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Everyone watched with bated breath as they knew the next round of battles was about to begin.

Emery against Garnet the Flame Magus, while Chumo against Wildon the Water Magus.

Emery observed his opponent intently as his mind recalled what Chumo had told him.

Chumo had given him the information he obtained from all three magus thanks to his [Eye of Raven] ability.


[Law of Fire – 14% comprehension]

[Battle power: 335]

[Wildon Weiss ]

[Law of Water – 10% comprehension]

[Battle power: 290]

[Stildar Quartermain]

[Law of Lightning – 10% comprehension]

[Battle power: 314]

It turned out that the leader of the Nexus Magus was already at the peak of the Crescent Moon stage.

Therefore, it was not surprising that Stildar wasn\'t able to beat the other party, since he was technically weaker.

While Emery was still observing his soon-to-be opponent, Chumo started his fight already.

His figure disappeared before a flurry of attacks struck the water magus from his blind spot.

However, the attack was handled as if it was nothing.

From the looks of it, even with his newfound secret technique that enhanced his power, his Asian friend was unable to match the magus.

Chumo was not discouraged however.

In fact, it seemed that he had expected such an outcome seeing what he did next.

Instead of forcing his way and risking getting hurt, Chumo decided to drag the fight out by only harassing the water magus without committing fully in his attacks.

He planned to wait for Klea to finish healing the injured Thracian.

That way, his chances of winning are significantly increased.

Emery felt relieved when he saw Chumo\'s situation.

When he opened his eyes once more, a strong determination flashed within.

He could finally concentrate fully on his own opponent.

Brandishing his Savage Sword, a layer of blazing energy engulfed his entire body as he used his [Immortal Gate].

He then activated his innate [Night Transformation], which gave him the most battle power, but still allowed him to conserve his spirit pool.

p As his body grew larger, his muscles bulged, and coarse black fur began to surface on his four limbs, Emery gave a fierce glare at the flame magus, clearly displaying his hostility towards the latter.

Seeing the spectacle of Emery transforming, a look of realization appeared on Magus Garnet\'s face.

Half-blood… I see..

I heard you were the one who defeated Stildar.

I guess that makes you the strongest here.

Without further ado, Garnet followed Emery\'s actions by casting the Tier 6 fire spell [Armor of the Fire].

A cloak of blazing flame swiftly materialized out of thin air and draped over his body entirely.

Even from a distance, Emery could feel the scorching heat it radiated.

[Armor of the Fire] was a spell accessible only to those who have comprehended the Law of Fire, granting the caster a huge boost in both battle power and subsequent fire element spells cast.

Magus Garnet\'s current appearance reminded Emery of Bradley, the fire magus punk of the privileged class.

However, the former would certainly be much stronger than the latter, because at the time Emery fought the punk, he was said to have at most five percent comprehension of Law of Fire.

Akin to a falling meteor, Magus Garnet shot forward.

Firmly swinging his hand that held the curved sword that was enveloped in flames, the man unleashed a downward slash that threatened to sever the sky in two.

Despite seeing the deadly attack approaching, Emery maintained his calm.

He promptly put his sword in front of his chest before swinging it sideways.

Dao hymns manifested and orbited around the blade as his [36 Dao Divine Sword Technique] unleashed its might.


The two powerful attacks clashed against each other, and their owners quickly realized that they couldn\'t push the other back.

It was a draw; a shocking result, especially to Magus Garnet.

An ashamed look replaced the surprised expression on his face as he realized what had just transpired.

As a matter of fact, the man was so disturbed by it that he was almost caught by Emery\'s follow-up attack.

Luckily, he managed to get out of the way at the last moment.

Enraged, the magus sent a torrent of attacks at Emery.

The battle between the two escalated very quickly.

In the beginning, the two of them only fought on the ground, but a few minutes later, their battlefield had switched to the vast sky as Emery materialized a pair of wings using the spell [Light Wings] to match the magus\' innate flight ability.

