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It was apparent that the unique-looking suit that the Fire Magus Garnet was wearing was a technology that utilized the solar stone.

At the moment, the man was literally on fire with his clothes having been burned to ashes, leaving him with the gray suit that had a reddish golden glow that ran across its surface.

Die!! Die you now!!

As if he was the personification of the god of fire, Magus Garnet flew across the sky leaving a blazing trail as he shot towards Emery at breakneck speed.

The next thing Emery saw was a fiery sword descending upon him.


A loud deafening sounded in the air as the sword was stopped by another sword.

However, although he managed to block the attack perfectly, Emery knew his situation wasn\'t good as he discovered from this exchange that the magus really had managed to boost his physical strength to another level altogether.

As if the other party was another person, Magus Garnet changed his fighting style.

With his increased battle power that allowed him to wield his weapon with one hand, he began to utilize his other arm to cast spells, shooting powerful fireballs in between his sword attacks.

Bamm!! Baammm!!

Faced with such a relentless onslaught of attacks, it was only natural that Emery would slip up once in a while.

Every hit he received was able to create a crack on his Jade Armor, and even though it didn\'t not hurt him, it still affected him.

After all, it took time for him to restore his armor, hence he tried his best to not get hit too much.

Assessing his current situation, Emery started to shift his focus on dodging the magus\' attacks.

In order to do that, he cast [Slipstream] and utilized more of his [Void Mist] spell.

With that, the fight came into a stalemate once again.

On the other hand, the three-against-one battle began to stabilize and show promise.

In fact, it should be only a matter of time before the Water Magus Wildon falls under the hands of the three.

It was at this moment that a loud booming sounded in the air, causing Emery and the others to turn their heads and realize that the explosion occurred on the hill where the rebels\' hideout was located.

Stildar, who had previously ready to join Emery for revenge, immediately changed his mind and swiftly left the area, heading for the hill with his brother hanging on his shoulder.

Worried about the situation, Emery used [One Mind] to be connected with Twik, and see a visual of another fierce battle taking place between his Roman friends and the last Nexus magus – Magus Rodrick.

With such a situation, Emery knew he really had to make haste.

For that reason, he finally used his final form.


[Twilight Transformation]

Within seconds, his entire hair turned silvery white while the tattoos on his body turned glowing green as if they were alive.

The visual transformation was quickly followed by the apparent increase of magic resistance, which made the magus\' fire spells much less threatening.

The fireballs were still hot, but it wasn\'t enough to crack the armor anymore.

Emery quickly shot towards Magus Garnet, ferociously charging through the salvo of fireballs as if they didn\'t exist.

This sudden aggression naturally caught the magus off guard, allowing him to score a deep cut on the latter\'s face.

Emery wanted to injure the magus more, but the latter\'s crazed counterattacks forced him to back away.

Arghhh! I will definitely kill you and all your little friends!! screamed Magus Garnet, glaring at Emery with a venomous gaze.

The determination to kill could be seen very clearly in his deranged eyes.

Enraged at the situation and everything he had been through, the man exploded and decided to use his final trump card.

He swung his sword in a rotating motion and rapid succession, causing the flames that engulfed the sword to form a huge wheel of fire that quickly increased the temperature in the surrounding area.

The entire process only took seconds before the fire wheel blasted towards Emery.

Emery managed to dodge the first wheel but was forced to counter the second attack with his [Shadow Edge].

Unfortunately, his darkness energy slash fell short to the magus\' attack, compelling him to dodge once again.

Hahaha! No, you will die here today!!

Magus Garnet repeatedly launched the same attacks as his sword synergized with the high level fire magic [Wheel of Fire] he had cast.

The salvo aimed to overwhelm Emery as it transformed into that of a tornado.

Emery promptly took out his second sword [Lightsaber].

Together with the Savage Sword, he swung his arms relentlessly, blocking and parrying the attacks thrown at him.

He didn\'t dare to stop lest he be severely injured.

Bamm!! Bamm!! Baamm!!!

The fire wheels that Magus Garnet threw out were undoubtedly powerful attacks, with each one capable of causing him to grit his teeth and propel his body several steps back.

However, Emery knew such an attack would not last long.

Why aren\'t you dead yet!! the magus shouted hatefully.

Unfortunately for him, his shout only strengthened Emery\'s resolve to hold on.

The latter understood that his moment would come in a moment.

Just as expected, about three dozen attacks later, Emery whose eyes were as ready as a hawk swiftly noticed that the magus\' attack speed was starting to gradually decrease.

He became even more confident in his conclusion when he saw the golden light on the magus suit also dimming.

Not wanting to waste this opportunity, Emery immediately took action.

He changed his full defensive approach; he used one of his swords to block the attacks that were still coming, while using the other to attack the magus.

A brilliant light appeared in the air as Emery raised his sword to the sky.

[Omega Strike]


An ear-splitting sound rang out as the attack connected, followed by the sight of Magus Garnet being flung back a hundred steps and crashing into a huge yellow rock.

However, Emery knew this was far from sufficient.

Arrghh!!! You\'re going to pay for this!!

His figure looked hazy amidst the smoke of dust, the fire magus struggled to stand.

When he finally got to his feet again, the first thing he did was take out some Solar Stones and place them on the glowing pearl in his chest.

At this point, Emery had seen enough to know that the man was powering up his suit which would be catastrophic if left alone.

Therefore, without further ado, Emery stirred up the darkness energy in his body and sent multiple [Shadow Edge] at the other party.

Bammm!! Baammm!

Magus Garnet let out a hoarse scream as the attack struck him squarely.

The excruciating pain forced him to drop the Solar Stone onto the ground.

Glaring at Emery, the man cursed loudly.

You bastard!!

Before the man could pick up the stone again, Emery was already standing in front of him and stabbed with his sword, piercing the man\'s chest until the tip of his sword was visible on his back.


Crimson liquid splattered everywhere, and it was clear the man was on the verge of his last.

His teeth chattered violently as his entire body trembled intensely with pain.

Strength gradually left him.

However, when Emery thought that he had won, the magus suddenly gripped his hand tightly.

He saw the desperation in the man\'s eyes as he took out all the Solar Stones he had, holding them in his hand.

You will not survive this one!

In the next instant, he broke it all apart to enhance the final fire spell he cast, turning it into a colossal explosion that engulfed the surrounding area in a sphere of destruction and heats


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