indecent air, but on this person, its brightness and resplendent quality had been completely controlled— just like a maple forest washed by autumn rain, standing alone as the years went by and becoming engulfed by a silent flame, or like the rose-coloured sky reflecting off of the clouds, containing beauty in its peacefulness.

With his ink-black eyebrows, straight nose, and soft thin lips, his face had the splendour of a young man that had just grown out of adolescence.

A bit more sophistication and a little less boyishness, it was this middle ground that made up the most flourishing time of youth.

His face would forever stay at the age of his prime, but his eyes that should have been as clear as autumn ripples had become endlessly profound and isolated like the abyss of the ocean.

Those eyes made people reluctant to turn their gazes away, tempting them to unravel the secrets buried inside them.

Looking at his eyes, even the purest cultivators couldn’t help imagining what kind of earth-shaking emotion they would feel if those eyes, deep in love and brimming with happiness, were turned onto them.

Take advantage of this moment when your aspirations are on par with the sky to try to shake the stars themselves from the sky.

Yet, as you approach the platform in the sky, you will find that it was already too late when you raised your hand.

This was the charm of a man who had formed his own understanding of the world after experiencing all of what life had to offer.

When paired with a young man’s spirited visage, the two characteristics oddly combined in an extremely natural manner.

Just like exquisite amber that had been secretly preserved by the world for centuries, one would be entranced the moment they laid their eyes upon it, making it difficult to look at other people.

Although the man did not speak, everyone present knew his identity; such grace and grandeur could only belong to He Huan.

If there was anyone here who could be somewhat resistant to his charm, it would probably be He Ku.

However, even so, it took a long time for his breathing to return to its usual rate.

He exhaled and looked at the stunned audience, and it was then that he truly grasped how much He Huan deserved his title of Demon Lord.

If you were alone at night and such a person with all his charisma asked to cherish you, let’s not talk about women, few men would be able to resist! Fortunately, He Huan had never revealed this side to him, otherwise, he really might end up bent.

So, this alluring appearance that even he hadn’t seen before, was put on just because he wanted to seduce a fox Was he so determined to get Bai Chen

When he thought of this, He Ku felt uncomfortable and even wanted to hit someone, although he himself didn’t know why this was the case.

The place He Huan had perfectly landed on was the back of the white bear.

As soon as he lowered his head, he met Bai Chen’s eyes.

Everyone knew that the fox spirit line Bai Chen came from was cursed to be cut sleeves [1], and this Little Prince was even the most beautiful one born in the Snowy Mountain.

He Huan just so happened to be bisexual, leaning more towards a preference for men, and he was very appreciative of beauty.

They had good compatibility and they each had their own seductive air about them.

Under common sense, they would have gotten on like a house on fire.

But at this moment, Bai Chen just raised an eyebrow in confusion.

He knew that He Huan had to be extremely accomplished in charm arts[2] to be Master of the Palace of Bliss, and now, his sex appeal which had completely suppressed his nine-tailed fox’s natural bewitchment also confirmed this.

…But, what is a top like you competing with a bottom like me in the art of seduction Our hunting ranges are completely different, let’s mind our own businesses, okay

Bai Chen had a clean appearance, with his wide-eyed and puzzled expression, it made him seem even more innocent and pure.

Seeing him like this, He Huan instantly understood the other’s unspoken question, but all he did was smile back.

He didn’t explain his actions nor did he reduce the power of his charm.

For a while, the male cultivators who were present at the scene felt their orientation become a bit murky.

Looking up, it was the endlessly suave He Huan; looking down, it was the heaven-made temptation, Bai Chen.

It didn’t matter what one’s type was, they all felt as if they could make an exception.

They were suddenly thankful that such competitions between demons and spirits were held away from them.

They were too dangerous!

Bai Chen and He Huan had met long ago on the Snowy Mountains.

At that time, they were not interested in each other, and at most, they had merely exchanged their experience on how they chose partners.

How did they suddenly change from allies to love rivals

That was right, love rivals.

Bai Chen was also a person well versed in romantic affairs.

When he saw He Huan’s expression, he instantly knew this bastard wasn’t here to be friendly, but rather to contest over someone’s attention.

This was even stranger.

First, let’s not talk about He Huan ever taking a serious romantic interest in someone, even if he had, they were distinctly top and bottom, there was no overlap in their audiences.

Could it be that He Huan actually fell in love with a righteous cultivator Or, did the person he fell in love with happen to be here

Bai Chen’s eyelids twitched as he glanced back immediately, and saw that Lu Wen wasn’t even looking as he recited the Tao Te Ching.

He quickly looked him up and down and confirmed that He Huan’s tastes weren’t so low, before he squinted again and met with the black-clothed youth’s smiling face.

He was surprisingly indifferent considering he was standing in between the two’s charm techniques.

When he saw Bai Chen look towards him, he even sincerely advised, “He has great qualifications and he’s even the type you like.

You should just find an auspicious day and get the ceremony over with.”

If He Huan could like this block of wood, then he really was blind!

But seeing the man so unmoved also made him a little irritated.

He stopped smiling and stopped using his technique.

Facing He Huan, he moodily raised his head and scoffed, “You’re not done What You even want to match our astrology signs or something”

Although He Huan was fond of beauties, he never looked to pursue a relationship.

Bai Chen, on the other hand, wanted sincerity and genuine love.

In the past, he didn’t dare to attract Bai Chen’s attention, but he couldn’t just sit back and watch He Ku fall into this trap.

So, seeing that the other had restrained their natural charm, he smiled and also didn’t fight.

“I have a disciple.

Although his appearance is a little lacking, he is very reliable.

Why don’t we go back to my palace for some tea, I’ll introduce him to you.”

Hearing him say this, Bai Chen cursed him in his heart, last time you said your disciple practiced a technique that didn’t allow him to lose his virginity, how come you’re selling him out today However, he also knew that He Huan was just coming up with some excuse to smooth over the tension, and since his purpose in leaving the mountain was to bring Yun Ce back, he agreed, “Then let’s go, bring out all of the eye candy you have hoarded away in your palace.”

After saying this, Bai Chen peeked at the black-clothed young man, but he still wore a completely unaffected expression.

He even began to encourage him.

“That’s a good idea.

With someone like him as their master, his disciples can’t be that bad.

How would you be able to find your ideal match if you don’t explore the candidates”

Another round of anger began to bubble up.

At once, he sat on the white bear’s paw and ordered, “Matchmaker Li, bring the hostages.”

He never expected this white fox to still be upset even after he had worried over his marital affairs.

The young man wore an expression of helplessness as he brought along the two Xuanmen disciples.

He lamented as he walked, “My name is becoming more and more hideous.”


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