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Chapter 23.2 – Nowadays, No One Believes The Truth

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Part Two

Everyone knew about He Huan’s indiscriminate preferences, and had heard that most of the male pets in the Palace of Bliss were weak and delicate young masters, so many people believed this.

However, some people still had doubts.

Amidst the discussion, one person asked, “But how come I heard that those were crimes Bu QingYun committed during a qi deviation’s spell of insanity”

The man in black was quite proud of his reasoning, so when he heard this question he retorted, “Even if you haven’t eaten pork, you should have at least seen pigs run.

Everyone here cultivates using orthodox methods, a qi deviation would have, at most, tangled the meridians and made it harder to control one’s strength.

How could it lead to someone completely losing their sense of self and committing such a scandal Unless the technique Bu QIngYun practiced was not righteous in the first place.”

The two Xuanmen disciples couldn’t sit still anymore.

As everyone knew, Bu QingYun’s cultivation method was directly derived from the sword intent of the Heavenly Dao, which was the compulsory technique for all of the Xuanmen Righteous Sect heirs.

So it was the same technique Xuanmen’s Da Shixiong Bu YaoLian was practicing.

This person dared to question the legitimacy of Xuanmen’s legacy technique, and as the daughter of Bu YaoLian, Bu LingYun couldn’t just sit by and allow others to dirty its name.

She stood up and angrily rebuked, “Cease your nonsense! My Xuanmen Righteous Sect cultivates according to the Heavenly Laws, only people of good character can successfully cultivate it.

No matter how talented someone is, as long as their heart isn’t in the right place, they wouldn’t be able to make any progress.

Bu QingYun clearly had to have… have evil intentions that rebelled against the way of heaven to have done such a thing!”

The situation seemed to be normal, it was even sparked by He Ku, but he couldn’t help but feel that there was something wrong with it.

He stared at the middle-aged scholar and the man in black who were the most active in the discussion and saw that they suddenly looked at each other.

The large man slapped the table boldly and asked Bu LingYun, “Girl, then you are admitting that He Huan is an immoral demonic cultivator”

She hadn’t expected him to ask this, but the words were already spoken and it was difficult to take them back.

She could only hesitatingly admit, “Of… of course.”

As if waiting for her words, the large man immediately donned an enthusiastic expression as he cupped his hands towards her.

“Wonderful! We were all waiting for Xuanmen to express their stance.

As the daughter of the next Xuanmen Righteous Sect’s Head, I, Xie LaoLiu1, believe you.

Please lead us in levelling the Palace of Bliss and help the people get rid of this scourge!”

Had He Ku not known about how Lin Xuan was manipulated, he would have thought that this was how Jianghu rivalries normally worked.

However, with a precedent, he could tell that there was something up with those two.

Although they never once commented on anything directly, they led the direction of the discussion at every turning point, even forcing Bu LingYun to take a stance through barbed praises for Xuanmen’s reputation.

They were clearly very experienced in doing this sort of thing.

It seemed that the Heaven’s Library Pavilion was not satisfied with just scheming against Lin Xuan, they now wanted a repeat with these Xuanmen disciples.

Bu YaoLian clearly didn’t spoil his daughter as much as the Lin family’s couple.

Seeing the current development, Bu LingYun also sensed that something was wrong.

She quickly tugged on Lu Wen’s sleeve for help.

“Shixiong, Daddy told us not to interfere with anything about the Palace of Bliss until he arrived, I…”

“Don’t worry, let me.”

Patting her hand, Lu Wen stepped forward with a solemn expression and sharp gaze.

His eyes swept across the hall and the noise finally died down.

Seeing no one speak anymore, he spoke in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing, “My junior sister is still young and can’t hold such a large responsibility.

I request everybody to wait a few days for my shizun to arrive.

We will naturally assist Patriarch Lin in finding his beloved son.”

It was clear that the people scheming against Xuanmen hadn’t expected them to have such a levelheaded disciple since Xuanmen hadn’t taken a step onto the Jianghu in decades.

Xie LaoLiu saw that the crowd was starting to be controlled by Lu Wen and knew that he couldn’t afford to wait.

Desperate, he even braved possibly offending Xuanmen to continue, “Then your distinguished self is saying that Xuanmen only cares about the child in question, but not about the threat He Huan poses”

This got Lu Wen’s attention.

He assessed him, seemingly having understood something.

However, as a Xuanmen disciple himself, every word he spoke would be representative of his sect’s will.

