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Asshole! Get over here and kill this son of a—ahhh!

He twisted the pierced blade in between the marauder\'s chest and shoulder.

Emery said with a cold voice to the marauder\'s companion who was withdrawing a sword from the horse, Stay there, or I\'ll kill him.

So, the boy got lucky.

I can\'t believe you lost against a milk drinker, brother, said the marauder, not even hesitating to walk closer.

Stop, I said or I\'ll cut his head off!

Kid! I don\'t believe you.

You ain\'t have the guts, said the marauder\'s companion with a wicked smile. 

You **er! I\'ll get you for this! Graaahhh! Stop, please! No more! begged the kneeling marauder. 

Come on, I dare you, the marauder\'s companion again challenged Emery. 

As Emery heard how the other continued pleading, he became hesitant.

Emery convinced himself he needed to know who was the person that ordered the massacre on the Ambrose estate.

He had to be ruthless, he had to be strong to keep inflicting pain and kill this man but in the back of his head, he knew that was just an excuse.

Even though he had killed an orc, it was akin to slaying an animal in self-defense.

But this—this was killing a helpless human. 

He stopped twisting the blade.

Tell me who sent you! he demanded the kneeling marauder. 

Just as I thought.

A kid acting tough.

Let me show you how to cut a head. He then threw a knife, which Emery barely dodged, and a sword at his friend who was kneeling.

Pick it up, you moron!

Emery turned over the axe\'s blunt side and struck marauder\'s helmet, rendering him unconscious.

Fighting with two adult marauders was something he wouldn\'t be able to deal with right now.

He pulled out the sword and got ready to parry the incoming blow from the charging marauder.

Your kind don\'t belong in this world, chrutin! Die!

Emery blocked the attack and started clashing with the marauder.

His fighting capability had indeed doubled using a sword, however, this man was actually more adept in sword fight than the previous man.

After exchanging blows several times, both jumped back and the marauder\'s companion expression turned serious.

How is this possible

The disbelief on his face, however, was immediately replaced with a mad smile.

Don\'t matter though.

A kid who won\'t take a life doesn\'t worry me one bit.

He charged again and this time his slashes were getting wilder.

Emery blocked and attacked in return, taking advantage of wide gaps he could see in the timing of the marauder\'s swings.

He managed to wound the man in several body parts, however, the raging slashes didn\'t stop and finally Emery was starting to get pushed back. 

Emery hastily twisted his body but blood still splashed onto the ground.

Did you have a wonderful dream, brother said the marauder.

The burning pain on Emery\'s lower back was starting to throb as he stared at the now conscious marauder.

If he still hesitated and wouldn\'t strike a decisive blow soon, then his life would be over.

Emery breathed out again and steeled himself.

It was his turn to throw the small axe in his other hand at the skillful marauder and charge at the same time.

He ran past the still dazed marauder and issued a feint slash, which the other one fell for, before letting out a spinning technique and stabbed with the knife he had been keeping on his waist.

The skillful marauder weakly raised his sword and tried to hack Emery one more time, but he obviously missed while grabbing his bleeding neck.

He started convulsing, blood dripping from his mouth, when Emery tilted the knife one last time.

The marauder coughed blood on Emery\'s before falling on the ground.

Emery wiped his face and heard the remaining marauder fastening steps.

Emery quickly parried and then counter slash that heavily wounded the man. This attack makes Emery\'s wound become worse and emery\'s cough up blood. Emery walked to the man in a hunched manner and pointed the sword at him.

He said, Speak, or I\'ll slay you right now.

Please, please.

I don\'t know anything! cried the marauder.

You\'re lying! Tell the truth and I\'ll let you live! Was it the Fantumar! Emery roared.

This was the only explanation he could come up with.

Everything pointed to the pig noble but Emery needed proof. 

I swear on my life, my lord.

I truly don\'t know! We were just following the order of our chief! If anyone knows, it\'s him!

Then who is your chief Where is he

.The chief\'s name is Padraig! Please, let me go, I\'ve told you all I know.

I\'ll work an honest trade and leave this kingdom, the marauder said as he started crawling.

Emery raised his sword when a shock of pain erupted from his lower back, making him drop the sword.

He watched the marauder, who was now a couple of feet away, heading toward one of the horses.

The marauder got up, grabbed one of the harnesses, when his back was slashed before dropping dead on the earth.

Emery made his second kill.

He inherently didn\'t want to but did he really have a choice Was there really any assurance that this marauder would live an honorable life, not return to his chief, and tell him he was still alive Emery had no answer.

All he knew was that there were still people looking for him and wanted him dead.

Emery first wrapped his lower back with a cloth he had taken from the bag the horse was carrying.

There was nothing much of value inside it.

Emery then rode the horse and proceeded to leave the area.

He then realized his wounds are deeper than he thought, His vision was blurring and he was starting to feel cold.

If Emery can get past this, He was determined next time not to hesitate to kill his opponent.


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