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When he cast his eyes upon the sight beyond the VIP box, Emery could see there were at least a thousand people attending tonight\'s auction.

And now that a third of the hundreds of auctioned items had been sold, the atmosphere within the hall was on the rise as everyone knew the main event was approaching.

These people represented the richest group in the Golden City and beyond, and thus they would definitely not want to return home with an empty hand.

At this time, Emery and the others saw the artifacts they obtained from the elf magus were currently being auctioned off, and smiles appeared on their faces as they heard the war below.

Three hundred thousand! This lady offered three hundred thousand spirit stones! Anyone going higher

Three hundred and twenty!

Going once… twice…

And sold! For a grand total of three hundred and twenty thousand spirit stones, to the gentleman in red at the back! Congratulations, Sir! said the horned auctioneer, before he quickly beckoned for the staff to bring in the next item on the list.

As the staff carried the item onto the podium, with a smile on his face the horned auctioneer began to introduce it.

The next item is a rare-seen weapon, and was previously owned by a fallen hero.

Behold, a top-grade advanced Lightsaber.

Its price starts at one hundred thousand spirit stones with a minimum increment of twenty thousand!

Emery rose to his feet when he heard the auctioneer\'s words.

Finally, it was time for the item he wanted to buy.

However, just as he was about to place a bid on it, Klea grabbed his arm and stopped him.

Let\'s wait for a minute, Emery.

Your sword is a niche item, so don\'t be so hasty.

Hearing such words, Emery couldn\'t hold himself from raising his eyebrows as he recalled how Klea had aggressively bid for the tiger that was now still hanging on her shoulder in its miniature form.

Of course, he was astute enough to not say it out loud; but Klea naturally realized what he was thinking when she saw his eyes on the tiger.

Don\'t look at Tivali like that.. She said with a cute pout.

It\'s different for her.

She is one of a kind!

Either way, Emery sat back down as the girl\'s suggestion did have some sense in them.

After all, the Lightsaber sword was a weapon that could not be used by someone who did not possess the light element affinity, and it was common knowledge that the element had the least user among all ten elements.

That said, Emery waited for other people to start bidding, only to see one person who seemed to have the intention to buy the artifact.

Seeing such a sight, Klea turned to him with a huge smile on her face.

You are lucky, Emery! From his look, the man must have been a merchant or a collector.

Either way, he won\'t be too determined to buy it, so let\'s raise the bid high!

With a nod, Emery swiftly placed his bid and the horned auctioneer below quickly received it.

Three hundred thousand! Someone just bid three hundred thousand!

Such an immediate huge increment clearly told and showed everyone in the hall how much Emery wanted it, and seeing that the bid came from one of the VIP boxes, the other party took the hint and backed away without even trying to bid one more time.

Thanks to that, Emery managed to buy the Lightsaber below its predicted market price.

And sold for three hundred thousand spirit stones! Congratulations to the gentleman in Booth 13!

After a few more items were introduced and auctioned off, the staff brought up the fifth special item of the night and displayed it for all to see.

A pitch-black cloth about the size of a cape.

From the aura it emitted, the unknown cape was a Tier 6 artifact.

Of course, the horned auctioneer quickly introduced the item to the curious audience.

[Phantom Skin]

It was a cape that could bestow the gift of invisibility, in both physical and spirit departments.

Made by the silk of Void worms and crafted by the Dwemer.

It was an extraordinary artifact as it had the capability to hide its wearer from the perception of even a peak Full Moon magus.

This time Chumo rose to his feet, and the others could clearly see how badly their taciturn friend wanted that cape.

They naturally supported his desire because they knew the cloak could be of great use to him and to all of them.

Imagine, fooling the Nephilims under the nose with that.. said Thrax, which resonated with the others.

However, it seemed like the price Chumo had to pay to buy the artifact would not be small as it could be seen that there were more than a dozen people interested.

After a fierce bidding war against someone from another VIP box, Chumo eventually clutched the item but ended up spending all two million spirit stones and 250,000 contribution points.

Congratulations, once again, to the gentleman in Booth 13!

At this point, people started to take notice of Emery and the others.

Whispers and murmurs broke out among the crowd as they wondered about their identities, as they had managed to grab two of the 10 special items from tonight\'s items.

On the other hand, almost five million has already been spent by the group.

With the exception of Thrax, the others could feel their pockets thinning considerably.

Fortunately, as if answering their predicament, the sixth special item up for auction was their [Ifrit Veins].

Since the fire element was one of the common elements, there were quite a number of people bidding on the magic staff.

It was after all a weapon worthy for any magus.

Emery and the others watched excitedly as the bids continued to climb higher.

In the end, the Tier 6 artifact sold for 2.4 million spirit stones.

Spear! Why is there still no spear! I want my spear!!

By this time, Thrax was very annoyed.

Unfortunately for the Thracian, the seventh, the eighth, and the ninth special item were also not weapons.

Emery and the others couldn\'t help to restrain their chuckles as they watched the Thracian grow increasingly frustrated.

Eventually, it was time for the last and final special item of tonight\'s auction.

When the horned auctioneer opened the half-broken wooden box and showed the glimmering flags within, the Eastern Sage\'s expression changed as he abruptly stood up, startling Emery and the others.

Array formation flag!

It turned out that the last special item was an 8-set Tier 6 Formation Flags.

The combined power the complete set had was capable of withstanding or containing the power of the strongest grand magus level.

Everyone in the hall was shocked to see the existence of an artifact that could match a Tier 7 artifact – which is considered as God Tier.

But immediately, everyone realized the reason why such an item appeared at this kind of auction.

As regulated by the laws of the Magus Alliance, the auctioneer explained the details of the artifact.

Apparently, only three of the eight flags were still functional, with two broken and the remaining three missings.

This is the last item of the night.

The starting bid is one million! said the horned auctioneer.

The place quickly descended into chaos, with the crowd split into two opinions.

One thought of it as a great artifact worth at least three Tier 6 items.

Meanwhile, another side argued that with only three of its eight flags functioning, it would be lucky if the artifact could exhibit a thousandth of its original power.

Seeing such chaos, Emery turned towards the Sage, only for the latter to speak with a serious expression.

We must have it.


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