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Being the Elite of the Grade 4 faction of the Magus Alliance, the Cross family ruled three galaxies with over 40 worlds.

They, however, were rather infamous within the Magus Alliance body for one reason – their long history of trouble and conflicts with the bloodline faction.

Twenty years ago, a renowned scientist proposed a rather intriguing experiment, which if successful would create a new human variation that had a much stronger body than even the most powerful high-tier bloodlines.

This particular experiment, however, sparked and caused a lot of controversy because of the path it took, namely by utilizing a highly malicious living organism.

Still, under the banner of a faction as big as the Cross family, the experiment was successfully pushed through and carried out.

One hundred newborns who had high aptitude in plant spirit elements were selected and raised in a state-of-the-art tube, being continuously fed with high-energy herbs for eight consecutive years, and tempered many times to reach the peak potential of the human body.

Using biotechnology, the living organism was integrated into these newborns\' bodies, becoming one and part of their flesh, muscle and skin.

It was a long and arduous process that spanned over four entire years, causing a tremendous change as the body mutated under all the foreign influences.

Among the hundreds, only one in ten of them managed to make it through the dangerous process, and among the ten newborn, Anzi was the one showing the highest results.

After going through countless tests and examinations, what they found out in Anzi surprised even those who participated directly in the experiment.

The organisme didn\'t just affect his heart or brain, it was his whole body – it was alive.

Simply put, Anzi himself had become the deadly living organism, who had completely assimilated with his spirit core.

[Anzi Tamasi]

[Aptitude: S]

[Battle power: 485]

[Spirit force: 1000]

[Plant Spirit: 6 Pillar]

[Plague Spirit: 3 Pillar]

The end product – Anzi – was quickly shown to the elites of the Cross faction, and although they were impressed with the stats, the experiment had to be dismissed for one ironic reason.

Whether the boy can still be consider human

The faction had been trying so hard finding ways to contest the half-blood\'s overwhelming biological advantage that they in result created an existence that of half-human and half-monster, an inhuman.

However, being recognized for his extraordinary strength, Anzi – who was twelve years old at that time – was released from the lab where he had spent his entire life and was integrated into the faction.

He was designated as the perfect associate to the prince of the Cross faction, Shatter Cross, and being the same age, the two joined the Magus Academy together where they eventually fought their way into the top 10 of the privileged class.


There\'s no need to waste any more time.

Let\'s get this over with, said the old grand magus, who was clearly impatient.

At the same time, the Inhuman had recovered the energy he had expended.

His body was brimming with power as it was filled with spirit energy.

Hearing the old magus\' words, he looked at the young master of the Cross family.

Upon receiving confirmation from the latter, he approached Emery while speaking with his usual flat tone.

Let\'s finish this.

Previously, Anzi just took his stance and stayed where he was.

Hence the fact that this time he was actually approaching was a little unexpected for Emery.

Especially coupled with the spectacle of one of his black arms transforming into a large blade.

Seeing such a sight, Emery quickly responded in kind.

He brandished his Savage Sword again, and then cast [Void Mist] before darting towards his opponent.


A loud shrill sound resounded in the air as Emery\'s savage sword clashed with Anzi\'s hand blade.

Even though the first exchange of their round two was brief, everyone could see the difference between the two.

The former had the advantage in speed, but the latter clearly had greater physical strength.

Splaatt!! Splatt!!

Emery was able to deal several hits to Anzi\'s body, but they only inflicted minor scratches without any major injuries.

It seemed as if his defeat against the Inhumane was simply inevitable.

Still not enough, said Emery to himself, as he leaned his body to the side to dodge Anzi\'s counterattack.

Quickly asserting his aggression again, Emery moved to and fro throughout the huge warehouse.

He left no spot untouched in his efforts to attack the dark figure while also dodging and fending off any retaliation that came his way.

A few minutes had passed, and Emery was still doing the same thing, which by now had irritated the Inhumane.

What are you doing You are doing useless things!

However, as soon as he finished saying those words, he suddenly felt a strange sensation erupting from his wounds.

He stopped moving and quickly inspected his body, and what he found was so shocking that the calm expression on his face, always wearing crumbled.

Emery\'s slashes were able to kill off each of the living organisms around the wounds.

To prove that, the scratches on various parts of his body that Emery gave him did not close and heal as they should.


Anzi roared as he used his battle arts.

The next instant, his figure disappeared.

Before Emery could try to find where his opponent was, his vision darkened and a painful sensation hit his chest.

The next thing he knew his feet were no longer on the ground, his body was flung violently and swiftly a few meters back.


Emery\'s body violently crashed into the warehouse floor.

He tried to get up, but instead a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.

The laughter of the Cross Prince echoed in the warehouse.

Hahaha! I don\'t normally revel in such brutality, but I do enjoy the occasional torture!

But then, his laughter was cut off when he realized that the talkative girl was actually smiling, while his grand magus/uncle\'s expression turned into one of worry.

At tha moment, Shatter realized there was something amiss.

What happened!

Emery rose from the warehouse floor and swung his sword.

Uncharacteristic of its somber appearance, this time the sword emitted a strange ringing sound with every swing, while golden glow covered its dark blade.

The eye-catching glow visible on Emery\'s sword was none other than a spell.

Specifically, it was Emery\'s first ever and the most basic spell of the Light Element – [Light Infusion].

This was a gift that Klea had bought and given to Emery earlier.

It was something that she thought would allow Emery to defeat Anzi\'s dark plague body, as the latter\'s constitution should be inherently weak against light magic.

The young master of the Cross faction was dumbfounded.

How the hell can he cast a light elemental spell


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