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Selling their year\'s labor of crops and crafts in the city of the Lioness\', was one of the settlement\'s yearly routine the moment winter arrived, so they could survive or at least ease the harsh cold environment.

By the head of the cart was Jacob, the village elder, who was also their main bridge between the Mitshire settlement and the city of the Lioness Kingdom.

On this trip Jacob will be accompanied by Emery and Lanzo. There weren\'t many youngsters in the village, either they were too old or too young.

Both young men although young they are currently the most healthy and energetic among the villages.

Jacob didn\'t ask the adults because of course, they\'d be busy hunting in the wild again even though they still had an ample amount of stored food.

After all, having too much food in the winter was never a bad course of action.

Emery initially thought about refusing the elder\'s request because his latest experience in the Lioness\' Kingdom capital, Lionarch, still left a pang of pain in his heart.

That was his first reason, but it was more of a worry that someone would recognize him in that city.

Still, after a couple of months though since he had disappeared again, maybe, just maybe they had forgotten or no one else was looking for him.

He made sure to grab a heavy cloak as well as something to cover the lower part of his face.

In the end, he decided to come for two reasons.

The first was to seek information about the current state of the Lioness Kingdom as well as if anyone would know about Padraig, the marauders\' chief, who attacked his estate.

Second was his deep interest in learning more plants.

In finding more materials in one spot, there was no other place better than the city where most of the produce or even the most scarce items could be found.

He also wished that he could sell his new potions in town for a decent profit.

As for other reasons that still bothered him, Emery didn\'t want to think about it at all.

Emery came back with Lanzo carrying some items to place in the cart.

Wow, this year\'s cart is the most it has ever been, exclaimed the elder Jacob, inspecting each cart.

The woman, who had just placed down her grown potatoes, commented while smiling at Emery.

Of course, it\'s all because of that handsome young boy right there.

Oh my, look at him, he seems to be freezing.

Make sure to bring him back as soon as possible, Jacob.

Yo, old Jacob! We trust your trading skills are not outdated like your age huh.

Come back with much profit! said one of the farmers.

Haha, these old bones ain\'t gonna affect my tongue, answered Jacob.

Have a safe trips!

Overall, there were about two carts full.

The carts were pulled by the only two village horses.

All three together, Jacob, Emery and Lanzo set off together to head to the capital of Lioness Kingdom, Lionarch.

Old man Jacob mentioned to the two that the trip would take almost a full day, so they would have to find a place to stay in the city once the sun sets.

On the road, Lanzo decided to pass the time in telling his story to Emery. 

Lanzo was also a son of the lowest ranking nobility from a different kingdom.

One day, an illness struck the peasants of their fief, which in turn spread into their own estate.

Eventually, one by one people started dying, until Lanzo finally decided to call someone for help despite himself being sick.

So, he headed out to the city nearby them but since he was too sick, he somehow found himself in the woods.

On his last breath, there Granny was looking at him with teary eyes.

She then took him, fed him and gave some sort of potion, which healed him.

He then told Granny about his estate, however, when he returned, the whole place had become a ghost town.

No one was alive, except for him.

After that, he decided to follow Granny on the road, travelling from one place to another. 

A year had passed, and Lanzo had thought about going back to his home.

However, he didn\'t have anything back there anymore other than empty buildings and arid farms.

With no one to return to he had no reason to go back.

Although Emery had known Lanzo for quite some time now, this was the first time he had heard Lanzo\'s story despite them staying in the same hut.

He had indeed felt some connection with Lanzo and this probably was the reason.

They suffered almost an identical fate. 

Feeling a bit closer to Lanzo now, Emery also told his story but of course not mentioning the Chrutin and adjusting some parts.

He told the tale of how the marauders raided his home and narrowly escaped with his life on horseback, making it match on how he had been found in the woods by one of the residents of the Mistshire settlement.

As he shared his story, Emery remembered everything as if it was just last night.

He was past the time of grief though, but he was surprised to see Lanzo\'s tears running down his cheeks.

I—don\'t know what to say.

I\'m so sorry to hear that, said Lanzo, wiping his tears, which was about to turn into ice.

Emery half-smiled, thinking how Lanzo had a kind heart.

Even Though he\'s having a hard time as much as him, Lanzo can still care about someone else\'s problem.

��There\'s nothing much that I can do since it was the gods will that had struck my home.

But as for you, Wait until I get stronger, I will definitely help you Brother said Lanzo, sticking his fist out. 

Emery gave a laugh, bumping fist with Lanzo, and said, And when is that

5 years! No, 10 20 years at the very least! declared Lanzo, standing up.

Emery burst into laughter hearing that his revenge would come in twenty years.

Those marauders would have already been killed or bony old men by that time! Nevertheless, Lanzo\'s words cheered him up.

They talked more for a good half an hour about various topics.

What was really on Emery\'s mind though was the Forbidden Forest, where it was actually located and any other stories Lanzo might have had heard. 

In all honesty, Emery believed he had spent too much time in Mistshire.

There still wasn\'t a day that went by when he hadn\'t been worried that a man who knew him would eventually show up in Granny\'s hut.

If that happened, then most likely everyone would be killed just like his previous home. 

After they had sold these items and spring arrived, he decided he would travel alone and train on the road.

He wasn\'t worried much about the things he would be encountering such as beasts or possibly bandits as long as they were few, since his knowledge of plants and herbs, alchemy, and swordsmanship, should be enough to keep him alive.

That should be easier as well, since Emery didn\'t know when he would be transported back to the Magus Academy. 

For now, his general destination would be the Forbidden Forest to gather more of that blue powder as well other possible rare herbs there.

Once he felt like he had prepared enough, he then would seek out the marauder\'s chief, Padraig, and the mastermind for revenge.

Just as the sun was about to set, Emery, Lanzo and Jacob arrived at the Lionarch.


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