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Even though it was only a Tier 2 spell, having to cast a spell of an entirely new element was harder than Emery had initially expected.

Fortunately, the way the spell worked was almost identical to his [Dark Infusion] spell that he had an abundance of experience with.

Therefore after 10 minutes of comprehending the scroll, and several trials and errors, Emery finally managed to cast the spell onto his sword.

Yes! That\'s how you do it!

Klea jumped and launched her fist into the air, delighted to see her plans worked.

It actually took quite a bit of time for her to find a rumor about Anzi\'s weakness and cross-checking it with all the people he lost to, which was the 1st to 3rd ranked acolyte on the leaderboard.

Only after confirming that they all had Light elemental affinity, Klea was sure of this information.

These findings proved to be the crucial factor for Emery to defeat the seemingly unkillable Inhuman.

As Klea\'s smile gradually grew wider, the faces of two people standing next to her that supported the opposite side quickly became sour.

It was apparent that they didn\'t like to see how the situation was progressing.

Alas, no one besides themselves thought the same.

Now that Emery had managed to fully cast the spell onto his weapon, the scale of the battle tipped over his side.

Every stroke of his sword that inflicted a wound was much more potent, as it became harder and harder for Anzi to regenerate and heal.

The fact his body couldn\'t do what it normally did with ease naturally caused an uncomfortable sensation throughout the Inhuman body, making the latter turn to rage as he began to attack Emery more fiercely.

However, Emery quickly gave his response.

[36 Dao Divine Technique]

Now that his opponent abandoned its turtle-like approach and started to chase after him in an attempt to take him down, it became easier for Emery to make use of his techniques.

Anzi tried his best to chase Emery, even to the point of destroying various parts of the warehouse.

Unfortunately, he couldn\'t see the profundity of the technique Emery used, and as a result, he became a live target for the latter.

Splat! Splat! Splat!

Dozens of striking golden streaks were seen as Emery\'s sword strokes dealt more damage to Anzi\'s body.

However, apart from the continuous bleeding, the latter still didn\'t seem to be in any pain.

On the other hand, Emery was excited seeing such a powerful opponent bleeding profusely.

In fact, the bloody sight managed to spark the urge within him, as his bloodlust began to rise once again.

Spllaattt! Spllaatt!

A few minutes later, Anzi had his body completely covered by the dark liquid that his wound was oozing out.

It was clear that he had been weakened by the dozens of attacks that Emery had given him.

The victor of this battle seemed to have been decided, but the Inhuman still hadn\'t stopped.

Instead of admitting defeat, Anzi kicked up his aggression another notch and his attacks became even more vicious than before until—

Anzi, stop fighting!

His body stopped hearing the shout of that familiar voice.

He turned his head and looked at the young master of the Cross family, who seemed to be very irritated by the situation.

In an instant, Anzi backed away from Emery and returned to his normal human form.

A glimmer of disappointment flashed across his eyes, but was quickly replaced by the calm look he usually had.

At the same time, Emery received a notification from his privileged class bracelet.

[Rank 6 - Emery Ambrose]

He turned his head when he heard someone approaching and saw it was Shatter.

The latter said,, You have won, Savage Acolyte. A mocking smile suddenly appeared on his face as he continued his words.

I\'m actually ready to fight you…but I will not do it here.

I want people, a lot of them, to see me beat you like a dog you are!

The Cross Prince then sent Emery his challenge via his own bracelet.Emery looked at the date and realized it would take place at the monthly arena that would be held next week.

I accept, Emery said confidently.

After that, Shatter turned around and beckoned the old grand magus.

The three of them left the warehouse without another word, leaving Magus Shena and Klea who were currently smiling brightly at Emery.

The girl quickly ran to Emery, her steps jolly as she hugged him.

Congratulations on your victory! The sixth rank! That means only five more to go!

Letting go of his embrace, she then held out her hand with her palm wide open and said with a smile, Now give me my gift!

Hearing those words, Emery involuntarily took a deep breath.

He gulped as he inwardly turned nervous.

This upcoming \'battle\' was no less difficult than the one he had just gone through, as a single mistake could mean catastrophic disaster.

Only after calming his pounding heart did he take out the gift he had prepared for her, a gold bracelet adorned with rainbow-colored gems, and said, I find this a perfect match with your artifact bracelets.. Scratching his cheek, he smiled sheepishly.

I hope you like it.

Klea made Emery nervous as she squinted her eyes at the gift, before putting the bracelet on and then kissing him on the cheek.

A wide smile on her face.

Thank you, Emery.

I really like it!

Emery let out a breath that he had unconsciously held.

It was a huge relief hearing she was happy with his gift.

But then, the next words she spoke instantly made his body stiffen.

It looks expensive.

How much did you pay for this

Erm… Emery contemplated whether to tell her or not, but seeing her stare quickly made his decision.

It\'s… 35,000 spirit stones.

The cheerful expression on the girl\'s face immediately turned to gloom.


I think you have been tricked by that vendor…

Emery was startled for a moment but quickly responded with an affectionate smile.

If so, that\'s okay.

As long as you like it, it\'s completely worth it.


I only spent 500 spirit stones on your gift, so… thank you. She hugged him tight once again, to which he responded in kind.

Emery then walked over to the female magus and expressed his gratitude for making sure Klea was safe.

Afterwards, the three of them left the warehouse.

As they made their return to the Golden City, Turning to Klea, Emery asked, What do you want to do now

Well our dates were disturbed, but I still like to go shopping,...we should buy more light spells for you!


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