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It was a gravity spell that utilized gravity force that would push everything away from its caster.

Thanks to its inherent trait of the area of effect, Emery did not have to target a specific area.

As soon as he sensed Tyler closing in, all he needed to was to stir spirit energy within his dark core and cast the spell.

With that, his opponent was blown a few steps back.

Tyler gritted his teeth in annoyance as he felt overwhelming force sweep over him and dragged him backwards, as if he was being hit by an invisible wave of heavy water.

You!!! The white-haired young man couldn\'t spur any words seeing the new card his opponent had never shown before, thus he just glared menacingly.

[Dagger Aura]

As Tyler channeled his power into the two daggers held in his hands, the deadly weapon began to shine brightly and dangerous gleam manifested on its blade.

Without wasting any more second, he kicked the ground and charged at Emery.

This time with a direct approach.


The intangible blanket of gravity once again manifested and shot toward the approaching Tyler.

Even so, Tyler continued his run as if not noticing Emery\'s actions.

He quickly swung his hands in a criss-crossing motion, launching two energy blades that were stacked on each other.

The X-shaped attack flew rapidly through the air and reached the invisible attack Emery threw.

To the surprise of the audience, the white-haired acolyte\'s attack managed to cut through the gravity force.

He was able to dash through the attack unscathed and thus closing in on Emery quickly.


Caught off guard by the way the opponent chose to deal with his spell, Emery could barely dodge the dagger aimed at him.

He cast [Blink] to retreat a distance away, but then felt a prickling sensation.

He turned his head and saw that there was blood on his arm, coming from the wound that was there.

Seeing that it was nothing major, Emery returned his gaze to his opponent several meters away.

A profound glint flashed in his eyes.

Top ten indeed..

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Emery bloomed a faint smile as he said those words, laughing at his own carelessness for acting like a kid who just got his new toy.

Emery looked at Tyler and said, My apologies, for not taking this seriously.

He opened up his Spatial Space and took out the [Advanced Lightsaber] he bought at the auction.

After that, he used his [Immortal Gate – stage 6] to boost his strength and increase his speed to match his opponent.

Tyler shot towards him once more, but contrary to expectations, instead of charging forward, Emery decided to cast the same spell again.

A formless wave of gravity force swept the arena as [Repulsion] was unleashed.

Seeing the attack, Tyler narrowed his eyes and did what he did just now.

Just as the same thing was about to happen however, this time, Emery obstructed Tyler\'s advance with the Lightsaber.

He then cast the spell once again, sending the white-haired acolyte several meters away hurtling across the ground.

With that, Tyler returned to where he was at the start of the match.

Hah! That spell can\'t hurt me! Tyler snorted before letting out a scoff.

My dagger however is painful memory He said with a grin as he showed his daggers, which turned out to have another crimson liquid on it.

It seems Tyler managed to inflict another wound on Emery, though the latter had managed to stop his attack.

The cause of the wound was none other than the aura that enveloped the blade of the dagger, which annoyingly not only gave Tyler the properties of a fast hand but also the blade\'s invisible and extendable range.

Unless you can exceed me in speed, you will never win.

I kindly advise you to use your transformation ability already.Staring at Emery with his narrowed eyes, Tyler exclaimed, Show me your full strength!

Hearing such words, Emery calmly replied, Alright.

Shall we try something else Let\'s play something new..

Unfortunately for Tyler, Emery was not planning to use his transformation ability, and was dead set on trying the plethora of new spells he had at the moment.

Before Tyler could charge at him again, Emery cast his other gravity spell [Attraction], which caused the opposite effect of [Repulsion], and yanked Tyler towards him.

The white-haired acolyte\'s body shot at high speed.

You fool!

Tyler scoffed at Emery\'s decision as it only benefited him further.

Sure, he was caught off guard at first, but he quickly adapted and took advantage of the pulling force to bolster his speed.

His figure whizzed across the arena, his daggers fully brandished.

Just as the daggers were an inch away from his body, Emery promptly cast [Repulsion] with twice the power.

A tremendous gravitational force erupted, hitting Tyler at point blank range and sending the dagger-wielding acolyte back whence he came from.

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Tyler quickly recovered his body that had been blown out of control.

Enraged by what had just happened, he quickly roused spirit energy within his spirit core and cast one of his ranged attack spells.

[Wind Stride]

The spell manifested powerful gales upon the arena which then sent a barrage of wind blades at Emery.

The relentless salvo wrecked the part of the arena where Emery was standing, and managed to force him to cast [Blink] several times in order to avoid it.

While dodging the destructive wind blades that were coming for him, Emery certainly didn\'t forget to send a few attacks at Tyler.

However, his opponent managed to take advantage of the chaos in the arena, and surprisingly none of the [Repulsion] or [Attraction] he threw managed to catch the speedster.

A sharp blade suddenly stabbed Emery\'s back, followed by Tyler\'s laughter echoing through the air.

Hahahah! Taste my dagger one more time!

The laughter didn\'t last more than a second though, as the figure his dagger pierced disappeared, proving that it was only Emery\'s [Void Mist] shadow that he had secretly created amidst all the happenings with one goal – to lure Tyler to a certain position.

Suddenly, the arena floor beneath Tylor cracked into webs and he felt his knee buckle as Emery\'s Tier 5 gravity spell [Gravitational Pressure] took effect.

It was apparent that Tyler\'s sneak attack tactic had backfired him.

As much as the gale disrupted Emery\'s senses, it disrupted Tyler\'s as severely as well.

And because of that, Emery now managed to trap Tyler in his prepared spot.

With the fact that he was still learning the spell, Emery could only manipulate the Tier 5 spell within a small scope of area, and Tyler was currently in it.

However, the smaller the space, the stronger the pressure Emery could exert.

How does 200 times gravity feel like

Tyler seemed to be struggling to break free.

Alas, he was still unable to move away from his current spot.

No matter what he tried, everything was in vain.

Even though 200 times gravity was the maximum degree of manipulation Emery was capable of at the moment, unfortunately for Tyler, it was more than enough to immobilize him.

Emery already wielded his Lightsaber right outside the area affected by the Tier 5 spell, which compelled the speedster to surrender.

With an irritated expression on his face, he said, ..I give up

Emery Ambrose wins

The moment the victor was decided, the audience cheered and applauded for the amazing spectacle that had been presented.

Ignoring the commotion around him, Emery dispelled his spell.

As he released Tyler from the gravity prison that had trapped him, the white-haired man said something that made him raise his eyebrows.

Oliver is much faster than me.

He will definitely not allow a half-blood like you to win!

Saying those words, the man spat on Emery\'s feet and without saying anything else, walked away.

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