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Nexus Space Station

What are you doing! You are wasting time! Wilf, stop this right now!!

Stildar\'s gruff voice loudly echoed through the air as he couldn\'t hold back his irritation any longer.

For the record, an entire hour had passed and the Principal still ignored him completely.

As for Emery, he was silently counting for the time until the Magus Alliance\'s force arrived, while of course also sincerely hoping that the stargate would still not be activated by then.

Then, one of the ministers walked over bringing the latest development.

There is a slight delay, but the last transport ship has just arrived.

With that, the evacuation process has been completed.

Delay Why What\'s the problem the Principal asked, to which the minister responded with an explanation of what had happened in the first colony.

A scowl appeared on the former\'s face when he heard that.

Huh! Those troublesome envoys!

It was apparent that learning about how Klea had taken over one of the ships irritated the Principal.

A holographic screen appeared in front of the man, before a moving image of the stolen transport ship appeared within it.

It was an aerial view that could be seen by all present in the room, and there Emery could see his friends along with five thousand people apparently preparing for battle.

Ahh, it\'s just about to start! the principal exclaimed

The image then panned out, showing a sea of ​​orcs on the horizon approaching the colony.

Their sheer numbers gave those who saw them goosebumps, even more so when the terrain they passed by turned barren afterward.

Just before the colony was an abandoned settlement.

As the settlement was swarmed by the invading orcs, several large explosions suddenly occurred, killing thousands of them.

Before the orcs could quell the chaos in their ranks, many more fell to the ground dead as the people in the colony began firing their guns.

Explosive traps! shouted the Principal, evidently quite surprised.

However, chuckle soon replaced it.


even so, how much extra time would that give them I bet less than five minutes.

The other ministers quickly followed suit, laughing at the efforts of the natives who were bravely fighting the sea of orcs.

In their eyes those people\'s efforts were completely useless; hence the reason for their disdain.

This kind of reaction of course angered both Emery and Stildar.

Unfortunately, their anger only served to somehow turn the Principal even more excited.

Just as the Principal expected, the colony was soon surrounded by the orcs once again.

Needless to say, those people gave their all to resist the horde of abominable creatures; but there were simply too many orcs rushing down the hill for them to handle.

With a wave of the Principal\'s hand, the drone Nexus dispatched in the area flew down, and everyone was able to get a closer look at the situation.

There, Emery saw his three friends on the ground fighting fiercely against the relentless waves of orcs.

Even though many corpses were piled up around them, the orcs still continued to attack the three of them.

However, what angered him the most was the fact that the Principal was enjoying his helplessness.

As if to provoke him further, with a wicked smile, the man casually spoke to his minister.

Maybe we should fire the Star Blaster at that colony and put them out of their misery.

What do you think, everyone I think it\'s quite a humane thing to do.

Even though he knew the other party wanted to provoke him, Emery still couldn\'t contain his emotions when he heard those words.

He was on the verge of doing something reckless when Otto suddenly spoke.

Principal, we… should conserve our solar energy as much as possible for the expedition later.

The Principal immediately snapped his head towards the man.

The fact that Otto, who had betrayed him, had the audacity to try to help the rebels by pretending to care only served to anger him even more.

Staring at Otto with a hateful gaze, the Headmaster said spitefully.

I was actually joking before, but now I really want to see those people die! Turning to one of the ministers, he said, Tell the bridge commander to fire the Star Blaster immediately!

This quickly incited a violent reaction from Stildar.

Stop this madness! Stop it!

Realizing that the Principal\'s head was as dense as rock, the man looked at the vice magus commander Wilf.

Alas, the latter remained still, unwilling to take action or say anything of the sort.

On the other hand, hearing such words, Emery would certainly not allow that to happen.

He immediately mustered all the strength he had, struggling to break free from the chains that bound him.

The chain was created to restrain those who possessed a cultivation of magus realm since it was made using a kind of metal capable of hampering a magus\' battle power through restricting the flow of spirit energy.

Fortunately for Emery, such restrictions didn\'t affect him significantly.

It was thanks to the fact that he already innately possessed high battle power and his main boosts did not fully originate from spirit energy in the spirit core, instead from his bloodline.

Of course, he found it hard to transform due to the interference the chain had on his energy flow.

However, in such a desperate situation, he forced himself to break free.

His muscles bulged and his body grew larger as the transformation took place, which consequently weighed on the chains that bound his body.

Fortunately, the strong vibration and loud sound of the Star Blaster engine being powered up camouflaged the sound of the chain cracking.

[Night Transformation]


Emery howled loudly as he finished his transformation.

However, just as he was about to rush at the Principal, he felt his body being pushed to the ground.

Both his arms and shoulders were being held by two magus, as if they had been waiting for it all this time.

It was also at this moment that the Star Blaster was fired.

The brilliant beam crossed the dark space, towards the planet.


All eyes immediately turned to the screen, looking at the aerial view of the colony and its surrounding area.

A moment later, a bright light appeared on the screen and nothing could be seen again as a large dust cloud appeared.

You crazy bastard!! Stildar went berserk, which was then also quickly neutralized by the other magus.

Emery on the other hand gritted his teeth in anger, his eyes fixed on the screen.

However, when the dust finally cleared and vision regained, everyone without exception was shocked by what they saw.

The drone caught full view of a massive crater – the aftermath of the destructive Star Blaster; but instead of where the colony was, it was nestled in the midst of the orc horde, carving out a glaring empty space within the sea of creatures.


It\'s a misfire!

At this moment of confusion, a message entered Emery\'s mind.

[I have successfully taken control of their command center]


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