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It took the Immortal Gladiator some time to calm his rage.

Only after he finally calmed down did he walk back towards the terrace area, where the others were waiting.

Thrax, good job! You did great!!

Congratulations!! Well done!

All three friends surrounded Thrax the moment he entered the terrace and quickly showered him with rain of praises.

However, there was no expression returned from the Gladiator.

In fact, the look on his face seemed distant as if his thoughts weren\'t even there.

It was only seconds later that he finally turned to his friends.

Even so, he only thanked them before turning around and leaving the place, leaving behind Klea and the other two who were confused by his actions.

In particular, Klea couldn\'t help but be anxious when she saw such a sight.

Gritting her teeth, she said hatefully, That bastard Arcana must have messed with his mind!!

Before long, the fourth day of the tournament was declared over, which was swiftly followed by another round of festive fireworks in the sky as Magus Serena walked up and stood in the middle of the arena once again.

Have you all entertained!!

The words of the female magus were replied by loud shouts from the crowds, echoing throughout the Grand Hall with vigor.

Nodding her head, the magus swiftly added, Of course, you are!! Especially tomorrow, when the long-awaited Final Round will finally begin!!

Once again, thunderous commotion resounded through the Hall as the crowds of a few hundred thousand people made sounds together with apparent excitement.

After the crowd died down a bit, Magus Serena then showed these people the names of the acolytes who would be joining the Final Round of the Magus Tournament.

All eyes were on the screens scattered all over the place.

There were a total of 32 placements of which ten of them had already been filled by the top 10 privileged acolytes.

The remaining 22 open spots naturally would come from those fighting in today\'s matches.

We already have 12 people who have earned their place by winning four matches in a row.

And now, we will await the decision of the headmaster regarding the remaining ten people who will earn a place in the Final Round through today excellent performance

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Everyone, spectators and acolytes alike, all waited a few minutes until the decision seemed to have been decided as they saw the screen begin showing another list of names.

From among the names, there were several that the group recognized.

Roran Harlight, Sigurd, Lyndell, Abrafo, Vida Themary, Diyoo, and finally the last name mentioned.

Klea, your name is there!

Finding out that she qualified for the next round was of course a pleasant surprise for Klea.

However, it also means that Chumo didn\'t make it.

However, knowing that even Arcana who rank 11 didn\'t get a place showed how tough it was to get a second chance in the tournament.

Congratulations! said the Asian friend with a bright smile, to the two people who managed to enter the final round.

After the names of 22 acolytes were shown on the screens, another list containing 10 names appeared before being added to them.

And immediately after, Magus Serena\'s voice was heard once again.

The brackets for the final round will now be randomly determined!

Everyone couldn\'t help but become anxious once again as the names visible on the screen disappeared one by one.

After all, the bracket list could pretty much tell how the final round would unfold.

First of all, the screen placed the top 10 privileged acolytes into 8 separate brackets.

That way, they wouldn\'t be facing each other in the early stages.

Then, the empty spots were quickly filled by the remaining 22 names.

The process went quite fast since everything was randomized, and before long, everyone could see the matches that would happen tomorrow.

The group of course searched for Klea, Thrax, and Emery\'s name on the screen.

Klea heaved a sigh when she saw that Emery, surprisingly and unfortunately, got a match with someone who was from the top 10 on the first match.

His opponent was the [Rank 10] holder, Tyler Haze.

On the other hand, Thrax would fight against Python Forgue [Rank 21], who was the most well-known spearman in the privileged class.

As for herself, Klea could only heave a sigh when she saw the name that was right next to hers.

The opponent of her match was the famous Sword Saint.

Olivier Arkland [Rank 2].

She let out a snort as she looked at the screen.

Huh, I was chosen only to directly fight one of the strongest.

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Looking at the 32 names seen on the screen, Julian couldn\'t help but clench his fist.

A certain feeling flashed in his eyes before eventually he sighed deeply.

With that, the fourth day of the tournament had finally ended, and everyone quickly disbanded, returning to prepare for the most important juncture of the tournament that would take place tomorrow.

Let\'s go back to celebrate Klea and Thrax\'s success!

This time, however, Chumo\'s remark wasn\'t shared by the three others.

Even though he was the one who didn\'t make it through today, it seemed that all his three friends were having worse feelings than him.

Even the all-cheerful Klea had turned unusually quiet.

Let\'s just go back to prepare for tomorrow.

The group walked out of the Grand Hall and made their way down the stairs.

But then, they noticed there was a crowd of people gathering under the stairs.

These people made a commotion, shouting some kind of protest.

Get the half-blood out of the tournament!

You don\'t belong here, beasts!!

As they spoke derogatory words, this group of people even started to throw rocks at a particular group of half-bloods who had come to watch the tournament.

And from the looks of it, a fight was about to break out.

A red-haired female girl came to stop the commotion.

The rocks that those protesters still threw made their way to hit her.

The situation just about turned into chaos, before the guards swiftly took control of the situatino.

From afar, the group saw the red-haired female.


Klea swiftly walked over to the girl.

She grabbed her arms and helped her stand back up.

She was about to speak when she suddenly heard a whisper from the red-haired girl.

I am sorry

Before she could ask what those words meant, Annara already shook off her hands and dashed away from the crowds.

Klea watched in bewilderment as the figure of the red-haired girl disappeared from sight.

‘What is going on


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