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Emery turned and looked at Zach and after scrutinizing the expression on his face for a few moments, Emery deemed what he said were true.

Apparently, King Alduin of the Zodiac City wanted his nephew, the dragon protege, to train with him.

Ignoring the look on Emery\'s face, Zach said.

You are worthy to train with me and you will help me achieve the number one rank, said the proud Dragon bloodline.

His previous duel with Zach and the battle between the top two opened his eyes to the fact that he still needed to improve.

Hence he agrees with the offer.

Even so, Emery certainly would not easily give up on his goal of reaching the first position to this half-blood protege.

With about two full months ahead of them, it was still not yet decided which half-blood would make it to the top.

Now that they were on a short break, Emery sat down and assumed the lotus position before casting [Nature Grasp].

The spirit energy in the surrounding area began to gather towards him, restoring his health and replenishing his spirit pool so that he was once again ready for the second round.

I\'m ready!

Both walked towards the location where they had fought earlier and the moment their eyes looked at each other, their figure disappeared from where they were standing.

From the sidelines, Klea silently watched as the two men fought fiercely.

She wanted to do something but was not sure how to deal with the situation.

It was at this moment that Magus Shena who was standing beside her opened her mouth.

I didn\'t think the young dragon would accept the king\'s suggestion..

Hearing that, Klea immediately snapped her head towards her.

From her words, it was most likely that the Dragon magus knew the situation.

Jinkan, who had been watching the fight for a while, said It\'s a fortune to have a rival that is.

A luxury that Eeshoo never gets to have. A melancholy look appeared in her eyes but only lasted for an instant.

After thinking about it, Klea also knew that this entire matter wasn\'t really about having a strong partner to fight and compare notes with.

At the moment, she could clearly see how hard Emery was fighting in order to try to defeat Zach.

The girl recalled the first fight three years ago where Emery was badly defeated by Zach which was most likely what started this rivalry.

Emery might not have realized it himself, but the Dragon\'s protégé really had a lot of influence in his growth during his time at the Magus Academy.

Therefore, having a chance to train with Zach was definitely a golden opportunity for Emery.

But at the same time, she was not sure whether spending the next two months fighting Zach would be the best for his progress.

Hence the reason for her complicated feelings about the whole situation.

Those two months, after all, would be the last two months of their time in the Magus Universe for a long time.

After a few hours of intense and exhausting fighting against each other, the two figures have finally come to a stop.

The two half-bloods both had numerous wounds on their bodies, but Emery\'s was proven to be worse as he found himself nearly barely able to stand anymore.

Seeing her man almost losing his footing on the ground, Klea quickly ran towards him to catch and support him.

She also helped Emery recover and heal his wounds with her own healing spell.

While her spell was doing its job in tandem with Emery\'s [Undecaying Flesh], Klea could see a wide grin on Emery\'s face.

It was plain to see that he had had an exciting fight.

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Leaning her head, the girl whispered into his ear.

Having fun, aren\'t you

Just as he was about to respond, Emery suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Even though he was out of breath, he looked at Klea with a smile on his face saying, Seriously… how is that guy so strong!...

no matter how hard I push..

he keeps pushing back!

Klea could only smile wryly at his words and continue to nurse his wounds with her healing spell.

It took a full hour for Emery to recover to his optimal condition.

Immediately, he turned to the Dragon protégé as a strong fighting spirit burning in his eyes.

However, just as he was about to signal the other party for their next round, Emery\'s words caught in his throat as his eyes caught sight of a figure heading towards them from the sky.

It was a hulking creature with two large horns protruding from its head and huge sharp spikes that ran along its back and tail.

A pair of two majestic-looking wings flapped in the air as it let out a deafening roar.

It was a red dragon – a Salamander.

Emery instinctively quickly took up his fighting stance seeing such an intimidating creature heading towards them.

His body was tense all over as it prepared himself for any battle.

But then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the Dragon protégé standing calmly as he gazed at the approaching creature in a nonchalant manner.

As the creature drew closer, Emery realized that there was a figure in a dark cloak sitting on top of the terrifying beast.

A woman whose strength should be that of a Grand Magus.

She was a beautiful middle-aged half-blood with two small crimson horns visible between his jet black hair.

There were also two crimson lines under her eyes, giving her an intimidating appearance.

Coupled with the power he could perceive from her body, she reminded Emery of the Magus Institutes\' Grand Magus like Aurora or Zenonia.

As the huge creature landed on the ground raising a cloud of dust, the woman turned her head towards Emery and the three women.

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Seeing the figure, a glint of recognition flashed in her eyes as Jinkan quickly said, I was just about to leave, Elder. Turning to Emery and the others, she flashed a smile before saying, Hope you all have a good training.

Without saying anything else, she quickly took out her golden construct and boarded it, taking off into the sky while leaving Emery and Klea in confusion over her actions.

On the other hand, Magus Shena bowed respectfully toward the new arrival and called out her name.

Greetings, Senior Lilith.

To his surprise, Emery also saw the proud Dragon protege give a nod of respect.

However, his surprise was soon replaced by a realization upon hearing what he said next.

Welcome back, Master.

Instinctively, Emery turned his head and looked at the middle-aged woman again as his mind recalled the information about Zach that he had heard before.

Evidently, this female grand magus was Zach\'s master.

Lilith of the Dark Salamander.

One of the Dragon bloodline\'s renowned figures.

Shena.. responded the grand magus at the Dragon magus\' greetings.

She then turned her head and looked towards Emery saying, I\'ve heard about you, young wolf.

Tell me your name.

Emery quickly grasped the situation and gave a similar gesture of respect as Magus Shena before responding to the question.

Greetings, Elder.

I am Emery Ambrose.

The Dark Salamander didn\'t respond to Emery\'s words.

She glanced at Zach, and upon seeing the Dragon protege giving a nod, she looked towards Magus Shena and Klea before opening her mouth.

The young wolf will stay here with us.

You all can leave.


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