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Spectacular dazzling fireworks continued to paint the sky over Nexus planet for a few hours until it finally came to a halt with the thorough destruction of all the elven Cruiser ships and the retreat of the Valkyrie ship.

By this time, the chaotic situation at the South Outpost facility had finally calmed down with barely two dozen survivors, all having varying degrees of wounds – most of them severe – scattered all over their bodies, accrued from their bloody battle against the elven magus.


On the other side of the Wasteland, the battle between humans and millions of orcs was still ongoing.

In fact, it only seemed to be getting more intense and brutal.

At this point, the barren yellow landscape of the Wasteland had changed color with thousands of corpses strewn about.

Amidst this traumatizing sight, a certain area stole the eye with its comparatively more dismembered corpses.

One bore the moniker Immortal Gladiator; Thrax was seen standing tall in the middle of the sea of orc corpses.

His entire body was covered from top to bottom with the entrails and blood of the orcs, as he led several thousands rebels on a narrow cliff located just a few miles from the first colony.

Staring at the thousands of people in front of him, Thrax spoke.

A valiant aura was felt around him.

This place is the last line of defense, everyone! Behind are your family, friends, and loved ones! Those vile orcs will reach them if you all let them pass; so fight!! Kill them all orcs!!

Alas, despite Thrax\'s inspiring words and fearless battle cry, after nearly half a day of relentless fighting and thousands of deaths, the people had reached their limit.

They were at the end of their strength.

Even so, this did not discourage the Immortal Gladiator at all.

Undaunted by the millions of orcs before him, Thrax brandished his weapon and stood unwaveringly against the horde of abominable creatures like a mighty mountain.

Even though his hands screamed to stop and his body was covered in blood everywhere, he continued to swing the glaive in his hand, killing dozens of orcs every few seconds.

Yet, he knew very well that he would eventually have to stop at some point.

In fact, his [9 Sun Divine Technique] had been active for so long that the distinctive sensation that told him he needed to take a breather had finally appeared.

Suddenly, Thrax and all the fighters saw something descending from the sky.

Five small ships, all with crude bronze yet eye-catching metal hulls.

A flag of a red fist could be seen fluttering on its highest point.

Before he had time to wonder if the newcomers were an ally or an enemy, the ship suddenly opened its lower hatch.

From within, dozens of tubular objects came out, diving straight down.

Explosions occurred when the objects hit the ground, killing and burning the surrounding orcs.

They created a safe area within the sea of ​​orcs, which was where figures that jumped out of each ship landed there.

All of these figures, who were evidently humans, were wearing oversized armor made of the same bronze material as the ship.

The armor was large enough to make it look like they were riding a machine instead of wearing armor.

Five squads, with a total of 100 men swiftly blasted forward with unstoppable momentum, cleaving through the orc horde.

Loud buzzing sounds were heard in the air as their heavy weaponry and armaments were activated, killing the orcs with incredible firepower and efficiency that even Nexus soldiers found to be impressive.

The machine guns were spewing bullets as if they were at last stand, explosive projectiles flew about wreaking havoc, laser beams sliced through the rows of orcs like butter; they worked together to turn the sea of orcs into piles of corpses.

In some chance that orcs managed to slip through their formation, these armored figures quickly responded as they took out swords and hammers.

With these weapons and armor, the orcs could do nothing but be decimated in close combat.

A whirring sound could be heard from the swords as they slashed the orcs with ease.

A mechanical invention that generated nano vibration had been installed within the cold weapon, which helped increase its lethality further as it turned its blade into some kind of a chainsaw.

While the swords cut through the orcs like paper, the hammer was no less lethal.

The blunt weapon was capable of discharging small, controlled blasts that created momentum so powerful enough to smash a row of orcs into an unrecognizable mess.

For the Emperor!!

These figures loudly shouted as they stood on their ground and established a zone, successfully creating a defensive line of their own.

With the help of these newcomers, within minutes the numbers of dead orcs skyrocketed, resulting in the seemingly endless sea of orcs finally being pushed back.

The people cheered and triumphed when they saw this sight.

When the orcs started to retreat back, one of the armored men turned towards Thrax, approached him, and then took off the helmet covering his face.

The other party was certainly a human, but there were multiple devices attached to the man\'s face.

That appearance made Thrax couldn\'t help but recall one of his acquaintances – the half-machine acolyte Atlas.

Are you the commander of this army The man asked.

Yes, I am.

Who are you Thrax responded, shooting a question himself.

Lieutenant Thorin, Captain of the 3rd Galactus Space Knight of the Royal Imperium!

Upon hearing the man\'s words, Thrax realized that the other party was the reinforcement that the Magus Alliance sent.

However, just as he was about to welcome the man and fight the remaining orcs, the man said something that stunned him.

I need you and your men to back down immediately; we are taking over!

With a dark look on his face, Thrax said, What the ** you mean taking over! Like hell will I let you do that! this is my battlefield!

Thrax definitely didn\'t like the idea of being told to stop; he abhorred it.

He was ready to ignore and about to attack the orcs again when suddenly something in the distant sky caught his attention.

There, a familiar creature could be seen flying toward him.

Two figures that he knew very well were seen standing on top of it – Klea and Chumo.

Upon descending, The Egyptian Queen who knew more about the situation and could sense the tension quickly stepped in and stopped the argument from developing further.

She explained the situation to Thrax who didn\'t know anything as he had been busy defending against the orcs.

Apparently, the Royal Imperium had deployed 500 of their powerful space knights all over the Wasteland.

They were currently moving in formation to surround the orcs and rid them of the planet.

Hence why Thorin asked Thrax to stop.

Klea grabbed Thrax\'s arm, which seemed to have managed to calm the Gladiator out of his annoyance.

While doing so, she said, We won, Thrax.

The victory is ours.

These people are now saved, and that\'s what matters, right

Thrax nodded his head, despite the frown on his forehead.

He took several breaths before turning around, a smile appearing on his face and seeing the thousands of people cheering for their victory.

The three of them then watched how the hundred space knights were able to push tens of thousands of orcs in sight back to the Wasteland.

It was nothing short of impressive.

Now that he was sure the battle was over, Thrax finally turned to his two friends and asked, Is it just you two Where are Emery and Julian


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