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Not in my hundred years have I seen an opportunity like this, said the Sage in an unexpectedly serious tone.

What do you mean, Senior Emery asked, out of curiosity.

Seeing that everyone\'s attention was on him, the Sage took a breath before explaining how Tier 7 items were considered sacred even among grand magus figures and how almost no Grade 1 faction had a treasure of such level.

Possessing items at that tier level were very rare for someone to have, but if they had one, it would be considered an heirloom.

Hearing the Sage\'s explanation, Emery slightly nodded his head in understanding.

It seemed that the item was indeed worthy as the last item of tonight\'s auction, as it would certainly be coveted by many people and consequently everyone would want to compete to have it.

However, the main reason the Sage was interested in such an item was not of that superficial reason.

Instead, it was because of the fact that he had been delving into the studies of formation arrays for hundreds of years.

The reason we need to obtain that item is because I have leads on how to find the missing flags and ways to fix the broken ones.

Such a sentence brought a smile to everyone as they all knew what this meant – a way to increase the power of their faction which would then lead to a victory in a fight against the Nephilim, Kronos faction.

If they could get the item, that meant they would have a chance to turn the situation they were in around.

However, they all thought the same as they looked outside their VIP box – that it wouldn\'t be easy.

As the main item of the night, the situation in the hall quickly turned to chaos as many people promptly placed their bids, trying their luck for the item.

People in the crowd started shouting fantastic prices for the item, and this led to the swift rise of the bid.

Two million and six hundred from the lady in the red dress!

The auctioneer went on an unceasing streak of words as new bids were continuously mentioned in the bidding war, and of course, the numbers were climbing up faster and faster.

As soon as the bid reached the three million milestones, the bidding war participants began to shift, from the lower level to the people in the VIP boxes.

Three million and five hundred to the elder in Box Twenty-Two!

Everyone in the lower level gasped when the auctioneer announced the new bid.

They finally realized the vast difference they had with those sitting above them.

No wonder why these people were considered VIPs.

Without the slightest hesitation, they bid for the artifact with an increment of half a million.

It was also at this moment that the Sage\'s face turned troubled.

Apparently, four million spirit stones were all the savings the grand magus had.

Compared to the current bid, it seemed like he had no chance and would lose the item.

What\'s more, the VIPs present still didn\'t seem to give up and continued to bid at higher prices, far exceeding the amount he currently had.

Noticing their senior\'s difficulty, the group quickly carried on a discussion.

It didn\'t take long for them to agree to pool all the spirit stones they had obtained from selling the 11 Tier 5 artifacts and the [Ifrit Veins], and give them to the Sage to use to purchase the precious artifact.

After they added them all up, the total reached up to 5,3 million spirit stones.

The Sage felt much more reluctant when he saw the money; he doubted whether the decision where he basically exchanged the items his juniors had for the Tier 7 equivalent artifact was the right decision.

On top of that, the group still needed spirit stones to pay for the entry pass to the [Ancient Celestial Ruins].

Senior, it\'s still 7 years.

Besides, we still have the five million spirit stones from the ransom.

By this point, the hall was filled with silence as the sage decided to accept and join the bid.

7 million spirit stones, from our wonderful box 13!

However, there was still one other person who was willing to fight for the item, the VIP in Box Two.

Eight million spirit stones! Is the gentleman from box 13 willing to raise the bid

At this moment, the Eastern Sage appeared to have doubts.

It was, after all, a lot of fortune, and that amount of money could be used to buy three Tier 6 artifacts.

Indeed, it was not a price to play with, but their faction\'s situation told him that they needed the item, giving him doubt.

Emery looked toward his friend and without even saying a word, they knew he was asking to give all 5 million to the bid.

However, before he could raise the bid to 9 million, Klea suddenly stood up and shouted.

10 million spirit stones! Klea said confidently

The group almost dropped their jaws after hearing Klea suddenly place a bid with such a high price without asking them first.

There was silence in the hall for a few seconds when the bid sounded in the air.

The same thing happened within Box 13 itself, with everyone without exception looking at Klea waiting for an explanation.

The girl smiled nonchalantly and said, Don\'t worry, I\'ll cover the difference with my own money… And of course, I didn\'t do it without reason.

With me being the Sage\'s best student in formation, it\'s safe to say I am second in line for that item… She ended with another chuckle, while everyone quickly realized the motive of her action..

We have an amazing bid tonight! 10 million spirit stones! said the auctioneer excitedly.

The horned auctioneer once again tried to tempt the female on VIP Box Two for another raise, but it seemed that for her 10 million spirit stones was too much for an item worth three Tier 6 artifacts and two broken ones.

10 million!… Going once… twice…

Sold! Once again to the buyer in Box Thirteen!

All the crowds began to stare in the direction of Box thirteen, wondering about their identities.

As it was the last special item of the auction, the auctioneer brought everyone to give applause to the group – the VIPs in Box 13.

The hall was filled with loud applause from the auction participants, and Klea seemed to be smiling with satisfaction at winning the item.

That is all for tonight\'s auction at Devildom, we will once again bring you the best item next month, said the auctioneer.

After the auction was closed, following that, the last item was brought to their Vip box by the manager of the Devildom Auction House herself.

The other party was a beautiful horned female named Asha.

Thank you for being our honorable patrons, said the female manager while handing the item respectfully.

The woman handed the torn wooden box to the Eastern Sage for him to inspect the condition of the item directly.

In response, the Sage received it with the same care.

The item worth 10 million spirit stones were now in his hands.

It was indeed a stroke of luck to win this sacred item through an auction.

This really is a genuine Heavenly Array flag! Water, Ice, and Lightning flags… With Earth and Fire, although it\'s broken, it can still be saved,

Satisfied, the group settled the payments leaving all happy except one Thracian who was still looking for a spear for himself.

It seemed like he was still not willing to leave it behind.

Please come again for our future event.

The female manager gave them a silver-plated card as identification for they were now Silver members of the auction house.

Emery received the card thankfully, it was such an honor for them to get the card as it was eligible for facilities within the Golden City; housing, security, and access to the latest auction update if needed.

As they were now members of the auction house, the female manager wanted to provide facilities to them at the moment.

Initially, as she saw most of them were rank 9 acolytes, the female manager offered half a dozen magus-level escorts for them.

It was not unusual for a winner of the auction to get robbed as they leave the premises, especially one without many guards.

The sage smiled in appreciation towards the manager, however, and he kindly refused the offer.

They didn\'t need it at this moment, besides the fewer people know about their identity the safer they will be.

Thank you for the offer, we will be leaving now

Since they had completed the transaction and had no more business in this place, Emery and the others decided to leave the place quickly.

With the grand magus and the half-blood Magus Shena waiting for them outside, they quickly left in the middle of the night, returning to the Terra Palace.

Time to continue their training for the Magus tournament.


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