For a moment, he was at a loss for how to respond.

They were in a difficult position, but the other person at the table was not.

After enduring this group of people’s nonsense for so long, He Ku was full of anger.

Seeing this trash still want to make trouble, he sneered as he slammed his tea cup on the table.

“A bunch of men go out to fight and you want a little girl to lead the charge, how cowardly.”

The man hadn’t expected this unknown young man to interfere and immediately became more on guard.

Seeing that this young man sat at the same table as the two Xuanmen disciples and his completely white attire, he tensed as he asked carefully, “Hey kid, who are you”

He Ku spent every day among lawless demonic cultivators, why would he be intimidated by some righteous lackey He disdainfully shot him a glance before calmly replying, “A man of the Jianghu.”

The more he was calm, the more that person felt something was odd.

He put on a fierce front as he slapped the table, continuing to test the waters, “Kid, don’t be too arrogant! Announce your sect!”

“Mingmen Righteous Sect.”

He Ku really spoke the truth, it’s just that no one there believed him.

Xie LaoLiu was even more infuriated.

“What a glib tongue! Why are you so secretive, are you the Palace of Bliss’s spy”

This bucket of dirty water actually touched on the truth.

He Ku looked at him humorously as he gladly admitted, “Yeah, I’m He Huan.”

As soon as the name was spoken, the entire inn quieted.

Naturally, no one believed for a second that this clean tempered youth was really He Huan, it’s just that they couldn’t suppress the shiver that came with hearing this name.

The large man was also stunned by his response, how could he be so reckless as to dare say such things But now, how would he be able to lead the flow of discussion It’s not like he could just jump on the fact he said he was He Huan and stab him.

Not unless he wanted to be seen as an idiot.

Xie LaoLiu didn’t know that he was almost the first person to discover the demon lord’s movements in Sky Veil Town.

Lu Wen was grateful that this person helped them out of trouble, so he immediately stepped forward and helped him clear suspicion in a loud voice, “This gentleman shouldn’t joke about these things.

With the pure spiritual energy surrounding you, you clearly practice a quality righteous technique.

How could you be a demonic cultivator”

Lu Wen’s performance had redeemed a lot of Xuanmen’s image from the negative value Lin Xuan’s behaviour caused.

He looked at him and continued truthfully, “Of course, I am not practicing a demonic cultivation method.”

Inherently knowing that he shouldn’t linger on such topics and seeing that He Ku was no longer being cold to them, Lu Wen immediately said, “The moment I first met you, I felt a sense of familiarity with you.

How about we go outside to talk freely”

“Listening to a bunch of men gossip like at a grandma’s gathering is also quite boring, let’s go.” This suggestion was right in line with He Ku’s intentions.

Earlier, when the inn was completely silent, he saw the middle-aged scholar who had started this whole debacle slip out the door, so after leaving a sentence of ridicule he followed the two Xuanmen Righteous Sect disciples out of the inn.

Lu Wen was genuinely thankful that this young man had stepped out to help the two of them out of a difficult situation, so he earnestly advised, “Brother, you shouldn’t go around saying such jokes in the future.

It’d be bad if someone took it seriously.”

“Even when I tell the truth, no one believes me.

I’ll just be on my way.”

He really was He Huan.

Although he had a younger temperament than the old hand He Huan, his face was still capable of scaring some people to death if it was revealed, okay He helplessly realized that no one would believe him even when he was being serious and decided not to stay for much longer.

He turned to signal to Yun Ce to go catch someone.

Surprised that the youth called out another white-clothed young man from the neighbouring inn, Bu LingYun watched the two of them jump up to the roof and disappear without even looking back at them.

This was her first time meeting someone like this and she couldn’t help but furrow her eyebrows as she said, “This person is really weird.”

“There are all kinds of people in the Jianghu.

From what I see, I don’t think he is an ordinary person.

Shimei shouldn’t look into it too much.” Although he advised his shimei to control her curiosity, Lu Wen was also puzzled.

The awe-inspiring righteousness surrounding the young man was really not like the amount an ordinary cultivation method could achieve.

If he hadn’t been sure that Xuanmen did not have such a person, he really would have suspected that he practiced Xuanmen’s cultivation method.

Unless, he really is Bu QingYun

The thought unexpectedly rose in his mind before he shook his head, immediately rejecting it.

Let’s not mention that Bu QingYun no longer existed, even if it really was the Bu QingYun from back then, he was still the pinnacle of maturity and courtesy, he would never be so rambunctious.


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