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Emery listened intently to every word they said but all he had gotten was that their master was male, the rest were about women and money.

He needed to find out who and why they had massacred everyone in the place he had called home.

Picking up a stone from the ground, Emery threw it to the noisy marauder and hit straight the forehead.

The companion laughed and said, Wahaha, you got hit by a boy! Look at you bleeding, hahaha!

The first marauder punched the other and said, I\'ll kill you for laughing at me.

Huh Do you want to fight here n—

Hey! Are the two of you just going to stand there or what Emery exclaimed.

The two stopped what they were doing and watched Emery before looking back at themselves and started laughing again.

Wow! Look, look! The boy is raring for a fight! Are you sure this is the boy we are looking for The boy I knew ran away crying so fast like a headless chicken, hahaha!

True, true! Well, it don\'t matter though.

I\'d rather bring back a wrong head than going back empty.

Emery stayed silent, waiting for the marauders to make a move.

He already had them riled up, the initiative was his, and he was no longer the same person he was seven days ago.

It was better that they underestimated him.

And even though these two brutes were surely nothing compared to the orcs, when he held up his axe, only then he noticed his grip was trembling.

The two people saw how Emery\'s axe was shaking and laughed even louder. 

The bleeding marauder stepped forward and grasped a butcher\'s knife from the horse.

He said, I\'ll take care of the boy, you just stay there and make sure he doesn\'t run.

Whatever, make it quick, said the other one.

Come here, boy.

I\'ll make you wish you were never born.

Emery\'s whole body was now shaking.

He held the axe\'s handle with both hands and took a deep breath.

After breathing out, the trembling stopped and he came to a realization.

He made a wicked smile along with the heavy pounding of his heart against his chest.

He wasn\'t afraid, rather he was too excited to get revenge for the people he had just buried. 

Smiling, are you now Then let\'s see if you\'ll smile after this!

The marauder dashed forward but so did Emery.

Surprised by Emery\'s speed, the marauder barely dodged the incoming axe, causing him to stagger. 

The marauder\'s face was full of shock.

Emery\'s speed, arm strength, seemed no less than him, in fact the boy was even slightly faster and stronger than him! An adult, full-grown man! Boy, how—

Hey, stop playing around! It\'s getting dark soon, I want them whores.

The marauder facing Emery simply stayed silent.

Of course, he\'d be too ashamed to ask for help against a 15-year-old scrawny boy.

His expression now turned serious and used two hands to push with all his strength against Emery\'s axe, making them jump back at the same time.

He charged once more and put his full weight behind the butcher\'s knife but the boy was able to parry every slash he made.

Since you\'re taking your sweet time, I\'ll just take a piss.

Be back in a bit, just shout when you\'re finished playing with the kid, the marauder\'s companion said, heading toward a tree. 

The marauder, whose forehead now stopped bleeding, popped a vein and bled again, looking more pissed than earlier. 

Emery noticed how this man opened his mouth but refused to say anything again.

The man in front of him was no stronger than a level two training puppet by the combat institution.

Even though he could tell there were many gaps in the marauder\'s attack and he could end this farce earlier, unfortunately, he was holding an axe wherein he had no experience unlike using a sword. 

When this marauder\'s companion went behind the tree, Emery knew he had to end this now than later.

After all, there were two threats and Emery already had his hands full with just one, if the other one finally realized how his friend was actually having a hard time against him, it would be the end of Emery.

Emery calmed himself and recalled the level three swordsmanship along with the lessons from his father.

Fully focused, Emery could see each movement and predict his opponent\'s next step.

He dodged out of the way and then—blood splattered on the ground.

The marauder shouted for his swordhand was cut off by a boy.

So, you\'re finished having fun, are you the marauder\'s companion returned; his whole attention was solely on adjusting his pants.

You, **ter! Help me, damn it! the marauder roared while gripping his handless arm with the other.

Emery swiftly picked up the fallen sword and thrust it in between the man\'s chest and shoulder. 

Asshole! Get over here and kill this son of a—ahhh!

Emery twisted the blade.

He said, Stay there, or I\'ll end his life.

The marauder\'s companion finally realized what was going on as he stared in disbelief at the situation.

The surprise didn\'t last though as he responded with a smile, So, the boy got lucky.

I can\'t believe you lost against a milk drinker, brother.

I\'m telling you, he\'s—

Stop i Say! or I\'ll cut his head off!.

Kid! I don\'t believe you!.

You ain\'t have the guts.


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