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Chapter 18 – Then Came A Mingmen Righteous Sect To Sky Veil Town

Translator: Jay

Editor: Mimishijie

Proofreader: Bubbles

Under the control of the empire and Xuanmen Righteous Sect, many of the sects that could be established in flourishing cities were righteous.

The majority of demonic cultivators all lived in the wilderness and self-built caves.

Only those like He Huan, whose cultivation was exceedingly powerful, could snatch a good piece of land.

However, once a demonic sect was established, the common people would flee, rendering the land surrounding the Palace of Bliss completely devoid of inhabitants.

This Sky Veil Town was already the closest one to the Palace of Bliss; it was supposed to be a place where passing cultivators could rest when they went up into the mountains to hunt for treasure, but these few days the traffic had suddenly increased.

Ever since Bu QingYun had gotten expelled, Xuanmen Righteous Sect seldom appeared in front of the Jianghu.

Many old and powerful sects had suffered major losses after being attacked by He Huan, so slowly their voices diminished.

The current strongest sect, Myriad Treasures Hall, had kept itself buried in business.

Water Moon Manor was focused on cultivating and didn’t care about the going-ons of the Jianghu.

Therefore, the sight of these Three Great Sects summoning a Demon Extermination Campaign was one that hadn’t been seen in decades.

Once this news was out, every righteous sect deployed their disciples, however, only to watch for the Three Great Sect’s attitude.

They didn’t dare to provoke He Huan, that psychopath, by themselves.

Since Sky Veil Town was a place for rest, naturally, they would have a lot of inns.

One of which was the Yearning Inn.

Because it was one of the properties under the Myriad Treasures Hall’s name, it was much safer than other inns and thus, it had become the visitors’ first choice.

To be able to do business in this place where good and evil met, the Yearning Inn’s manager naturally required a discerning gaze.

Just from a look, he would be able to make an extremely close guess as to a customer’s origin.

It was currently a special time, so this vision was extended to include the passing crowds, constantly collecting intelligence.

It was just that today the manager wasn’t able to guess where this crowd of guests came from.

It was a group that had just entered into town.

If one were to talk about their numbers, there weren’t many of them, but with everyone dressed in pristine white robes, it was still very eye-catching when they walked on the streets.

In this world, other than the Xuanmen disciples who loved the colour white, there was rarely another sect that wore it so uniformly.

But seeing that they didn’t have the iconic Xuanmen cloud patterns, and that there were two tail-end disciples holding up a “Mingmen Righteous Sect” flag, they were probably from an ignorant new sect who wanted to use this time’s campaign to become famous.

However, one couldn’t help but feel sympathy over what would happen to these people who had dared to come up with a name that would provoke the Xuanmen Righteous Sect once they met.

Naturally, with them being so eye-catching, the manager wasn’t the only one who spotted them.

A burly man sitting in the tavern instantly burst into laughter.

“Which family’s sect is this Their name is interesting.”

Saying this, he looked at them again.

This time, he saw the five people in the front were noticeably better dressed and laughed again.

“Zither, Go, Calligraphy, Painting; these weapons are so elegant, but we don’t know how good their skills are.

From their appearance and age, that zither carrying one is the most steady and strict, he’s probably the sect master.”

The person over at the adjacent table heard him and also paid more attention.

He couldn’t help but to question, “How come the ones at the very front are two youngsters”

It was only after he pointed this out that people looked at them more closely.

It turned out the one at the very front of the group was a young man wearing a veiled hat.

His bamboo-weaved hat had drapes of white cloth that hid the wearer’s age, but from his lively footsteps it could be seen that he was a youth not older than 20.

Out of everyone, only he had a field of vibrant bamboos dyed on his sleeves and on his waist hung a pure white sword.

His identity clearly wasn’t simple.

At this time, he didn’t know that he had already become the focus of many eyes.

He was talking to the youth beside him who was holding up and examining an art piece.

Although, it looked as if the other youth didn’t seem to really want to talk to him, since his frown revealed some annoyance.

The young man who was examining the art piece was extremely handsome.

From his steady steps and clear eyes, he was clearly an accomplished young cultivator.

For those who understood art, they could see that the piece the boy was holding was amazing, and from the looks of the strokes and paint, it appeared to be recently done.

If this art came from that young man, then he must be skilled in both the arts and fighting, extremely rare.

As for the zither-carrying youth behind them, it was clear that he was watching their every move.

That pained gaze was clearly one of an elder’s helplessness in the face of the next generation’s naughtiness.

However, even with it being like this, the notes the man plucked were as exquisite as a mountain stream, making it hard for listeners not to admire his degree of mastery even when he was so distracted.

The scholar from the adjacent table silently admired that piece of art and the clarity of those notes and sighed.

“You don’t understand.

Those two are definitely the sect leader’s sons, but the relationship between the wife and concubine isn’t good.