The fight caused expressions of disbelief to appear on the faces of the two Quartermain brothers who could only watch as both of them still needed to recover from their injuries.

Their disbelief grew even more when they remembered that Emery was still an acolyte.

On the other side, Klea was still focused on healing Thrax.

Even though she really wanted to help Emery, she understood that healing the Thracian took priority.

Right now, Thrax was sitting in a unique form – his legs crossed one above his head and another supporting his stance with one of his arms.

The [9 Sun Divine Technique] he possessed circulated throughout his body, supporting Klea\'s effort to heal his condition.


Suddenly, a grunt sounded in the air.

Everyone turned their heads and saw Chumo with a glaring hole on his shoulder.

Since he was not much of a close combatant, Chumo had been trying his best to maintain his distance from the water magus while also attacking when the opportunity arose.

But in the end, under the relentless attacks, Magus Wildon caught him off guard and inflicted a wound; and this was the trigger for Thrax to force his body up.

Not yet, Thrax! Stay down! Klea shouted.

Unfortunately, the Thracian was headstrong.

No, this is more than enough!

The Immortal Gladiator let out his battle cry, rousing his fighting spirit and numbing him from the pain still engulfing his body.

Without the slightest hesitation, he kicked the ground and shot towards where Chumo was.

Knowing that she couldn\'t stop him, Klea just looked toward the two Quartermain and said, You two don\'t need my help, do you..

Before the two could answer however, Klea already took off from where she was, joining the ongoing battle.

Upon arriving, she cast her lightning spells in succession, unleashing a ferocious barrage upon the water magus.

Chumo\'s battle against Magus Wildon became a three-against-one fight.

Thrax stepped up and faced the magus head-on, restraining the other party\'s movements while Klea cast ranged spells in droves.

With his two friends containing and suppressing the water magus, Chumo was able to do what he did best without a hitch.

Faced with multiple attacks coming from his blind spot with his current situation, Magus Wildon couldn\'t help but accumulate injuries.

It only took a few minutes before the water magus\' body was covered with wounds from top to bottom.

This of course didn\'t go unnoticed by Magus Garnet, and therefore worried him.

Unfortunately, he himself was currently unable to do anything about it as he had been tightly entangled and put into a corner by Emery.

It wasn\'t conspicuous at first, but he soon realized the longer he fought Emery, the more he found himself cornered.

What a strange sword techniques you have here! Must have been a fortunate inheritance from a master!

Thank you for kind words, actually I created it myself!

Huff! What a liar! I don\'t believe you!

Suits yourself!

As soon as Emery said the word, he blink and manage to land a strike


Emery\'s attack managed to connect with Magus Garnet\'s back.

Even though it only cut through his blue robes, the impact was enough to push him several steps away.

At this point, Emery had used the [Void Mist] spell, utilizing the clones to confuse the magus which allowed him to deliver more attacks.

In the past, Magus Garnet would certainly scoff at such gimmick.

Not in a hundred years would it work on him.

But now, the reality that he would be defeated by a mere Rank 9 acolyte couldn\'t be closer than ever.

ARRGGHHHH!!! The magus screamed in irritation, hatred evident in his expression.

Sweeping his gaze across the many Emery\'s, the man venomously said, You really think you are better than me, do you! No! Not until you see this!

With an expression that looked like he had gone mad, the fire mage tore off his blue Nexus uniform, revealing a unique-looking black suit with a golden pearl in the center.

It looked very similar to the one installed in Solar Armor and Solar Rifle, albeit several times bigger.

All of a sudden, the pearl gave off a resplendent light.

Emery watched as several golden lines appeared and spread throughout the magus\' body, from his chest to the tips of his four limbs.

His face quickly changed as his Spirit Reading sensed the exponential increase in the magus\' power.

Now you will die!

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Come back and continue reading tomorrow, everyone!


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