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Klea felt restless.

She initially already had her mind rather occupied with her defeat against the Nephilim girl and the unfortunate final round first match, but now there was even this half-blood incident involving Annara to top it off.

Even with the red-haired girl\'s back no longer in sight, her inexplicable apology continued to replay in Klea\'s mind.

‘What is going on\'

The situation caused her to subconsciously think about Emery.

She hoped for him to return from training soon, but at the same time…

The thought of Emery caused the Nephilim girl\'s words to echo in her mind once more.

You have decent talent, but you lack training.

When she first came to the academy, she had a talent that far surpassed her peers and all her four friends, yet now, she can\'t help to feel that they had caught up to her.

Now that she noticed just how much everyone else had improved, her own lack of improvement became all the more apparent.

She knew she had not put in nearly her all in cultivating her talent.

On Earth and at the Academy, her priority had always been Emery since.

She was never really concerned about missing out on her training as long as she could be of help to her man.

She never doubted it back then, but now the question came into her mind.

‘Is it really wrong to put him before myself

When the group finally returned to the Terra Palace, they were quickly greeted by the joyous congratulations of the Eastern Sage and Magus Silica.

However, Thrax himself was apparently not in the proper mood for a celebration.

In the end, the Thracian simply left to train with Magus Silica accompanying him.

Meanwhile, as the two left the group, Klea decided to talk to the others about the half-blood incident outside the arena and Annara\'s words.

Should we talk to the headmaster about this

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Julian disagreed without missing a beat, It\'s less than 12 hours until your final round.

You should focus on your training instead.

What training Klea responded with a snort.

What kind of training am I supposed to do in 12 hours to win against the top privileged acolyte who already mastered Sword Aura and the Law of Time

The atmosphere quickly turned stagnant.

Even though she made it to the final round, her first match immediately made it no different for her.

At this moment, Yuria stepped in and broke the silence, Actually, there has been a lot more incident than usual going on in Zodiac City.

Being the person in charge of information in the Terra Palace, Yuria then offered to investigate the matter further.

To this, nobody objected.

With that matter being followed through, Chumo and Julian offered to train with Klea.

The Egyptian Queen, however, had other ideas.

She shook her head in refusal and approached the Eastern Sage.

Senior, I wish for you to guide me with something.

I believe this is the best I can prepare for tomorrow\'s fight.

The Eastern Sage was slightly skeptical at first, but upon seeing the determination in her eyes and listening to her plan, he ultimately nodded in agreement.


At the back of the palace, Thrax was training with Magus Silica.

Although it was considered training, it was not difficult to see that neither party really held back; The Thracian was venting his stress to the commander of Terra\'s army.

Unexpectedly, despite Thrax only being a rank 9 acolyte, he was able to fight on par with the crescent moon magus in front of him.

However, the Immortal Gladiator was unable to put his emotions under control.

No matter how much he vented through violence, agonizing thoughts continued to resurface in his mind one after another.

I will avenge you… I will kill them all…! the Thracian resentfully muttered while gritting his teeth.

As the two clashed, his suppressed words clearly reached the magus\'s ears.

Fortunately, as Lord Izta\'s wife and army commander, Magus Silica knew how to deal with the problem.

After Thrax\'s emotions somewhat subsided, Magus Silica finally halted their training.

We are leaving the Terra Palace tonight, follow me.

In the middle of the night, Magus Silica brought Thrax through the palace gate with a dozen of Terra\'s army.

‘ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʟᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀᴛ No(v) e lBin ᴏɴʟʏ.\',


The next morning, Klea could be seen sprawled on the grass field next to the palace, panting while resting her eyes.

Standing several steps away from her, the grand magus and his two friends looked at her with acknowledgment, pride, and satisfaction.

You are indeed talented.

I have never seen someone able to absorb such knowledge at such a speed before, the Eastern Sage commented.

Thank you, Senior.

Please allow me to have an hour of shut-eye.

The Eastern Sage did not say anything in response and simply allowed her to have a brief rest.

After a little over an hour passed, everyone gathered to leave for the final round.

However, even until the last minutes, they saw no signs of Thrax or Emery coming.

They are coming, right Chumo doubtfully asked.

Of course they are!

They decided to wait for them at the arena instead and go through the portal first to not be late.

Again, they were quickly greeted by an even larger crowd at the grand assembly.

Even though they were a little early, all three layers of the arena were already filled with the masses, a total of three million people consisting of acolytes and magus alike.

But that was not all.

Around the arena was an even larger number of security teams, and even a dozen spaceships were floating in the sky above it.

The arena was now only split in two in order to provide maximum coverage of the tournament and just like before, Magus Serena entered with her charm welcoming everyone in the audience.

Welcome to the Finall round!

When the group reached their spot, they were relieved to see Thrax already there, waiting with bloody clothing and drenched in sweat.

Still, in contrast to his unpleasant appearance, his mood seemed to have much improved.

Faced with the horrendous sight, Klea could not help but exclaim with her hand covering the lower part of her face.

Oh my God, Thrax, change your clothes! You smell!

The Immortal Gladiator smiled in response before casually taking off all his clothes right on the spot.

Not in public, and certainly not in front of a lady!! Klea looked away and exclaimed in shock.

It was only when she made sure that Thrax was not undressing there that Klea heaved a sigh.

She then looked around again before asking the Thracian, Have you seen Emery around

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