Just look at how worried that sect leader is.”

Hearing this, the burly man was enlightened and couldn’t help but lament that it was still scholars who knew the most.

He cupped his hands in greeting, “Yes, that must be it.

It’s still this brother who has experience.”

Seeing them merrily chatting away, the manager took this opportunity to bring over some alcohol.

He smiled and joined in the discussion, “In my opinion, that lady with the calligraphy brush is really pretty.

Her appearance just makes people want to care for her, she doesn’t lose to those fairies of the Water Moon Manor.”

The crowd turned their heads over to look.

Sure enough, within the group was an elegant lady who would bring up a white handkerchief to cough into from time to time.

Although the handkerchief made it hard to see her appearance, even from afar and just from her figure one would instantly know she was a remarkably beautiful woman.

They immediately praised the manager for having the best eyes.

The Myriad Treasures Hall and the Water Moon Manor had been joined by marriage for many generations.

When these words came out of the manager’s mouth, the lady manager was dissatisfied, immediately remarking, “From what I see, that chess-carrying man isn’t bad.

He has an elegant demeanor and the air about him isn’t simple.

Especially that skill levitating the chessboard, it’s impossible to do without at least reaching the Golden Core stage.

Since when did the Jianghu have such a young genius”

After hearing this, the people once again turned their vision over.

A white jade chessboard was indeed floating beside that man.

Black and white pieces would fall one by one with every step he took, he was actually playing against himself! Sure enough, there was a unique quality to him.

However, seeing his wife complimenting another man, the manager became anxious.

“You ladies only know how to look at their faces.

From what I see, he’s wearing so many layers and his face is so pale, he most likely has some kind of congenital deficiency.”

But who would have thought that the lady manager would suddenly get a butcher knife and slash it towards the front desk.

Her delicate eyebrows tensed as she said, “Hah You donkey, this old woman still hasn’t said anything about you looking at another woman, yet you dare cry thief before me!”

Seeing her so inconsolable, the manager hurried to admit his mistake before her, “No no, dear wife, our front desk was only just made, please, let’s try not to break it again.”

They had all heard that the Water Moon Manor produced shrews; from their experiences today, it seemed like it was indeed so.

While the customers lamented, they also teased the manager a bit.

The tavern was instantly filled with a lively atmosphere.

As for how good this new sect was, not many people cared.

After all, with the Three Great Sects here, how could an ordinary sect hope to get any limelight in this campaign

Then, who in the world were these people

Of course they were the Palace of Bliss party who was forced by their stubborn palace master to come here.

Wait no, they were currently the Mingmen Righteous Sect.

Although Sky Veil Town was fairly close to the Palace of Bliss, one couldn’t just fly into it without alerting the enemy.

This was because the Heaven’s Library Pavilion had surrounded the town with surveillance spirit pigeons the moment news of the campaign got out.

Qian Ren still hadn’t come up with a solution when He Ku’s interest suddenly surged and he had everyone change their clothes as they swaggered into town as righteous cultivators.

In any case, the Palace of Bliss was still the strongest sect on the demonic side, so ordinary cultivators wouldn’t know what the enforcers looked like.

With Xiu Niang usually spending her days managing her brothels, the mercenary Qian Ren reluctant to reveal his face whenever he went out, and Yun Ce genuinely just coming down from the mountains, the only enforcer with any risk of being recognized was You Jiang.

But after He Ku dressed him up, his appearance of being a scholarly cultivator had even their disciples unable to recognise him, let alone strangers.

If one really wanted to be realistic, the one who had the highest probability of being recognised was the young He Huan, whose name had been recognized all over the world since he was young.

However, after Qian Ren forcefully stuck a veiled hat on him, that problem was solved.

After going through so much trouble to enter the town, there was no one who actually suspected they were a demonic sect.

But after thinking about it, it made sense.

Who would think that anyone who actually had weight in the demonic world would be idle enough to pose as righteous cultivators to come in This behaviour was clearly not in line with any serious demonic cultivator.

However, He Ku was, of course, not a proper Palace Master.

In order to complete the look, he even ordered his enforcers to disguise their weapons with the four arts.

The zither and chess set was rather easy to find, but no one really cared for books and art in the Palace of Bliss.

In the end, it was You Jiang who ran out of patience and drew his own piece.

While he was at it, he also took a recording stone and captured zither sounds and placed it within the zither to help Qian Ren’s act.

Only after all of this did they accomplish such flawless disguises.

He Ku was really curious regarding You Jiang’s surprising mastery over the four arts.

But after remembering how Qian Ren stomped on his foot the last time he was about to ask, it was probably not something he should mention in front of You Jiang.

He could only wait until He Huan returned to ask.

At this moment, He Ku, who was leading this group on the streets, was saying things that weren’t very righteous.

