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Emery returned to his burning cauldron and took time to finish his second batch of 20 recipes.

When he saw the result, unfortunately, he could only reach the same 99% potency of excellent strength.

He tried again with the third batch of 20 well-thought recipes, but once again, he failed.

What\'s worse, there wasn\'t even a 99% potency within this batch.

Emery grumped in annoyance as he kept failing to get the result he was hoping for.

Still, he did not stop trying and took another chance for the fourth batch.

This time, he even used the [Photosynthesis] skill on the 12 ingredients to increase their properties before starting to concoct.

This should do the work!

The Photosynthesis skill had never failed him, and he was confident that it also wouldn\'t this time.

His eyes were filled with expectation as they were glued to the cauldron, but his patience was rewarded with nothing less of a disaster.

The skill worked on low-tier ingredients, but not on higher-tier ones.

His eyes widened in shock.

The tier 5 flower [Angel\'s Trumpet], the highest-tier ingredient within the recipe, withered as soon as he cast the spell on it.

Not even his [Fragmentation] spell could salvage it.

No… no!!

Emery looked at the withered flower with regret.

He realized late that the Arbor master, the creator of [Photosynthesis], would have written about it if he thought the spell would work on the recipe.

Now because of his impulsiveness, one of his highest-tier ingredients was wasted just like that.

Emery irritatedly ruffled his hair.

His emotions were in turmoil as a result of the failures, yet it was followed by a short chuckle from the creature near him.

Kua…ng… Ku… Kuaang…

His little buddy was laughing at him.

Seriously, Twik, I am suffering for you here.

Kuang! The little creature was just ignorant about it.

Well, that wasn\'t really the full truth.

The project would not only benefit Twik, but also the other plant creatures and himself as well.

Emery heaved a sigh and contemplated for a moment.

He had to find another way to fix it, but the more he thought about it, the more difficult he found it to come up with a solution.

In the end, he decided to give the [Metamorph Theory] another read.

Every time he went through those pages written by the Arbor master, Emery would feel amazed.

The metamorph potion was an exceptional creation, an ingenuity within the whole universe.

If it was not because of the step-by-step guide given by the Arbor master, not in a thousand years would Emery or anyone else be able to come up with such a potion.

It was written that the higher the potency the higher the success rate, and depending on the seed, it would also create a higher-quality gene.

Emery was beginning to doubt his ability to create one with potency higher than the original when he finally found a note about how the Arbor master always prefers to use lower-tier items.

Is this mean that the potion could create better results with high-tier ingredients

With this thought, he once again took out the small jar filled with dark liquid.

[Celestial Essence - Tier 7]

Emery held the small jar in the air.

As he looked closely at its content, he thought that it could be a great option to create the result he needed.

However, the previous result reminded him to be more careful.

He certainly would not recklessly pour the invaluable ingredients, hence he decided to be more careful this time.

Fortunately, Klea had taught him about searching the academy database through the system.

Right away, Emery started accessing his privilege bracelet and inquiring for more information about the celestials.

The celestials were ancient beings said to have power above the mythical creatures, even more powerful than the godly-level beast.

The more he read, the more amazed he became as he learned more facts about the ancient beings.

However, it was written that there was no record of their sightings in the last thousands of years, thus it soon become a forgotten relic within the history of the universe.

Emery slowly became lost in his reading.

As he was searching for more in-depth information about the matter, he was surprised by the appearance of a notification from the system.

[This section information is restricted for magus level and above]

What! he exclaimed with his eyebrows almost knit together.

Just when he was about to unleash his irritation, another notification came from the system.

[Privilege status detected, restriction overriden]

Emery heaved a sigh of relief once again.

Following that notification, another panel with an additional section of more thorough information popped up.

It was a section filled with arguments that celestials were considered the creators of the universe.

Emery raised one of his eyebrows when he read about the information, but he kept going.

According to the information there, celestials were known as the Gods among magus.

Moreover, this belief was backed by many historical figures and even the elven race.

Because of this, the majority of the alliance considered such information dangerous to be known openly by humankind and only allowed access to those at the magus level and above.

Once again Emery stared at the liquid he was holding with wonder.

The [Celestial Essence] was considered one of the rarest ingredients in the world.

He knew very well that the ingredient was extremely valuable and difficult to obtain due to its rarity, but he was still shocked when he checked the expected price of the item.

[Celestial Essence - 300,000 per oz]

The price was exorbitant for such a small amount of the essence.

The amount written was a predicted auction price and its supplies were very hard to find.

Knowing this, Emery\'s eyes quickly bulked out and he smiled without restraint.

He had about 4 oz of it in the jar.

Just like that, his grudge toward the dragon grand magus puffed away.

He would even be willing to be used one more time if that meant he could get such a reward again.

Now that Emery already got the gist of the ingredient in front of him, he became even more anxious to use it.

He was afraid that he would waste another precious ingredient without getting an equal outcome.

However, something inside him pushed him to continue this experiment.

He took a deep breath, and after composing himself, he made up his mind.

Just like Grand Magus Lilith said, without risk, there will be no reward.

Right after, Emery took one oz of the Celestial Essence and decisively dissected it.


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