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First, it was Chumo who lost his match and now it\'s Klea\'s turn to experience defeat.

The four friends who were sitting in the terrace area were currently shrouded in a quiet gloomy atmosphere that stifled one\'s breath.

There was of course still a glimpse of hope since they still had someone amongst them who hadn\'t fought their match yet.

However, as soon as they recalled that it was Thrax who would be fighting against the three-eyed spirit reader Arcana, the group couldn\'t help but heave a deep sigh once again.

Thrax stood up from his seat, trying to lighten the depressing mood by saying, It\'s not set in stone yet, guys! There\'s still a chance!

At this moment, loud cheers and screams were heard from the audience.

The group saw the two famous possessors of Titan\'s bloodline; Sigurd [Rank 15] and Zetto [Rank 12].

With it, Klea and the others\' sorrow was distracted by the ferocious fight unfolding between the two giant powerful warriors.

Both Sigurd and Zetto had the disposition of wielding axes, which led the confrontation between the two to become a bloody axe brawl where powerful shockwaves swept over the arena each time they clashed against each other.

The ferocious battle went on for almost thirty minutes until the superiority Zetto had over Sigurd once again edged him to the cusp of victory.

After watching the two of them fight, Thrax couldn\'t help but feel inspired.

His blood churned violently when he thought of that fight.

But then, he remembered that he had to fight an opponent like Arcana.

Haaa! How vexing! I wish for someone I can have a proper fight with!!

Chumo, Klea, and Julian all give him the last minutes of advice and encouragement which only made the gladiator more irritated.


Thrax walked out of the terrace area and made his way to his designated arena with heavy steps.

There, waiting for him, a child-looking acolyte stared at his bleak figure with an irritating smirk plastered on his face.

A deep condescending tone could be heard in his words as Arcana said, You\'d better just give up.

That way it will be easier for both of us, and you won\'t have to suffer in vain.

Thrax snapped his head at his opponent when he heard such words.

Flames lit up within his eyes as he firmly spoke.

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The Thracian was absolutely incensed by the blatant ridicule, and then he remembered Klea\'s words that told him to stay in control of his emotions.

One of the best ways to defeat his opponent was for Thrax to charge right as soon as the referee gave the signal to start,

And that shall be what he did.

Stomping the ground with his might, Thrax shot forth toward Arcana while brandishing his weapon in front of him.

He thrust the glaive in his hand, utilizing the length advantage the weapon had, and penetrated the kid-looking in the abdomen, only to find he had hit plumes of smoke.


Suddenly, he discovered that there were six Arcana surrounding him in all directions.

All of them spoke, and the voice sounded as if they spoke at the same time.

Hahahha, you\'re so dumb! I don\'t even need to use my special eyes to fool you!

Thrax swiftly sucked in the air around him and with one powerful motion, breathed out a column of fire around him.

He spun his body so that the blazing flames attacked all the Arcanas that surrounded him.



It by no means was a powerful spell.

However, it was more than enough to destroy all the illusions around him, leaving only one running away which Thrax chased after without further ado.

There you are!!

The glaive in his hand was enveloped in brilliant light as the Thracian used his battle art [Mighty Blow], swinging the long weapon towards the running Arcana and broke the arena floor apart in the process.


Again, the Arcana he attacked this time was an illusion.

Unbeknownst to the Thracian, the real Arcana shot out from behind him with a brandished sharp-pointed sword which was swiftly struck into his broad back.


It was a deadly attack, one that aimed to incapacitate Thrax.

Fortunately, Thrax\'s new cape artifact [Heroic WIll] helped mitigate most of the force, which meant the attack only stung a bit and threw him a few steps.

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The Immortal Gladiator swiftly turned around and swung his glaive, only to find he cut through smokes again.

By this time, the repeated failures had caused his blood pressure to reach an all-time high.

Dammit!! Fight me like a man, you coward!

Again, figures of Arcana appeared out of thin air and threw mocking laughs at him.

This time, however, the provocations didn\'t affect Thrax and instead gave him some ideas.

Ah, I\'m sorry..

I shouldn\'t say that..

after all, you are just only half a man…

It seemed that Thrax\'s taunt was quite effective as he was immediately attacked by the group of Arcana surrounding him.

Dozens more figures of Arcana appeared and charged at him.

Hidden amidst these was the real Arcana who inwardly yearned to make Thrax pay for the insult.

But then, the child-looking acolyte was shocked when he saw Thrax ignore the fakes rushing at him and instead swing his glaive to the left side of him, right towards where he was at the moment.


Taken aback by the unexpected action, Arcana was barely able to dodge the attack, resulting in blood gushing from his chest.

Aaarghh that hurt you bastard!!

Even though the wound was shallow and not at all life-threatening, it still made the face of the child-looking acolyte turn white.

How!! How did yo-!! shouted Arcana in shock at the figure in front of him.

Beyond the crazed smile on Thrax\'s face was a line of blood flowing on his right thigh.

In order to keep him from being enchanted, Thrax stamped a deep cut on his thigh and the piercing pain helped him get out of the illusion.

Hahaha, if only I could reach just an inch further! said the gladiator with a smile.

Arcana\'s face darkened at Thrax\'s words.

He scoffed in disdain.

Huh! I should have just finished this sooner!

Annoyed as well as anxious because of the realization that Thrax\'s attack could incapacitate him if landed, Arcana decided to use the Divine skill which he planned not to use at the beginning of this fight.

The third eye on his forehead swiftly opened and gazed upon Thrax.

[Eye of Mistra]

Now you shall feel agony like never before!!

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