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The incoming message from the academy came with details about the final test, the rules, and the exact time the event would take place.

Reading through the message, apparently, a group mission format of the test would be held in 20 days while the tournament format would take place two weeks after

With only a 14-day gap between the two events, Emery assumed that the group mission would be a short one.

Either way, there was no information about the details of the mission at all within the message.

Unsurprisingly, the message emphasized for the participating acolytes to arrive at the academy on time.

The message gave Emery the exact time he had remaining for his preparation, and also the exact time he needed to finally compete for the number one ranking.

Recalling the four figures that were standing in his way, he couldn\'t help but unconsciously clench his fists.

Now, he had twenty days to put together whatever he needed to prepare, and he had two apothecary projects in mind to boot.

To be able to upgrade his plant creatures, and to start his research on the body tempering potion.

While he was waiting for his order on the [Metamorph potion] to arrive at his doorstep, Emery didn\'t dally any longer and started to set up his second project.

After all, the project to create a body tempering potion was not a simple matter.

In fact, it would be almost impossible for Emery to start making recipes for the body tempering potion, even the prototypes when he didn\'t exactly know a single clue about it other than the ingredients it was made of.

Therefore, what he planned to achieve with his limited time was to study and understand the characteristics of the 8 rare ingredients used in the potion, and hopefully get the basic structure of the recipe.

After all, what he was planning to replicate was a potion for the external aspect of the body, while most of his apothecary experience was in making those that worked in the internal parts of the body.

It would be ideal if he could find a method to grow and cultivate all 8 of them.

However, knowing that these ingredients were all unique high-tier plants that the dwarf master even found them hard to obtain.

It was most likely an impossible endeavor.

Shaking his head, Emery firmed the determination within him.

Alright, stop demoralizing yourself, Emery.

You should give it a try first! He said to himself.

Emery started the project by opening his Spatial Space and taking out each of the 8 ingredients he had harvested with Klea from the three restricted islands.

He then arranged them all nicely on his workbench, admiring their distinct beauties for a moment.

[Knotgrass - Tier 3]

[Mintweed - Tier 3]

[Borage Mushroom - Tier 4]

[Hydrangea - Tier 4 ]

[Puffapod - Tier 4 ]

[Nux Myristica - Tier 5]

[Taumatagoria - Tier 5]

[Geranium - Tier 5]

During the job he did for the dwarf master, Emery had gathered a few thousand of the Tier 3 ingredients, hundreds of Tier 4, and dozens of Tier 5.

All had been lying quietly in his Spatial Space, waiting for their time to be of use.

Normally, Emery would just reach into the Spatial Space for whatever he needed and his hand would find the right items.

This time, however, he felt something different when he pulls his arm inside the space.

Confused by the sudden change, Emery decided to take a closer look at his Spatial Space.

To his surprise, he discovered that it had once again expanded in size, and an even more shocking discovery was that the space within had apparently formed a solid ground.

A floor of some kind.

This is amazing... Emery muttered under his breath when he saw what he was seeing at the moment.

He could clearly remember how in the past his Spatial Space was merely a floating space that he could access, but now he could see that there was a ground to step on.

With much curiosity, he cast an enlarged gate for his body to pass through.

However, when he tried to step inside, he immediately felt a repelling force that forbade him, the caster, to enter.

The repelling force was actually something Emery was familiar with, the gravitational pressure.

This led him to believe that it was his newfound comprehension of gravity that brought about the unprecedented changes.

Emery was in a state of disbelief when he found this unexpected occurrence.

His mind suddenly thought of the Khaos space, or rather, the room where Killgragah stayed in.

Its existence made Emery hopeful for the development of his Spatial Space.

After all, being able to create a personal space where he could hide and practice as he pleased would be an amazing feat to accomplish.

I wonder who in the academy I can talk to about spatial magic...

Realizing he still had other matters to take care of, Emery decided to put that thought aside for now and returned to the task at hand.

Looking at the 8 key ingredients for the body tempering potion, he went into contemplation.

There were two methods he used to understand the characteristics of a plant in apothecary, and Emery first used the one he was most adept in – the skill [Fragmentation].

The skill swiftly took effect under his will, dissecting each plant and baring their essence upon his eyes.

[Four essences found]

[Three essences found]

[Six essences found]


From all 8 key ingredients, Emery found a total of 38 separated essences.

With that finished, he quickly began noting and categorizing them based on their properties which were recovering, energizing, and poisoning; and their characteristics which were potency and volatility, before further separating the ones with unknown and dangerous properties.

After giving note of all he found, Emery went ahead and did the second method which was to grow them.

The spirit cave has the best soil to grow plants, and although most of these plants have a specific habitat to grow, Emery still needs to observe their reaction to the soil in the cave.

Some he planted in their mature stage, and some he started from their seed stage; all 8 ingredients were planted by Emery to further understand them through each of their growth stages.

Immersed in his research, Emery didn\'t even notice when an entire day had passed outside.

In fact, he was so immersed that he only went out of it when a notification appeared on his bracelet, notifying him that there was a visitor in front of his spirit cave.

Thinking that it might be the delivery of the items he bought, Emery went to the cave entrance to pick them up.

What he didn\'t expect was seeing a familiar figure waiting for him, a pink-haired female magus.

Magus Ramona What a surprise. Emery said.

Why are you here

The female magus smiled and replied, I have come to deliver your order.

May I enter

Hearing that, Emery couldn\'t help but ask himself

Is it normal for the magus guide to delivering the items themselves


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