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After Headmaster Delbrand flew into space aiming to join the ongoing space battle, just as ordered, Emery went into action and quickly gathered all the spirit souls of the dead magus.

He collected the spirit soul of the Full Moon female magus, the Half Moons, and seven out of the eight Crescent Moons.

As for the humans\', he got none even though he had tried hard to find them.

It was actually common knowledge that Crescent Moon human magus tended to have a lower chance of having its spirit soul intact after death.

This was very different compared to the elves; a fact that some parties used to prove the argument that the elves were a race that was more advanced than humans.

After storing all the spirit souls he collected in his Spatial Space, Emery opened a portal for Klea and Chumo so that the two of them could reach and help Thrax faster.

He cast the spell one more time to send Twik and Chiku to stay guard on two opposite sides of the outpost, asking them to be his eyes and ears for any threat that might come.

Then, he started moving around, helping to heal all the injured.

While casting [Rejuvenating Mushroom] as much as he could, Emery also distributed his [Health Regenerating Pill], and even [Revival Pill], to those in need.

Yet, despite his hard work, still only two dozen among the hundreds were saved.

Among these survivors were Magus Aruka and the rebel leader Stildar who were on the brink of death.

Emery helped the two magus until they were strong enough to start healing themselves, then he went to check on his friend Julian.

The Roman was still unconscious, so Emery gave himself another try to wake his friend.

Alas, his efforts were fruitless as Julian was still lying with his eyes closed shut, seemingly having no intention to open.

It might be necessary to take him quickly to the academy..

Bardock was the only other person who was nearby, and from the man, Emery knew that the portal that should be connected to the Magus Academy was ready if he needed to use it right away.

No, not right now.

Knowing that unauthorized teleportation would bring about more problems, despite Julian\'s condition, Emery couldn\'t help but feel restrained from using it unless the situation was extremely urgent.

Since Julian\'s vitals seemed stable, Emery decided to wait until the Headmaster returned to decide.

With nothing else to do, he then decided to assume the lotus position.

While guarding the portal from any unexpected variables, Emery opted to spend his free time dealing with the problem that plagued him.

It was one that involved his spirit cores, which had been aching since the fight against the dark elf magus.

Delving into his body, Emery found the cause of the affliction.

An extremely thick dark mist that had covered his spirit core.

It was the result of devouring two magus-level figures – one Crescent Moon and the Half Moon Kasin.

The mist existed in such an enormous amount that he had never had before.

Fortunately, despite its dangerous quantity, the mist was in a stable state; most likely because both were of dark element, which was the element he had most proficiency in and had much more connection to his Devour ability.

But ultimately, there was only one way that Emery knew to relieve himself from such a problem.

[Spirit Absorption]

While still keeping his attention on Julian and the Stargate, Emery activated the skill and gradually absorbed the dark mist.

Slowly but surely, the spirit energy that he had devoured and accrued within him was refined and absorbed.

[Spirit force increased]

[Spirit force increased]

[Spirit force 1728 (1732)]

Three hours later, Emery was overjoyed when he saw his spirit force increase by four points.

Not only that, the thickness of the mist barely decreased.

This finding surprised as well as pleased him, and without further ado, Emery continued the absorption process.

[Spirit force increased]

[Spirit force 1732 (1736)]

Another three hours and Emery received the same result.

If this rate of increase continued, it meant that Emery could at least gain another 20 or 30 spirit power from this absorption, which was crazy considering that a Mythical creature barely gave him one spirit force increase during his training time with Zach.

The only reason Emery could think of as the cause of this phenomenon was because the elves gave a much stronger, better quality spirit force compared to humans or other creatures.

This guess of his couldn\'t help but make him consider joining Lord Izta to the frontline where he could have plenty of opportunities to devour more elves.

His thoughts were then cut off as his Spirit Reading perceived the arrival of several powerful forces from above.

Emery quickly stood up and went outside of the facility.

Looking up at the sky, he found one metal bronze menacing looking Cruiser descending from the sky.

Inside it were at least half a dozen magus, with among them the unique signature of Headmaster Delbrand himself.

While Emery knew the identity of the other party, the mysterious ship\'s arrival quickly made all the people on the ground anxious.

The two surviving magus, Stildar and Aruka who had recovered most of their health, quickly made their way to Emery.

Having experienced fighting in the frontline for quite some time, Magus Aruka seemed to know who the ship belonged to.

It\'s the Royal Imperium!

The Royal Imperium was not merely one of the twelve Grade 5 factions of the Magus Alliance.

They were also one of the largest dominating armies on the frontline, which spoke clearly of their capabilities.

Under everyone\'s gaze, the Cruiser landed on the outskirts of the outpost.

Before long, the ship\'s hatch opened and walked out troops in red and black uniforms, followed by dozens of figures in oversized bronze armor – the Space Knights.

After these people were a group filled with eye-catching figures.

Headmaster Delbrand, Magus Wilf, Minister Otto, and a peak Full Moon magus wearing a similar uniform to the soldiers, just with more epaulet.

This group eventually arrived in front of Emery and the two magus.

This is Emery, the envoy responsible for uncovering the threat of elves on this planet, said the Headmaster to the unfamiliar magus.

The peak level magus was a general of the Royal Imperium Army, and his arrival was mandated to inspect the stargate incident and relay judgement to Nexus faction.

This includes laying a decision for him and his friends action during the mission which will also reflect on their final exam score.

The Novel will be updated first on this website.

Come back and continue reading tomorrow, everyone!


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