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A special room had been prepared within the Light Institute\'s building, and Emery was quickly led to said place.

It was certainly something out of the ordinary, as there were three magus standing before Emery.

However, the presence of the three magus couldn\'t compare to the other figure in the room, the head of the Light Institute, Grand Magus Aurora.

These three will train you for the next ten days. The grand magus said, her gaze on Emery.

Emery observed the people who would be his teachers.

Other than Magus Urix who he knew, there was a female magus with blond hair named Miriel and a male magus with dark skin tone named Corlyn.

Magus Miriel will instruct you in light element spells, while Magus Corlyn will provide guidance in divine artifacts.

As for Magus Urix, he will be your battle trainer.

Seeing such favorable treatment given to him, Emery couldn\'t help but wonder about the reason.

However, just as he was about to voice his question, the female grand magus spoke as if she could read his mind.

I have no answer.

We are simply following the woven line of fate.

With that enigmatic answer, Emery\'s intensive training at the Light Institute finally began.


During his hours with Magus Miriel, Emery took advantage of the precious opportunity and asked questions about the light spells that he had not yet been able to cast.

However, his main question was still on the [Rebirth] spell he possessed.

Emery proceeded to explain what he had done in his spirit cave to the female magus, as well as some of his thoughts.

That way, the magus had a clearer picture of what happened and what exactly he wanted to know.

Tell me what did you do.

Or rather, what was on your mind just before the spell was cast

The magus\' question made Emery remember what he had been thinking before the rebirth spell casted and losing consciousness.

At that moment, all he thought about was how much he wished he could undo what had happened to the little creatures.

That\'s the answer, said the female magus, confusing Emery for a moment.

Wishes and faith; those are the basic foundation of light spells.

At that time, you make a strong wish and the divine power grants your wishes.


The time Emery spent under the tutelage of the dark-skinned Magus Corlyn was also an interesting one.

The magus showed great interest in Twik, especially the golden stone that was embedded in Twik\'s chest which he believed to be a divine artifact.

This belief of his only became firmer when the magus learned that it originated from the offspring of a Primordial Wisp.

Since most light spells rely on divine power, the light element has the most dependability on divine artifacts.

When he learned about the miracle that Emery had accomplished, Magus Corlyn believed that the only reason the [Rebirth] spell was successfully cast was because of Twik\'s spirit core which helped provide the divine power needed.

To practice the use of divine artifacts, you will now learn how to use the magic staff.

[Magic Staff]

[Tier 4 - light element]

Emery received the so-called magic staff from the magus.

It looked like an ordinary wooden stick if it weren\'t for the light crystal embedded on top of it.

Normally, Emery always depended on his dual spirit core to cast all his magic.

The same thing applied with the Lightsaber which helped channel his spirit energy and transform it into an energy based weapon.

For the magic staff, however, he would now have to learn to use the light crystal – a divine artifact – as a medium to cast his spell.

It took him quite some time to get used to the magic staff, but when he did the effect it brought was tremendous.

[Light Missile]

Like a flower blossoming in spring, numerous rays of light shot towards the designated target per Emery\'s command.

What remained on the target after the spell struck were numerous holes with scorched traces.

The other project Emery delved into under the magus was his [Plant Fusion] spell, which apparently had to do in his capabilities in connecting himself to the divine artifact on Twik\'s chest.


As for Emery\'s schedule with Magus Urix, it was all spent learning control of the light spells he had learned from the previous two sessions by fighting using them in combination with the Lightsaber.

He also spent a few hours of time inside the origin stone room every day in between the sessions to further improve his comprehension in the light element.

After all, his understanding of the light element was the most important foundation.

With so much to learn, time went by so fast that 10 days passed without him noticing.

[Your final test will begin tomorrow]

Still engrossed in his exploration of the light element, Emery decided to ignore the notification until eventually another one came along, forcibly bringing him out of the training.

[You have one hour to report for your mission]

Since he knew this notification was the last warning and that he would be disqualified if not heeded, Emery quickly said his gratitude to the three magus who had taught him in the past ten days and swiftly headed for the portal to the Magus Academy.

Upon arrival, Emery was greeted by an unusually bustling sight.

Dozens of flying ships filled the hangar to the brim, while dozens more could be seen flying away into the sky heading towards outer space.

Am I late Emery suddenly turned anxious seeing such a sight.

Worried about that possibility, he quickly hopped onto the nearest academy staff in the area and reported his arrival.

The staff quickly checked his credentials and told Emery what he needed to know.

Acolyte Ambrose, you are to report to Deck 07.

Emery was surprised to learn that there was no assembly where the acolytes would be briefed about the event.

In fact, some of the others had already left the academy and gone on their own group missions.

In the midst of his confusion, Emery cast [Light Whisper] and sent messages to Klea and the others.

He hoped they could gather for a moment before they set off for their respective missions.

As he was walking towards Deck 07, during the chaos around him, a notification came into his mind.

Emery immediately checked what it was, and a smile appeared on his face when he saw that it was a message from Klea.

[Emery look further! I\'m here!]

Emery was surprised to see Klea standing in front of the ship he was supposed to be aboard.

What\'s more, behind her were two familiar figures that made the smile on his face widen.

Yo, Emery! Why are you so late!

One muscular guy and a slender young man; Thrax and Chumo, the two friends he hadn\'t seen in months.

We\'re all on the same team asked Emery in disbelief, to which everyone nodded with a smile.

But then, he noticed that one person was missing among them.

What about Julian Where is he

As soon as Emery said those words, Julian\'s figure came out of the ship.

I heard my name called, who missed me!

Before Emery could reply, Julian interrupted

I am appointed as the team leader this time.

Let\'s get on the ship first, I will explain our mission on the way.

The thought that everyone from Earth was assigned to the same mission brought apparent excitement on everyone\'s face.

Seeing such a sight, the Roman smiled as he added.

Don\'t be too happy yet.

We are going to the frontline.


Author Note:

Dear readers, with this chapter, the month of August is over and I thank you for your support in buying the privileged chapters.

I hope you all had an enjoyable read.

With the coming September, the novel has finally reached 2 years.

All is possible because of your support.

Now a slight preview for EGM September chapters;


The Final exam mission will not be a filler arch.

When the midtest explains about the Wisp, on this short mission, Emery and friends will understand about the frontline and the issue of upgrading realm.

I hope you will join me again for the September chapters.

Don\'t forget to drop by our discord channel for the end of month\'s event, Thank you again


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