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Gravity was one of the more particular branches of the Darkness element, was known for its rarity and power it was capable of.

Hence the sight of Emery arriving at the arena with a spatial spell and winning the fight with a gravity spell couldn\'t help but spark whispers and chatters among all the layman spectators who were in the arena stands.

The same thing was also happening in the VIP area where dozens of grand magus and senior magus instructors, who had come to watch one of the most significant events of the Magus Academy, had gathered.

That\'s the wolf kid, isn\'t he He won without transforming at all!

He has talent in both space and gravity That\'s very unusual, isn\'t it

He must be Zenonia\'s favorite disciple.

No, I don\'t think Zenonia picked him last time.

In fact, if I\'m not mistaken, no one did.

Is that true Well, someone should have! Did he have a master yet

How shameless!! He is graduating soon.

He should join the military with me, fighting in the frontline!

Debates and discussions ensued among the instructions of the ten element institutes, talking about Emery and what he had just displayed.

But then, from another side of the VIP area, a certain gathering of people interrupted the conversation.


you must know that we want him in our institute as well.

The instructors turned their heads to see who it was, and were quite surprised upon realizing the identity of the other party.

The one who spoke was the figurehead of the Apothecary Institute, Grandmaster Hazard.

He has talent in the Apothecary too!

The bustling scene unfolding in the VIP room makes Headmaster Delbrand crack a small smile on his face.

He couldn\'t help but be proud to think how far the young man that no one wanted before had come to right now.

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His bright mood, however, quickly changed when he remembered about a certain matter.

A frown appeared on his face, and he contacted his confidant Griffith to check on security once again.


Emery\'s win brought much joy to his friends as the group quickly swarmed him the moment he entered the terrace area.

As usual, Klea ran ahead and jumped at him, giving a warm hug to which he responded in kind.

You really like to make people wait, aren\'t you! She said with a pout.

Seeing the cute behavior, Emery sheepishly laughed saying, Hahaha, I\'m sorry, Klea.

But I swear it\'s really not intentional.

Still, everyone was glad that Emery was finally here.

His absence in the last two days and his arrival clearly showed how much his presence meant to the group.

Now that he was here, Klea then started to tell him about what he had missed.

She went ahead and talked about Julian and Chumo\'s fights, and how she and Thrax managed to qualify for the final round.

She also told him about Annara and her strange words.

Hearing the last part, Emery couldn\'t help but be anxious.

I understand. He said after Klea finished speaking.

I will find her and talk to her later at the end of the day.

While the group was having their talk, the next match after Emery took place.

It was between the Titan bloodline Sigurd [Rank 15] and a thin female acolyte with long green hair, Mera [Rank 19].

Apparently, she was the protege of the Plant Insitute.

A direct disciple of one of Emery\'s benefactors, Grand Magus Yvain.

With the loss he suffered previously against Zetto in the previous round, being given what was basically a second chance, the born warrior was ready to regain his honor.

Thus the moment the match started he shot forward and attacked Mera with ferocious aggression.

Being part of a supreme race of humanity, many spectators loved and looked forward to the Titan\'s descendant\'s match.

But fifteen minutes later, the audience couldn\'t help but be disappointed when they saw he still couldn\'t catch onto his opponent.

His difficulty was understandable as Mera had conjured a forest of plants in the arena.

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From the start of the match, she had been hiding beyond the safety of her plants and seemed to have no intention to attack.

Sigurd braved through the dense plants around him, chasing after the figure of his opponent.

But then, as time passed, he noticed that his body had become sluggish and his breathing had become irregular.


Knowing that he couldn\'t afford the status quo to last, Sigurd kicked up his gear and gave his all to catch Mera.

Alas, it was already too late.

The match ended with Sigurd falling to the ground, fully incapacitated by poison.

Mera became the winner and entered the top 16, which also meant that she would be Emery\'s opponent in the next match.

Emery turned to smile as he looked forward to fighting against the Plant Institute protege.

The next pair of matches was a fight between the half-machine acolyte Atlas and a lightning acolyte, while on the other side of the Grand Hall, Eeshoo would be clashing against a fire acolyte.

Fierce battles erupted on both sides of the Grand Hall, causing cheers and screams to erupt from the audience on the stands.

Thanks to their overwhelming power, Atlas and Eeshoo both defeated their opponents in no time.

The two glared at each other from their own corner of the arena, knowing that they would fight each other at the top 16.

With this, the first half of the bracket\'s matches was completed and the screens swiftly showed eight names that qualified for the eight-finals.

[Diyoo] [Zetto] [Mahinder Nieves] [Shatter Cross] [Emery Ambrose] [Mera] [Eeshoo Nephilim] [Atlas III]

From the bracket, it was clear that after Mera, Emery would be up against whoever won between Eeshoo and Atlas in the quarterfinals.

If he won, he would then most likely face Mahinder in the semifinals, before facing the champion of Block B in the final.

Magus Serena stepped onto the arena once again, congratulating the eight who made it through before she invited the next name pair from Block B to take the stage.

Thrax versus Pyton Forgue

The crowds started to cheer once again as their attention focused on the arena.

Most of them had their gazes on the unexpected underdog from the elite class, waiting for him to make another miracle.

Go get him Thrax!! said Klea, cheering for the Thracian.

At this moment, Emery and the others saw a different side of Thrax.

There were no usual brash words coming out of his mouth nor the passionate excitement for battle that he typically displayed.

The Immortal Gladiator wore a solemn expression as he walked into the arena and stood in front of the privileged class number one spearman.

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