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Emery, can you hear me

A gentle female voice that sounded right beside his ears awakened Emery amidst the tearing headache that was currently assaulting his head.

Confusion was apparent in his eyes as he opened them to the world once more.

He could see a group of people surrounding him with worried faces.

It took him a few moments before bits and pieces of what had happened started rushing back into his mind, helping him to make sense of his current situation.

Emery recollected the last strike that won his match against the Sword Saint, which subsequently resulted in his current situation in the medical center.

He then realized that in the corner of the room there were several magus.

But what drew his attention to this group was the fact Headmaster Delbrand was also there and seemed to be in the middle of a heated discussion at the moment.

Emery slowly struggled to sit up, using Klea's shoulder he said with a smile.

Thank you, Klea.

I am fine now.

Suddenly an arm smacked  his back with a loud brash voice.

Hahaha, you are indeed one tough bastard, Emery! Number three! Congrats! Thrax said complimenting him for his victory against Olivier.

After making sure Emery was indeed fine, Julian also congratulated him.

He then told him about Zach's fight that he missed because of his injuries.



So who won Emery asked.

The Monk, Julian said simply.

It was actually a short 30 minute match. He added.

Emery only heaved a silent sigh when he heard that.

He then threw his gaze around the medical room, to see only Olivier being treated not far from him.

That meant Zach most likely wasn't in very bad condition.

A moment later, he noticed Headmaster Delbrand seemed to have finished his discussion and made his way over.

Arriving right next to his bed, the man said,

Something happened in Golden City that requires my presence, this might lead to Xion.

if you are feeling better, you may join me.

Without even asking more about the situation, Emery quickly got off the bed.

His answer to the offer was extremely obvious.

He was willing to do anything to know more about the people who took his master.

Klea, however, swiftly stopped him.

You just received a major injury.

You need to rest first, Emery.

His words were of course supported by Julian, Thrax and Chumo, who were all worried about Emery's condition.

However, the latter firmly held onto Klea's arm that was holding him and shook his head.



No, Klea.

I need to see this.

Klea was silent when she saw the resolve in his eyes.

Thanks to the time they had spent together so far, she knew this meant he had already made up his mind.

Thus she took a deep breath and nodded her head.

Then I'm coming with you!

This time, however, Headmaster Delbrand voiced his disagreement.

His reasoning was because, not only would this be very dangerous, this also involved an ongoing investigation held by the Magus Alliance.

Not just anyone was welcomed to tag along.

Don't worry, Klea.

I'll be fine.

With no time to waste Emery quickly followed the headmaster out of the medical center.

Apparently, the Magister told Headmaster Delbrand to bring a few magus guards with him, but the latter decided to only bring two along as he was thinking about the safety of the Academy.

Along the way, the headmaster informed Emery about the heated situation unfolding in Zodiac City.

The news was certainly something that made Emery anxious, unfortunately he couldn't be in two places at the same time.

As they were about to reach the teleportation portal, Emery noticed that many eyes were looking at them with confused looks.

This bizarre scene couldn't help but make him bring another question to the headmaster.



Headmaster, what about the tournament I mean, the closing ceremony

With a glimpse of interest, Headmaster Delbrand turned to Emery and said, I think you are going to miss it.

Why Is the ceremony something important for you

No, Headmaster, Emery hurriedly shook his head.

Seeing the puzzled look on the man's face, he swiftly added, What I mean is… Don't you need to attend it

To his surprise, the headmaster shook his head slightly and spoke with a firm tone.

This one takes priority.

Besides, our most senior instructorGrand Magus Yvere of the Plant Institute, has agreed to lead the matter in my stead.

Meanwhile, the crowd was making way for them to pass and in the next several seconds they had arrived at Golden City.

Upon arriving on the other side, Emery saw thousands of people crowding the teleportation gate as they tried to leave the city.

Tension and panic were apparent in the air, but otherwise the city was still as bustling as usual.

It seems as though the reported riots were well contained as they were unable to turn the city to chaos These thoughts of his seemed to resonate with the headmaster as was evidenced by the words he said:

This is good, let's quickly head to the headquarters.



The Magus Alliance Headquarters was dozens of miles away from the teleportation gate, but it only took them fifteen minutes before they arrived at the magnificent building that stood out the most in Golden City.

Even though it seemed bustling with busy enforcers rushing in and out doing their business, the place was much emptier than before.

It didn't take long for their arrival to be known as Magister Barty swiftly came down to receive them with a surprised expression.

Headmaster, I didn't realize you would come yourself.

Today is an important day for the Academy, after all.

Hearing that, Headmaster Delbrand didn't give any explanation and instead directly stated his objective for coming here.

Magister, have you really confirmed that the prisoner is telling the truth

Understanding that the other party meant business, Magister Barty didn't press his earlier question and nodded his head.

Yes and I also believe they are connected with the threat that will occur today.

That's why, if the prisoner indeed has intel about it, we need to know right away.

Alright, let me see him right away. Headmaster Delbrand firmly said, motioning for the magister to lead the way.

Hearing the conversation, Emery realized that more information had been extracted from the prisoner,  prompting the headmaster to come.

Hence, he couldn't help but wonder what was so important that the Headmaster of the Magus Academy himself had to come and miss the closing ceremony.

As if he was able to read his thoughts, the Headmaster said.

They appear to have information about the former headmaster, Altus Dresden.


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