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Three captives

That was the thought that came to Emery\'s mind when he heard the minister\'s words.

After all, that could only indicate the two newly-captured magus as well as Annara herself had accused the Zodiac City\'s king of being the one behind the dreadful incident.

Hearing such an accusation, the usually calm King Alduin promptly turned emotional and with it, the powerful pressure of a Supreme Magus – the highest echelon of human limit – burst from the man\'s figure like a surging tsunami, causing everyone\'s breath to be cut short.

Even though the magus and grand magus who escorted the minister were not weak, their hearts still skipped a beat and their knees buckled towards the ground.

You people dare to think I\'m involved in this asked King Alduin to the minister in a calm tone.

Yet despite the calmness he showed, one could clearly feel the emotions and profound strength hidden within.

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I wouldn\'t dare, but please understand my difficulties, King Alduin.

I\'m just following the Magus Alliance protocol.

While the minister and his entourage shook under King Alduin\'s fury, Emery was in awe as this was the first time he felt a glimpse of the power of those who had attained supremacy, who was able to emanate an aura capable of making even a grand magus figures trembled by its mere presence.

The next few seconds, more magus and three grand magus came out from the headquarters.

Among them were Shatter Cross and his Grand Magus uncle.

Do not let him get… Before the young master of the Cross faction was able to finish the sentence, a slight gaze from the King was enough to turn him half unconscious.

It was obvious these people had come to force King Alduin to stay.

Hence Magus Shena and the four magus guards swiftly reacted to their actions.

However, just as they were about to move in, the king stopped them by raising a hand.

Seeing the king\'s action, Minister Barty Grouch tried his diplomatic attempt again,

Please, King Alduin.

Resisting will only make the situation more complicated than it already is.

King Alduin did not immediately respond.

He calmly turned his head to look at the surroundings, like he was thoroughly considering his choice.

Then after a while, he looked at Emery,

I think keeping me here is exactly what the true culprits want.

I fear for my city… my people.

Those words clearly signaled King Alduin was ready to resist and Emery could sense the magus and grand magus around were gasping in fear.

But right at this moment, a voice resounding from the distance made everyone stop.

Is that you my young dragon friend

The words spoken by the unknown voice were friendly, just like how one met an acquaintance after a long time.

However, it brought a formless pressure to everyone on the scene.

Emery himself felt his spirit core turn chaotic just from hearing a sentence.

King Alduin looked into the distance where the voice came from.

You are too old for this, old man.

Stay out of it.

In just a second after the king spoke, someone appeared in front of the former.

The unknown figure was an old man with a short white beard.

What caught Emery\'s attention was how the other party had the body of a warrior that did not match his appearance.

As soon as the magus and grand magus saw who it was, almost all of them immediately bowed respectfully to the old man.

Welcome, Exalted Patriarch.

From how he was treated and the glimpse of power he had displayed, Emery quickly assumed the unknown old man must be a figure comparable to King Alduin – the Supreme Magus.

The old man was the founder and patriarch of Golden City, Supreme Magus Rosin Karat.

Or as those who knew the man personally, the Old Devil.

Alduin, my young friend, please don\'t burn down my city.

Let us all talk comfortably in my residence instead.

It could be seen that King Alduin was reluctant, but he decided to accept the invitation in the end.

After he gave a series of instructions to Magus Shena, he followed the old man together with some of the magus enforcers.

After King Alduin\'s figure disappeared, Magus Shena nudged Emery\'s shoulder.

Let\'s go.

We are heading back to Zodiac City. Looking at where her king had gone, she said, We need to quickly report this to the others.

Just as Emery was about to follow Magus Shena and leave Golden City, he stopped in his tracks when he noticed one of the female magus approached him.

She was the manager of the Devildom Auction House.

I see you are in the middle of all this mess. Seeing the look on Emery\'s face, she promptly added what she wanted to say.

I just want to remind you that as a silver member of our Devildom Auction House, you will always have a friend in Golden City.

After saying those words, she bowed slightly and walked away.

As she left, Emery finally recalled the name of the female manager – Tesia Karat, which meant she was related to the founding family of Golden City that was headed by the Old Devil.

Due to the urgency of the situation, Emery as well as Magus Shena and two magus guards headed for the teleportation portal.

As for the other two guards, they would wait for King Alduin with the ship.

By this time, the eve of the night had already arrived, but many eyes were staring at them.

Many with great fear and unconcealed anger as the group made their way towards their exit.

All because of their identity as half-bloods.

Similarly, Emery and the others were also tense, worried that something unbecoming would happen.

Fortunately, they managed to arrive back at Zodiac City safely where they could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

You shouldn\'t have left the king! Sinure, the bird bloodline grand magus, said as he quickly called for an emergency meeting upon hearing the news from Magus Shena.

We should sent the army to rescue our King!!

No! The King specifically told us only to stand by and Guard the city!

Without King Alduin, Zodiac City had become much more vulnerable to attacks, especially now at such troubling times.

Since the people of Zodiac City were too busy with their own problems, Emery once again had no chance to speak about his situation with Magus Xion.

Emery excused himself with the reason for training for tomorrow\'s tournament.

However, instead of staying in the city as asked, he sneakily headed for Terra Castle.


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