He turned to look at the two righteous hostages who were stunned by his behaviour before ordering Yun Ce, “Remember to have your silencing spell ready.

In any case, we are still professional demonic cultivators, so make sure there won’t be a scene as embarrassing as letting the hostages call for help and exposing our identities.”

Towards this order of his, Yun Ce was unexpectedly very supportive, furiously nodding his head.

“Don’t worry, Palace Master.

I’m already prepared.

At any moment, I can take this drawing and stuff it into their mouths!”

It was only natural that letting an illiterate fox pretend to be an elegant scholar was not going to be an easy assignment.

He was able to tell what Yun Ce was thinking in a glance and couldn’t help but judge him, “Properly look at your art.

You Jiang already drew so well, yet you still don’t have any epiphanies”

“I’ve only realised that you want me to die!” Painfully murmuring this, Yun Ce expressed that they, spirit cultivators, would have a headache the moment they see such boring things like human art pieces.

Successfully using art to shut up the one who would most easily expose them, He Ku was satisfied as he comforted, “That’s right.

You are currently a righteous cultivator who hates demonic cultivators like me to the bone.

Look at it carefully and quickly enter into character.”

Yun Ce wasn’t the only one who was aggrieved.

Seeing the little fox fail his rebellion, Xiu Niang had no choice but to sullenly walk up.

The eyes she used to look at the Palace Master were practically dripping with pitifulness.

“Palace Master, although I’ve played the role of a courtesan who only sells her craft before, do I really need to wear such modest clothes I haven’t worn a dress that doesn’t reveal my legs since I was sixteen.”

In his old world, He Ku had seen enough short skirts and mini skirts to not find what Xiu Niang usually wore a problem.

However, it couldn’t be helped that the other men in this world didn’t think like that.

He could only gently appease her, “Xiu Niang, you must think.

Letting our disciples see your legs is their fortune, but letting our enemies see them is taking advantage of you.

How could our Mingmen Righteous Sect be taken advantage of by a bunch of hypocrites Just endure it.”

“Then I’ll endure it for a while longer.

I almost can’t walk in this outfit…”

He Ku released a sigh of relief when Xiu Niang pitifully left at last.

Only after all of this did he look to the surprisingly quiet You Jiang beside him and curiously state, “Today, you’re being exceptionally calm.”

Seeing him so curious, You Jiang smiled sinisterly and earnestly replied, “I know this is all for the sake of the mission! I have already prepared a set of black clothes under these robes.

At the right moment, all I need to do is activate the trigger on this chessboard and I can guarantee that these righteous cultivators will die on the spot.”

So this was the reason why you are wearing eight layers in the middle of summer

His eye twitched the moment his gaze swept past the harmless looking chessboard again.

He Ku had to admire this person’s dedication, but admiration was just that, admiration.

He still warned, “You can’t do anything reckless, we aren’t here to kill people this time.”

Qian Ren clearly understood You Jiang better than He Ku; he knew that this warning would just fly over his head and immediately ordered, “You Jiang, cool your head.”

As expected, You Jiang had really just taken He Ku’s warning as wind by his ears.

However, seeing Qian Ren butt in he knew that this loyal guard dog would definitely block him and became mad.

“Shush you, don’t delay me and the Palace Master’s grand demonic vision.

Go back to your crappy playing.”

From the beginning, Qian Ren didn’t have any interest in things like zithers, so to control himself to pluck it a few times was already annoying enough.

Hearing him say this, his mood instantly soured.

His eyes darkened.

“Do you believe that I will poison you tonight”

“This man is assassinating his fellow sect members.

Palace Master, quickly execute him.” There weren’t many people on the Jianghu who weren’t afraid of Qian Ren’s poison.

On the other hand, You Jiang didn’t dare to continue provoking him and immediately hid behind He Ku.

Seeing them argue so fiercely, He Ku hurried over to comfort them, “Enough, didn’t we successfully sneak in Look, we fit in perfectly walking on this street.”

Shooting him a glance, Qian Ren reminded, “There’s only a few Jianghu wandering cultivators here.

The Three Great Sects should probably have their own place.”

Although he knew that there definitely were people in the Three Great Sects that recognised him, He Ku wasn’t worried, only saying, “What are you losing your head for At worst, we can all just wear white masks together.

With this get up, who would think that we were demonic cultivators”

Contrary to expectation, Qian Ren actually agreed with him.

According to He Huan’s temper, even if he beat the Three Great Sects to death they still wouldn’t believe that he would one day wear white clothes outside, so naturally they wouldn’t suspect a thing.

He immediately said, “Go to the inn and unpack first; I will send people to determine the Myriad Treasures Hall’s position as soon as possible.”

Hearing this, He Ku knew Qian Ren had understood his intentions and gratifyingly smiled.

“As expected of the reliable head enforcer.

I appreciate you.”


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