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It was already late afternoon when he had returned to their private quarters and the others weren\'t there with the exception of Julian.

Emery sat by the table and waited for Julian to speak who seemed to be in deep thought.

Hey, welcome back, Emery.

Can you tell me what your country is like I\'ve only heard and read the stories but haven\'t had a chance to visit there yet, asked Julian, looking at the endless expanse of clouds covered with the orange tint of the setting sun by the window.

What are the stories you\'ve heard said Emery, drinking a glass of water.

Well, to sum it up, the stories said that Britain is an undeveloped, barbarian country.

Emery thought for a moment then answered, Not sure about undeveloped, but a barbaric country description seems accurate.

The two talked about Britons and Romans, about their cities, the mountains, culture and the people.

Whenever the topic was back to the Britons, Emery couldn\'t help but think of a certain woman, whom his heart pains every time.

The room became silent as he also realized Julian was also deep in thought.

You know, after all that I have seen the last seven days, I realized our world is nothing compared to this one let alone the other planets, which civilization also thrives.

Rome is a huge empire, strong and powerful but even if we put all the greatest minds, advancements, against the other worlds out there, I realized we\'re just a tiny insignificant dot.

The door hissed open with Klea walking in.

She saw the boys talking. 

What are you boys talking about You look so serious, she said with a cheerful tone.

Chumo and Thrax soon followed.

Chumo gave Emery a smile while Thrax said, Hey, good job, Emery.

I just heard the news.

Of course he\'d succeeded.

Never doubted him for a second, said Klea before finally noticing the new uniform Emery was wearing.

She looked at him from head to toe.

Is that the apprentice uniform from the path of crafting Wow, it looks good on you!

Hear, hear! the rest shouted.

The atmosphere instantly became infectious with excitement.

In the back of Emery\'s mind, he didn\'t like being assigned the support role, he had always wanted to be like his father, fighting on the frontline.

Considering his current skills set though, he couldn\'t help but agree to what Julian had claimed.

A support role would be the next best thing for him.

Emery stared at Julian, deep inside him, he also wished to be like him.

Reliable, enthusiastic, and a passionate radiating person.

The way Julian spoke his mind on top of being charismatic somehow made Emery want to have a talent like Julian.

He took a step back and observed this small gathering of people.

Julian, Klea, Chumo and even Thrax, the crudest of them all, were extraordinary individuals.

He felt little of himself thinking these friends of his were high and above him; however, was that a reason to shy away and lurk in the corner Was that a reason to feel small and insignificant No, it wasn\'t.

Emery\'s heart began to pump harder as he joined the joyous atmosphere.

He smiled and determinedly to strive, improve and prove himself he was no longer that little boy hiding behind a cupboard.

He swore to himself he\'d be strong!

Everyone! This is perfect timing! exclaimed Klea.

Let\'s create a pact and treasure this moment!

She grabbed a cup that had a thin stem and a v-shaped container; she poured wine into it and raised it up before taking a small knife and gently cut on her palm.

The moment her palm bled, she made her blood drip into the cup and lay down the knife on the table.

A blood oath Haha! You are more interesting than I thought! Julian whipped the knife and did the same thing.

He laid down on the table and said to Thrax, What about you, uncultured barbarian

Hmpf, a cup with a pig\'s blood in it.

I guess that doesn\'t sound too bad, said Thrax.

Oh you better enjoy it, that\'s the only blood you\'ll get from me, Julian said after Thrax did the same thing.

The two were back again arguing but joyous air remained the same.

Chumo silently followed suit as well as Emery, the last.

Let\'s make an oath to friendship! said Klea.

Julian raised the cup and added, I would like to add strength to protect our world.

What do you think

Everyone nodded.

Klea then continued, I have opened up every path which is in the sky and which is on earth.

I am noble, I am a spirit, I am equipped; \'O all you gods and all you spirits, prepare a path for us.

Klea sipped from the cup and passed it onto Emery who also drank and then to next.

The cup traveled from one hand to the other and when they were all done, Emery promised to himself to never forget this moment forever.

He now had brothers and a sister in bonds.

They finished the rest of the night with jokes and laughter until Emery\'s body and mind finally forced him to rest.

Tomorrow morning was the last day they all would meet at the Magus Academyuntil next time.


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