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Chapter 4762: Unknown Identity

The battle had a significant impact all over the world.

Even the buried existences hidden in burial grounds and old earths felt the terrible power of the palm.

They silently pondered the implications of the event and wondered about the future.

By this point, everyone could see that Li Qiye was invincible with the gemstone.

This was true “invincibility”, not an adjective commonly used by others.

He would be able to kill a true dao lord without a problem.

Therefore, the competition no longer mattered.

Shen Juntian was an example.

He certainly was far from being the strongest and most experienced dao lord.

Nonetheless, he had entered that rank during the battle.

Alas, Li Qiye still took him down with a single palm strike.

In fact, some speculated that even Blessed or Puresun Dao Lord would still lose to Li Qiye.

They were capable of fighting the slumbering existences in the burial grounds but Li Qiye took it to the next level.

No one was qualified to fight him, let alone think about defeating him.

He created a new concept of cultivation power - there was him and then everyone else.

This ended the dao lord competition of this generation.

“The strongest in history, his title should be Prime.” An ancient existence murmured.

Others heard him and didnt have a problem with this classification.

They stared at him standing there and thought that many historical figures pale in comparison.

“Prime, Prime...” An ancestral monarch in a burial ground also paid attention to the battlefield and repeated this title.

She found it rather familiar.


Prime Emperor” Ancient beings whispered this title and recalled something.

Alas, this nostalgic feeling only lasted for a second.

“Disappeared in the river of time.” A timeworn cultivator commented.

While the top masters discussed this event, the two figures from above landed in front of Li Qiye and revealed their true appearance.

Spectators were instantly captivated by their beauty.

One was elegant and noble, possessing a mature allure; the other had a mysterious presence and an inscrutable charm.

The elegant woman possessed a stirring duality - the pureness of a girl waiting to be wed and the sexiness of a new wife.

Though her dress wasnt overly tight, it still adequately outlined her flawless curves.

She was a ripe fruit ready to be eaten.

The mysterious woman wore a long, black dress.

The thin silk fabric accentuated her willowy waist and long legs.

It draped on her fair buxom and caused others to fantasize - a beautiful painting drawn with very few lines.

As she walked, they swayed back and forth and made others forget everything else.

Others couldnt look away since their beauty was magnified while walking together.

Nonetheless, the thing that captured the crowds attention the most was not their external appearance but rather, their ancient and majestic aura.

Though they have concealed their auras and divinity, everyone could still sense a terrible power looming within.

The noble womans oceanic vitality could engulf three thousand worlds.

Just one strand alone would crush a continent.

The mysterious woman was somehow scarier.

Putting her enticing figure aside, everyone knew to stay away because they could sense how dangerous she was.

Each breath and each blink possessed untold capability for destruction.

Anyone who dared to get close would be devoured - a fate akin to falling down a bottomless abyss.

“How frightening.” Someone shuddered.

They have met plenty of top characters today but with the exception of Li Qiye, these two seemed to be a cut above the rest.

“Which ancient ancestors are they” Another asked.

No one knew their identity and background despite their power.

At this point, Starlord Ancient Saint who had escaped earlier returned and bowed toward the two women: “Your unfilial descendant greets you, Immortal Ancestors.”

“Immortal Ancestors” The crowd exchanged glances.

Possessing a title with the word “immortal” in it always meant something great.

Few in history dared to use this character carelessly, at least those with wisdom and prudence.

“I know, I know them! Theyre Sky-devouring Immortals!” An old cultivator from the east shouted in astonishment after having a revelation.

“Uh, never heard of them.” The crowd hasnt heard of this title before.

“Theyre existences from the legends, how can they be real” An eastern ancient ancestor found this astounding.



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