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Magus Urix brought Emery across the Light Institute building and to one of the training grounds outside the place.

With the Institute of Light standing majestically on his back and a frosted mound in the distance in front of him, the two of them began their goal of coming here.

Let\'s start.

Show me any of your light element spells.

Hearing such words, Emery nodded and took out his sword.

A look of confusion flashed on the magus\'s face for a moment, but was quickly replaced by an expression of understanding.

A bright luster enveloped the blade, as Emery cast the [Light Infusion] spell on the sword.

Magus Urix observed the spell for a while before a smile appeared on his face and he said, I see you are just like your master Xion.

Now, let\'s see how strong your light infusion is.

The blonde magus took out his own weapon.

It was some kind of metal pipe, half an arm length.

However, as he grasped the pipe with both of his hands, it suddenly released a light from one of its ends, gradually forming into a sword made of energy.

Seeing the intrigued look on Emery\'s face, Magus Urix smiled and said, This is a light saber.

Many of the divine knights here use such weapons.

After saying those words, the magus began swinging the saber around which caused a buzzing sound in the air, making Emery much more excited to give it a try.

The two of them quickly took their own fighting stances.

Let\'s start!

Emery immediately darted forward, employing his [36 Dao Divine Sword] to attack the magus.

A flurry of bright streaks bombarded the latter as the sword in his hand danced wildly, but the next instant another streaks of light nullified it with ease.

Seeing that his current strength and speed was not comparable to the magus, to slightly bridge the gap between them, Emery used his first stage transformation and launched another round of attacks.

Bzzzt Bzzztt

As Emery and Magus Urix fought.

The clashes that were happening between the former\'s Savage Sword and the latter\'s lightsaber made some distinct buzzing sound.

Surprisingly, the light saber was able to match Emery\'s Tier 5 weapon.

Their fight continued on, where Emery gave his all to gain advantage over Magus Urix while the latter welcomed and negated everything that the former threw at him.

As a Crescent Moon magus, Magus Urix was naturally confident with his prowess to be able to outstrength Emery.

For that reason, he spent the most of his attention observing the latter\'s moves.

Hmm, not bad, Emery..

Not bad..

But is this all you can show me

Emery stopped in his tracks.

Staring at the magus, he closed and opened his eyes before saying, Okay, senior.

I will do my best now..

Hearing such words and seeing the expression on Emery\'s face couldn\'t help but make Magus Urix slightly worried about what was about to come.

Still, now that the arrow had been shot, he could only do his best to prepare.

Emery delved into his body as he focused his spirit energy into his meridians and unlocked his [Immortal Gate - stage 6].

A layer of blazing energy instantly engulfed his entire body, and the next instant, his figure disappeared and shot towards Magus Urix, unleashing a storm of slashes upon the latter.

This time, the magus was pushed back with each clash, clearly showing that he was overwhelmed by Emery\'s strength.

He quickly raised his hand to signal for Emery to stop, and with a small cough, he said,

Very good, very g-good, acolyte.

Let\'s stop for a moment.

Within just a few clashes, Magus Urix seemed to find a few things he could improve on.

First, Magus Urix told Emery that his [Light Infusion] wasn\'t stable enough, which was evident from how he had to cast the spell over and over again during the fight.

This was something he needed to improve, otherwise his spirit pool would quickly be depleted.

Second, the blonde magus told Emery that his weapon wasn\'t the best for utilizing the light element.

His Savage Sword was considered a Yin or negative weapon, one that was great for the dark element.

As for the light element, he would need the other type, the Yang or positive weapon, in order to maximize its power.

Emery was impressed by what the magus told him.

Wow, senior.

You can actually tell these things in just a few clashes

Magus Urix slightly lifted his chin hearing the compliment.

Then, with a proud expression on his face, he told Emery the benefit of the light saber that was in his hand.

As it actually used its wielder\'s spirit energy to form its blade, the light saber would allow him to have a much better situation with maintaining the spell since it was connected directly to his spirit energy.

The blonde magus once again explained and emphasized how great his weapon was.

A light saber synergizes with the spirit force of its wielder.

Wielded by a Rank 9 Acolyte, it may only be able to display power comparable to that of a Tier 3 or at most Tier 4 weapon, but when wielded by a magus like me, it is capable of rivaling a Tier 5 weapon or above.

Is that considered as the Yin weapon you talked about earlier, senior Can I please try it

Magus Urix let Emery try the weapon.

Before handing it over, he thoroughly explained how to use it and added,

Actually, practicing with a light saber can help improve your comprehension in the light element, and help you get used to light element spells.

Seeing the boy being so attracted to the sword that he didn\'t seem to pay him attention anymore, Magus Urix thought for a moment before saying,

You can keep that if you want.

In an instant, Emery turned his face to the blonde magus.

His eyes lit up as he stared at the latter..


Yes. Magus Urix nodded affirmatively.

It\'s not that expensive actually as only light element users can wield it..

and my master told me to take good care of you The magus smiled and added, Besides I can use this as an excuse to get a newer model as a replacement.


After that, the magus taught Emery how to channel and control his light spirit energy through the saber.

The man also helped him with the light element spells he had purchased, guiding him through the details and intricacies of each and every spell.

Thanks to his newfound understanding of the light element from the origin stone room, coupled with Magus Urix\'s guidance, even though still not perfect, Emery could cast all the low-tier light element spells by the end of the day.

When they finished, the still amazed Magus said,

Actually, Emery, I have seen your talent since your first ever Magus Game… If only you had obtained your affinity with the light element faster… you would have been my student instead of that Xion!

Emery was taken aback by the unexpected remarks, and said I thought you bet against me on the first magus game, senior.


Did that happen the blonde magus chuckled awkwardly, embarrassed.

Emery gave no response and just smiled faintly.

With the presence of night on the horizon, Emery expressed his gratitude to the blonde magus as he planned to leave the Light Institute.

However, just as he was about to go on his way, the magus suddenly spoke.

Speaking of your master, I haven\'t heard from him in a long time.

Do you know what he\'s been busy with lately

Those words quickly made Emery anxious.

In fact, it made him decide to visit his master first before heading to Zodiac City.


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