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A lot of traffic was happening as Emery and Cedric neared the building made of stone and steel.

Various people with all sorts of appearances, wearing different uniforms and some of which Emery didn\'t recognize, entered and exited the building non-stop.

What place is this he asked.

This is one of the representative branches for all magi and acolytes in our galaxy specific to this city.

We mostly come to this place to accept missions or use facilities that are similar to the elemental institutions, Cedric answered.

When Emery entered the building, the smell of ale, noisy clanking of cups and plates and the chattering of gossiping men and women on the side all welcomed him.

It was just like one of the taverns the peasants loved going to after their day\'s work situated in the middle of his father\'s estate, but this place appeared more sophisticated with its classy tables, colorful curtains by the windows, and shiny floorings.

Many people who looked like magi and acolytes were busy with their own activities; when they saw Emery and Cedric\'s uniforms, it fell silent for a moment before returning to its usual liveliness.

Walk proud, Emery.

Many of these people dreamt to be a part of our prestigious academy even more within the crafting institution.

Follow me, Cedric briefly explained.

After passing through the main hall, the noises died down when they entered another room.

Cedric said, This is the highlight of this place for all acolytes and magi alike.

They made their way toward behind a counter in the corner, which was manned by what appeared to be a half-breed, red-skinned human with two horns protruding upwards from his head.

The man greeted the recently arrived Emery and Cedric with a sour face.

What do you want

It is also nice to see you again, Aeon, said Cedric, not minding the rough tone of the horned-man.

I am hoping you can help my friend here from the apothecary who has just reached rank two acolyte today.

We\'re looking for you to confirm and give him his starting package.

I can do the test here Emery blurted out with a tint of happiness in his voice.

Well, not exactly but that\'s what the guild is for.

Do you know how many magi are in our galaxy Too many to count, that\'s for sure.

With that in mind, can you imagine all this magi and acolytes from other worlds or planets returning to a centralized headquarters every time their rank got upgraded and finished a task or a mission It\'ll be too much, but fortunately, there are thousands of these guilds over our galaxy.

And with our academy being the top amongst all of them, it shouldn\'t be that surprising our Golden City has its own, Cedric explained with a haughty look.

So, are you just gonna stand there and chat in my face or what said the horned red-skinned acolyte.

You want my job easier Easy...

just leave! Aeon exclaimed, but Cedric didn\'t budge nor looked offended.

Aeon turned his attention to Emery and said.

You, let me see your palm.

Emery did as Aeon asked.

The man then said, First year acolyte four affinities with a B aptitude.

That\'s a terrible combination for the academy\'s acolyte.

You must have been very busy the last few days.

And although you\'ve reached rank two, it\'s unfortunate that you\'re not eligible to receive the starting pack.

What Why Emery asked. 

Aeon moved closer, his protruding horns that looked like a goat\'s horns was only an inch away from Emery\'s face.

The grumpy face of the half-breed seemed to have wrinkled further as he inspected Emery\'s stats further before showing the stats to Emery, himself. 

[Emery Ambrose]

[15 years old]

[Battle Power 16]

[Spirit Power 30]

[Spirit Aptitude B]

[Spirit affinity: Earth, Water, Plant and Darkness]

[Earth Spirit - Initial Stage - Incomplete]

[Water Spirit - Initial Stage - Incomplete]

[Plant Spirit - Initial Stage - Incomplete]

[Darkness Spirit - Inestimable]

Cedric opened his mouth for a brief moment as if he wanted to say something, but Emery caught the sharp look of this red-skinned man looking at Cedric, making him close his mouth once more.

Bahh, it\'s just a basic mistake of young acolytes coming from lower worlds.

I believe you didn\'t achieve the spirit power breakthrough with a natural way, right The reason why I believe that is you have the required spirit power needed, that\'s good, but your understanding of the elements is low.

I don\'t have to explain what incomplete means, do I

Emery shook his head and said, I understand, senior.

But what about inestimable

Aeon gave a thought before answering.

It\'s quite odd but also not uncommon, it would often show from young acolytes who have a very bad understanding or no understanding of the element at all.

Then it clicked in Emery\'s mind.

He indeed hadn\'t meditated in front of the darkness origin stone yet and it had indeed been true that his breakthrough in spirit power was due to a green essescence potion, not from the understanding of the elements.

It was understandable that his darkness would be inestimable.

Aeon continued speaking, For a B aptitude acolyte, it should take you a couple of days to learn each element, but with your four affinities, I reckon it\'d be much more difficult than usual.

If you are diligent enough, however, you should be able to master any one of your elements in two weeks.

Once you have sufficient understanding of at least one elemental spirit, return here to receive your invitation and starting pack.

However, Emery didn\'t even have two days, especially two weeks.

He would have plenty of time to train back in Britain but what\'s the point in mastering the elements but not having the spells to use

Emery became disheartened again when Cedric, standing next to him, said, Looks like horny boy has finished his explanation.

Aeon grunted.

I guess it\'s my turn to speak. Cedric looked at Emery with a wide smile, and said, I have a proposal for you, Emery.


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