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Now that Emery had thought of it, without further ado he acted upon the idea.

As a result of that, he dedicated an entire day to experimenting with various ways to utilize the [Celestial Essence] in his project.

After many trials and errors, he discovered that the [Celestial Essence] was a very volatile and unstable substance.

Luckily, the shimmering black liquid was a reagent-type substance – the exact same type as the Gaia Essence that he had much experience in handling.

However, there was one major difference between the two: the fact that Celestial Essence was a hundred times more powerful than Gaia Essence.

From what Emery had researched and found, these extremely rare ingredients were usually used as some sort of booster for high-tier potions.

One of such potions he knew of was the [Legendary Bloodline Elixir] which he had received from the Zodiac City in his second year, which had tremendously helped purify his bloodline genes at that time.

In fact, an oz of Celestial Essence would be able to make dozens of such elixirs that could enhance any kind of bloodline.

Hence it was no wonder that consuming and absorbing the essence was able to boost his mutated bloodline by quite a huge margin.

Even though he didn\'t know how much the grand magus had fed him, Emery would definitely set aside some Celestial Essence he had for the future research on his Twilight booster.

It was, after all, not an easy ingredient to obtain.

After a day of experimenting with the renowned essence, Emery finally figured out what he thought was the safest and most efficient way to deal with the precious ingredient.

Basing the methods on the recipe he had for the Gaia Serum, Emery was able to dilute one oz of Celestial Essence into ten portions of dosage at a tenth of its original potency.

Although the diluted version was weaker than its counterparts, in exchange it was a more stable and easy ingredient to handle.

After that, he chose ten recipes of [Metamorph Potion] amongst the many that showed the best results and concocted them in 10 different ways, this time adding the diluted Celestial Essence into the mix.

The result was spectacular, to say the least.

Emery managed to create potions ranging from 105% to 110% potency, which meant all potions created in this batch of concoctions were of Masterpiece quality.

Seeing the row of ten Masterpiece potions in front of him, even though he had somewhat expected it, Emery was still shocked by how potent the Celestial Essence was.

It was certainly a great feeling to finally succeed to go past the limit, even though it was helped with extraordinary ingredients.

However, Emery was not done yet in his venture.

With the limited amount of Celestial Essence he had at hand, Emery couldn\'t actually afford to spend one oz only for 10 potions.

Hence he went a step further and once again diluted the extraordinary essence enough for 30 potions until he finally obtained the result he wanted.

[Metamorph Potion]

[Potency Strength: 101% - Masterpiece Quality]

Emery looked at the three rows of potions before him and inwardly heaved a sigh of relief.

He was certainly relieved that his experiment bore a fruitful result, that one oz worth of diluted Celestial Essence was just enough to get him 30 potions with Masterpiece level of quality.

Now that he finally got it, it was time to start the awakening process of the 30 Chizpur Fang saplings.

Emery swiflty prepared what he needed for the awakening process.

The Metamorph Potion, a drop of his own blood, and the [Photosynthesis] spell; he immediately began once everything was in place.

Through the spell, Emery could clearly feel the potion and liquid and his blood spreading through and making huge changes onto the saplings.

Just like last time, a swirl of gathered spirit energy gradually formed within the plant.

Before long, a notification appeared in his mind, indicating the attempt to upgrade the sapling was successful.

[Chizpur Fang upgraded to stage 4]

Emery pulled his hands back and watched as the Chizpur Fang sapling slowly but surely grew.

At first, no distinct feature could be seen on the plant body.

But eventually, it began to enlarge and form what appeared to be four short limbs, a rocky body with two pitch-black small beads of eyes.

Ku ku Ku...

A smile adorned Emery\'s lips as he looked at the new life he just created.


It took an entire day for all 30 Chizpur Fang saplings to be upgraded.

The metamorphosis awakening process must be done very carefully by connecting himself to Chizpur Fang saplings.

The process became even more delicate as each sapling had a slight difference from each other, unique to itself.

Through all of this, Emery could clearly feel the emergence of life, and the awakening process from these Chizpur Fang had brought him much understanding of the nature element itself.

All in all, the gain far outweighs the cost.

However, when he was finally done with the job, Emery ended up with 30 tiny creatures filling the garden; running, stumbling, and rolling around the place as these new lives explored the new reality before them.






Fortunately, this time, Emery didn\'t need to take care of this chaotic ball of mess himself since there were six bigger, senior ones around.

With [One Mind], he deployed the help of the 6 initial Chizpur Fang brothers asking them to help their juniors.

In a matter of minutes, the Chizpur brothers took control of the chaotic situation and managed to rein in the 30 newly-awakened Chizpur Fang.

They even managed to get them to stand in the line of five in an orderly manner.

Surprisingly, this new batch of plant creatures seemed much easier to control; and although they had the yellow, rocky bodies of their six seniors, all of them were much slimmer in comparison,

Seeing that all thirty Chizpur Fang have the same build that mirrored one another, Emery could only assume that this phenomenon was the side effect of the Masterpiece quality Metamorph Potion.

So what do you think, Twik They should be easier to handle, Emery asked, and although the little guy didn\'t say a word, Emery could tell that Twik was doubtful.

They certainly looked worrisome with their small size.

However, there was not much Emery could do right now.

He planned to let them grow a little more before boosting them to the next stage.

Now that Emery had been warmed up with the Chizpur Fang seeds, it was time for him to put his attention to Twik – the main objective of this project.

Alright, Twik.

It\'s your turn now.

Are you ready




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