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Now that the materials he needed for his project had arrived, Emery quickly went back to his spirit cave as he couldn\'t wait to finally get started.

He walked through the interior of the cave and headed towards the lab he created next to the garden which was filled with dozens of plants.

The first thing he did upon arriving was to plant the 30 Chizpur Fang seeds at the corner of the garden he had prepared for them.

His actions didn\'t escape the notice of the plant creatures who were around as they quickly followed him.

After planting all the seeds, Emery looked at the five chubby creatures surrounding him in all sides.

A smile appeared on his face as he said, These are your little brothers.

Look after them, will you




Letting out their usual response, the five Chizpur brothers decided to sit around the garden area where the seeds were planted like guards.

A sight which couldn\'t help but make Emery let out a chuckle.

As for Twik, since he was much more intelligent than the five brothers, the little guy rose through the ranks and gained a promotion to be Emery\'s assistant on the upcoming projects.

Through [One Mind], Emery began to share with Twik what he was doing and share with the latter what he needed to do.

When he was done, the little buddy of his started to help by doing simple tasks such as watering the plants, cutting the ingredients, and preparing the cauldron fire.

After all thirty seeds of Chizpur Fang and all ingredients of the body tempering potion were planted in the garden, the next thing on Emery\'s agenda was to create a perfected [Metamorph Potion].

He wanted to give the potion another try, as the best result he did the last time was an Excellent quality potion with 96% Potency Strength.

Such was already a very good result, but Emery reckoned it won\'t be enough to accomplish what he planned.

This time, he needed to make a better one – a Masterpiece quality with more than 100% Potency Strength.

Without further ado, Emery started to utilize all his apothecary abilities at hand to create the perfect recipe.

He eventually came up with more than one hundred possibilities, all of which needed to be tested.

During intervals in the concocting process, Emery would go back and forth to his garden in order to take notes on the plants that he had planted.

He also naturally paid attention to the 30 Chizpur Fang seeds, where once he saw them start to settle into the soil, he immediately began to expedite their growth by casting [Photosynthesis] on them.

The spell worked like the [Accel Growth] spell, to further accelerate the growth of a plant.

As the spell channeled into the seeds, cracks began to appear as roots emerged from within.

The sign that the seeds had begun to grow into saplings.

After he finished taking care of the plants, Emery returned his focus on the cauldron once more.

The first batch of the 20 prototype recipes with the methods Emery thought finally finished, and the results that came out from them were varied, with the best among them was a [Metamorph Potion] of an Excellent quality with 99% Potency Strength.

It was certainly a much better potion than his last one, but it was still not enough.

Because of that, after storing the first batch to his Spatial Space, Emery immediately moved on to the next batch of recipes that used different combinations.

At this point, Emery only needed a mere one percent improvement to reach the Masterpiece quality.

However, that tiny one percent to perfection was even most difficult to achieve, it was after all meant that he needed to improve the original recipe.

While most of his attention was in the process of concocting the [Metamorph Potion], Emery also shifted some of it to what was happening in his garden.

Thanks to that, he managed to grow the Chizpur Fang seeds further, raising them to another stage.

[Chizpur Fang upgraded to stage 3]

Again, an entire day passed without him realizing, and to his surprise casting [Photosynthesis] spell non-stop to all 30 seeds was not as easy as he initially thought.

Now that the Chizpur Fang had all reached stage 3, Emery could no longer force growing the plant saplings anymore nor do anything to them.

At least not until he had finished creating the [Metamorph Potion] to the standard he wanted.

However, at this moment, Emery once again received another visitor.

All the fatigue and weariness Emery felt from working on his projects and multitasking all day seemed to disappear completely as he excitedly thought that she had finally come.

He rushed towards the cave entrance, wanting to see the other person quickly.

However, the one who came was not Klea.

Instead, it was Magus Shena.

Ah, you\'re here, senior.

Thank you for coming…

With one look, the female Dragon magus knew that Emery was looking for the black-haired girl.

Hence she quickly said, She is currently in a closed door training in the Wind Institute.

She should be out in a few days.

Although still a little disappointed at not being able to see Klea, Emery was relieved to finally hear the news about her.

He nodded his head at the magus\' words and expressed his gratitude to her.

Magus Shena then asked about his training with the Dragon bloodline master and disciple duo.

Since there was nothing wrong with the question, Emery decided to explain everything that had happened in great detail.

When he finished telling what happened, he saw the female magus heave a sigh.

I see, Elder Lilith is the best among us; Unfortunately, her methods were always questionable.

Emery was hesitant at first, but since he trusted the magus in front of him more than the crazy Dark Salamander, he eventually decided to also tell Magus Shena about what had happened deep in the Hyperion core.

Once again, Magus Shena heaved a deep sigh of helplessness saying, It\'s this kind of behavior that always makes it harder for the king to build relationships with humans. Looking at Emery in the eye, she said, Thank you, Emery, for telling me this matter.

I will take care of this from now on.

Apparently, she would speak about the matter to the king, but she also agreed that Emery should not tell anyone about this.

There was the matter where a recording was placed on all acolytes for safety reasons, but Magus Shena believed that since Hyperion was under the jurisdiction of the alliance, unless it was about the possibility of treason or something to do with war, the academy would not investigate further on such matter.

Still, it will be wise not to make such things public. the female magus said once more.

After that, Magus Shena excused herself and returned to stand guard outside if Emery ever needed her.

With the small chat he just had, Emery was reminded of the jar of black liquid given by Grand Magus Lilith – the so-called Celestial Essence.

Taking it out, he stared at the glimmering liquid with great interest.

This is a rare Tier 7 ingredient… I wonder if this can help with my projects..


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